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Published on 03/17/2010 at Wed Mar 17 10:32.
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  • The Buffalo Bills, who switching to a 3-4 defense, just signed Andra Davis and Dwan Edwards. [AP]
  • A good article that breaks down the question, what is the meaning of Brady Quinn’s arrival? [KWGN]
  • Mark Kizla says, “Kyle Orton will lose his job as a starter before 2010 is done.” Tell us how you really feel Mark. [DPO]
  • The fans reaction (via Twitter) to the Quinn trade, yours truly is included. Yes, I’m giving my shout out a shout out. [DPO]
  • The overtime rules will be voted on this offseason. [DPO]
  • Jets want Brandon Marshall? Yes? No? Maybe? [PFT]

Previously on BT

  • It’s good to see you again Josh Barrett! [BT]
  • Denver is giving Toby Gerhart and Matt Tennant some looks. [BT]
  • One start, one benching, and almost two million dollars later Chris Simms is released. [BT]
  • Hope

    Braylon Edwars suck's realy realy bad.That would be a realy bad trade.Trade Marshall for edwards I will puke.Thats like trading Tom Brady for Kyel (Orten).

  • CJ

    I am leaning towards Brady Quinn actually starting. He has way more potential to become a Tom Brady type player.

    Kyle Orton will always be well'.'' Kyle Orton.