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Published on 03/08/2010 at Mon Mar 08 16:21.
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Javon Walker

Even by Chokeland standards, this blunder was particularly suffocating.

After two seasons completely devoid of any type of production (but not without plenty of dollar signs), the Oakland Raiders waived wide receiver Javon Walker Monday, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports.

Walker signed a six-year, $55 million deal in 2008 with $27 million to be paid in the contract’s first three years. According to Sports Illustrated’s Peter King, Walker was paid $21 million of that over his 24 months in Oakland. He tallied 15 catches and one touchdown in that span.

The Raiders also waived defensive end Greg Ellis Monday.

The Javon Walker signing might go down as the worst free agent move in NFL history. Only the Raiders…

Walker Deal Worst Ever? [BroncoTalk]

  • Fan From spain

    holly sh#t! I can't believe those numbers… 14 catches in 2 seasons???!

    So is JW retiring or do you think he can still make it into one last team?

  • Kyle

    My inside sources tell me the Oakland Raiders plan to put a claim on Walker off waivers.

  • Nathan

    That deal was full of lolz. As for Greg Ellis being cut, I'd love to see the Broncos bring him in. Ton's of experiance in the 3-4 at OLB, and he can get down on the line in nickle and dime.

    He's certainly over the hill at 34, but coming off a 7 sack season, and 8, and 12.5 the two previous years, he probably has a little left in the tank. He has good size at 6'5, 265lbs and used to be very good at covering the back out on screens and dumps, and could still be effective in that though not as the full time OLB. I feel like if we brought him in, and platooned him, Ayers, and Haggan next year opposite of Dumervil(letting him be backed up by Reid), we could have a pretty damn good combined production between the 3.

    Not to mention he'd likely come relatively cheap. I'd also like the vet presecene in our lb corps, Andra Davis is the only one of the group with legit 3-4 starting experiance of the crew, though obviously DJ and Doom adjusted pretty damn well in their 1st years.

    Adding a guy that could bring in 4-8 sacks next year at a cheap price on a short deal seems very appealing to me, especially when you could expect hopefully the same production between Haggan and Ayers combined as well, and than at least 10 from Doom and you're looking at one the nastiest pass rushing OLB crews in the league, with maybe the only other group that'd bring in more sacks being the Harrison/Woodley.

    People also don't understand that part of getting the pass rush in the 3-4 has only part to do with the olb's actual pass rushing moves and ability, but almost moreso the 3-4 lineman's ability to clog the gaps so the LB's can get through for the play.

    Last year Ayers blitz mostly against LT's, and almost always got blocked off the line, where as Doom's blitzes(from the standup) came against the mostly RT's, whom a lot of times he was able to just bypass as the tackle was being picked up by DE filling his gaps. Ayers didn't have any sacks, but if you watched him progress throughout the season he went from being lost, to consistently collapsing the pocket on rushes, he'll continue to get better and at worst will be a very strong situation pass rusher in his career. Remember that he had never been asked to cover in his career before this past season and did a pretty darn good job at that as well looking very slender and quick compared to his college days. People have been to quick to label him a bust in the lingering hate toward Moss/Crowder still imo.

    I expect with a couple of DE/NT depth signings and draft picks, our team that had 39 sacks last season(almost 2.5 spg) opposed to just 26 the season before will do even better next year.

    We jumped from 7th worst pass rush, to 10th best with a bunch of OLB's that hadn't played OLB before(Doom/Haggan/Reid/Ayers/Moss(lolz)) and D-lineman with little to none 3-4 experience, especially starting:(

    Kenny Peterson(started 1 game before this year at DT)
    McBean(played 1 down in Pitt and sat out a year before being signed and starting 14 for us)
    Ronald Fields(started 9 games and none again in his 2nd season in 4 years in SF before starting all 16 for us last year)
    Marcus Thomas(looked good at times last year but highly inconsistent. He's a 34 tweener and either needs to lose(switch to end) or gain 10 lbs(continue at NT) to be successful in the system).

    Bannan was a good signing as he can play either NT or RE in the 3-4, and hopefully Chris Baker can make strides this off season and make the team to help fill out our NT depth.

    There are some old guys out there in FA that could really help Denver out, and remember that the Pats are highly known for taking old players at the end of their career and reviving them for a couple more years.

    I'd also LOOOOOOVVVVEEEE to inquire about Jamal Williams and see what his asking price is, if we platooned him with Fields and Bannan next season hopefully it'd help him stay healthy. I can't see him being all that expensive at this point of his career despite being a former PB'er that'd be ideal for us. If we got him and a player like Ellis for cheap, drafted an upgrade for a DE spot, and filled out our interior line through the draft early I'd be thrilled for the prospects of next years team really showing some difference in our weaknesses last season outside of the obvious scenarios(ie- future QB/CB/B-Marsh sit).

    Sorry for the long read but hopefully some of you will enjoy it or be more optimistic about the team. It's easy to look at the negatives, but you'd have to assume all those players I mentioned that had little to no experience at a brand new position(think RB switching full time to WR) will do even better next season with a few upgrades around them.

  • DenversFinest

    Seahawks traded Wallace, to me, this means they want jimmy clausen. If the redskins take him look for them to do a last second trade for bmarsh. You heard it here first.

  • Nathan

    Carrol has already been quoted a few times saying that he really likes Hassleback, and the fact that he hasn't had a vet QB in a long time to work with. Remember just 2 years ago Matt had a very good season. It's also no guarantee that Clausen or Bradford falls to 6. Schefter is reporting that it's almost a lock that Bradford goes 1 to the Rams, so assuming Suh goes next, than Berry or McCoy to Tampa, and likely Clausen or Okung to Washington. If Clausen falls past 4, it opens up A LOT of scenarios for teams to trade up to 5 as KC really wants to trade down according to Pioli. If Clausen's stock starts to rise or Seattle isn't comfortable with ending up with someone they're not in love with at 6, expect them to make B-Marsh a pretty nice offer sheet as they're likely to be willing to spend more than Cincy.

    If we had the 6th and 11th, it's very reasonable to think that we could package both for the 4th or 5th overall if McD fell in love with one of the QB's there. We'd likely get either Wash's or KC's 5th as well if we were to pull that off.

    If we had the 11th and 21st(CIN) we could likely make the same move picking up a 7th as well, or maybe throw in or maybe swap 3rd or 4ths.

    If Marshall leaves, I see us moving up in the draft. I don't see the organization wanting to pay 2 first rounders, let alone the 6th and 11th picks if we got Seattle's pick. If McD is in love with someone in the top 3-5, and we get a 1st out of Marshall, I wouldn't be surprised at all if he makes a strong play to get that guy, even if it means giving up a decent chunk of our draft. Dallas did it for Roy Williams for christ sakes, I wouldn't hate if McD did it a QB he thinks is perfect for his system.

    If we don't trade up though, or keep Marshall and only have the 11th, I'd love to see us trade down if McLain isn't there into the mid to low 20s and take either Cody or Iupati.

  • Nathan

    Keep in mind too that I mention Clausen because Bradford is likely going 1st overall if Schefter's sayin it imo. And also because most people would assume we'd be shooting for QB if we traded up, but if we had the 4th, we could also go with one of Eric Berry or Gerald McCoy(whomever Tampa doesn't take).

    Eric Berry would be an instant addition to our secondary, either starting at free over Hill, or relieving Hill and Dawkins throughout the game without much of if any drop off, keeping the vets fresh down the stretch and eventually replacing one of them. He could also be our starting nickel next year easily if passing sets if Alphonso doesn't make strong improvements.

    Gerald McCoy would project as a 3-4 end but may be a project given the position change, though I'd see him immediately contributing in nickel and dime sets where we have 4 on the line, allowing him to play inside at a familiar position early. I think he'd be an instant upgrade over Marcus Thomas in the interior on pass rush sets as a 3 tech, and his potential as a 5 tech end in our base is intriguing, I think he has a great shot to fall to 4, ESPECIALLY if Detroit surprises and takes Okung whom they should. If Tampa falls in love with Berry(whom would be a huge upgrade to either of their saftey spots and very well could be the next Ed Reed) and passes as well, I couldn't see Shanny taking him with how much money Wash has involved in Haynesworth, he'll go LT, QB, Berry, or trade imo. KC you could almost definitely rule out since they're payin Tyson Jackson and Glenn Dorsey top 5 money at the same spots.

  • Ian Henson

    Michael Lombardi (just kidding).

  • Ex Back

    l think suggest you all check it ou… … Ex-con guilty in Javon Walker robbery in Vegas … that the Oakland Raiders

  • Ex Back

    l think suggest you all check it ou… … Ex-con guilty in Javon Walker robbery in Vegas … that the Oakland Raiders