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Published on 03/03/2010 at Wed Mar 03 09:32.
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  • Yet again the combine “official” timing is under question. C.J. Spiller ran an unofficial 4.27 but somehow the official time was a full tenth slower. [PFT]
  • Bill Williamson takes a shot at draft prospects for the AFC West teams. [ESPN]
  • Another victim of the timing issue was USC safety Taylor Mays. Mays ran an unofficial 4.24 and the “official” clock recorded a 4.43. The link shows a video of Mays’ overlay out running Trindon Holiday who ran a 4.34. [Huffington Post]
  • Apparently this draft has the potential not to suck. [PFT]
  • Monte Kiffin told Eric Berry that “he’d be a fool to come back” for another year. []
  • Rolando McClain sat out the majority of the combine drills. [Bama Beat]
  • Florida’s Joe Haden is expected to be the first corner off the board this draft. However, Haden really struggled in the 40 with a 4.57 and a 4.60 which may have teams reconsider. []

Around the League

  • Rumor is that the Bears really want Brandon Marshall, like really really. [Sun Times]
  • Tight end Greg Olsen is taking a page from Jay Cutler’s book, and asking for a trade because of what a coach has said. [PFT]
  • Redskins QB Jason Campbell is expected to be tendered next week despite the trade rumors at the combine. []
  • Michael Vick wants to play in Carolina? Really? Have fun backing up Matt Moore. [ESPN]
  • robtink242

    Because of my relocation i haven't had much time to give input like the rest of you guys. Can you really believe that i moved from the Bahamas to Missouri not just Missouri but Marshall, Missouri. All for educational purposes BTW.

    Alright Eric Berry sounds beatiful at number 11. If we get him i could see us trading Hill. But if we don't get him Rolando McClain has to be that pick. I know everyone saying get a NT but lets face it the two most dominant ones will be gone and everyone else is mediocore. We can trade for NE Ron Brace for a solid NT. that can be there for years to come. Lets face it NE draft guys to work as leverage. No way in hell Brace could replace big Vince Wilfork.
    Forget what any of you guys think Mike Vick still is an animal. I surely wish him the best. But if he was ever dealt it would not be to a NFC team. can you say Buffalo.

  • rct930

    I'm afraid the Giants are going to trade up with Jacksonville to take McClain right in front of us.

    I wouldn't be surprised if we traded up or down a few slots this April.

  • dogheadbrew

    I agree with the Berry pick. Our team is made of glue and toothpicks right now anyway, so go for the best talent/value at each pick. For the next couple years our wins are going to be made though out FA signings (including Mr. Orton). Our continued success and playoff status will be built on drafts. Especially (in my opinion) rounds 3 and later. That is where you get “diamonds in the rough” and, more importantly, quality depth.

    Vick is an extreme talent, but does he really win games? Is he really a QB? How about a three man back field. Vick, Tebow and a bruiser RB. Snap to anyone of them, and run a ton of options and boot legs. You may not win a Superbowl, but it would be interesting to see.

  • CompUser

    There's absolutely nothing in the linked Sun Times article that even hints at the Bears wanting Marshall, much less “really, really” wanting him. There was nothing there except the writer's speculation that adding Marshall “would put them over the top”. I think it's the phoniest headline I've ever seen.