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Published on 03/01/2010 at Mon Mar 01 11:48.
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Comparing these players performances is like comparing apples to oranges. Hell, I’ll try anyway.

10. C.J. Spiller, RB, Clemson

With a blazing 4.37 forty, C.J. Spiller is locked in to be the first off the board running back wise. This however was a no brainer, most people expected Spiller to be around that area. After his forty, Spiller opted out the rest of the drills.

9. Jahvid Best, RB, California

Jahvid Best put up the best forty times for all the running backs a 4.35. With a scorching time like that Best could peak into the first round.

8.  Trent Williams, OT, Oklahoma

How in the hell does a 315 pound man run a 4.88 forty? How in the hell was he not the top performer for all of the offensive tackles? Trent Williams will go before the top 20 is over.

7. Jevan Snead, QB, Ole Miss

Not very many quarterbacks decided to do much of anything this draft so give respect to the ones that did. One player that shined the absence of the top guys was Jevan Snead. The Ole Miss alumnus has taken a lot of flack so it’s surprising that he performed so well at the combine. Snead received a lot of praise from scouts at the combine especially from Charlie Casserly. Snead did well enough in the throwing drills to sneak up into the top of the third round.

6. Russell Okung, OT, Oklahoma State

Russell Okung benched 225 pounds 38 times which put him as second best out of all of the offensive linemen. Things just got very interesting this draft. Apparently the Lions liked what they saw.  According to Jason La Canfora The Lions are apparently “enamored with Okung.” If both La Canfora and his predecessor Adam Schefter are correct (Schefter guarantees that Sam Bradford will go number one overall), then the fate Ndamukong Suh is up for grabs.

5. Ryan Matthews, RB, Fresno State

Ryan Matthews had the kind of day he needed to be considered first round material. Matthews surpassed expectations with a 4.42 forty, 10’1 foot broad jump, and a 36 inch vertical leap. Late first round teams in need of a running back, the San Diego Chargers are most likely taking notice.

4. Jacoby Ford, WR, Clemson

Forty times aren’t everything, but running a 4.28 forty helps a lot. Clemson’s Jacoby Ford (who is also an indoor track national champion) tied the fastest forty time in the history of the combine. It’s unreal to think that both C.J. Spiller and Ford were part of the same offense.

3. Bruce Campbell, OT, Maryland

The 6’5, 315 pounds man beast Trent Williams may have ran a 4.88. However the 6’6, 314 pounds freak of nature Bruce Campbell ran a 4.85 while battling the evil dead. I’ll be shocked if Campbell isn’t taken in the top 15, let alone the top 10.

2. Golden Tate, WR, Notre Dame

I labeled Golden Tate as one of my top 10 players to watch, stating that he need to run in the low 4.4’s to be considered a first round prospect. Tate did just that with a 4.42, running faster than Brandon LaFell, Arrelious Benn, and Damian Williams. It wasn’t just Tate’s forty that impressed either. Scouts were impressed with Tate’s skills during the receiving drills as well. Tate also sounded very professional and intelligent during his interview with the NFLN. Golden Tate will either be a great value pick in the late first round or a steal anywhere after that. Josh McDaniels and Brian Xanders look for great character players with equally impressive production. Well look no further McX, Golden Tate is all of that and more.

1. Dorin Dickerson, TE, Pittsburgh

Before the combine not many people could tell you who Dorin Dickerson is. Well a 4.40 forty, 24 reps in the bench press, an unfathomable 43.5 inch vertical leap, and the second best broad jump out of all positions at 10’6 will stir up some attention. Dickerson is probably a third round prospect, late second at best. However, Dickerson is a big wild card with numbers like that.

Stay tuned for the defensive linemen, linebackers, and defensive backs who will be working out today and tomorrow. Anyone I missed Bronco nation?Air it out!

  • Plato

    Golden Tate is a beast.

  • rct930

    Unofficially, C.J. Spiller's time was 4.28. And watching him run, it looked like it. I don't understand how the official time of 4.37 was nearly a tenth off the unofficial time. Kind of strange.

  • broncoinva9986

    I watched CJ Spiller and Jacoby Ford for four years and I can tell you that those fourty times are no joke. CJ and Jacoby have the potential to take it to the house almost everytime they touch the ball. CJ is miles better than Knowshon and we should not of wasted a draft pick on him with guys like CJ Spiller out there.

    Jacoby Ford is just like a Devin Hester except faster and has better hands…That was always Clemson's major weakness was the lack of a true tall receiver, so they would rely on making Jacoby Ford beat them with his feet….But Clemson was so inconsistent under Tommy Bowden that it didn't matter the talent level….They would find a way to beat the FSU's and the Miami's but drop a dumb game to NC State…(excuse the grammer)

  • ETL

    Does this mean Dickerson is going to be taken 8th overall by the Raiders?

  • the real oldest fan

    dickerson's performance is not so remarkable when you consider he is 5' 10″ and 195 lbs. or not. knowing a player's dimensions means a lot when evaluating performance. sincerely, the real oldest fan

  • ETL

    Seriously? In one aspect you're right. Knowing a player's dimensions does mean a lot when evaluating performance.

    Now here's where you're wrong. Dickerson is 6'4 and 226 pounds. I don't know how you messed that up.

  • ETL

    Spiller isn't better than Knowshon because he isn't in the NFL yet.

    A wasted draft pick with guys like Spiller out there? They're not even in the same draft. With that mindset they should be waiting for Mark Ingram to graduate.

    It just looks like you're saying Clemson Clemson Clemson Clemson Clemson. Try to be a little less biased.

  • broncoinva9986

    you describe my feelings exactly:) its always about the ACC, Clemson and Denver in my world

  • ETL

    Ugh the ACC… please tell me you at least hate VaTech.

  • broncoinva9986

    I Live in VA, so everybody brags about that cess pool called blacksburg, so yes With a passion;)

  • ETL

    We are now officially friends.

  • MrEast

    I go to college right outside of Blacksburg. Everything this is hokie this and hokie that.

    Tech isn't a bad team but they don't deserve to be in the top 15 like they are nearly every year. The fans believe that Tech can compete with the usual greats every year, it's very annoying.

  • Ian Henson

    I may be 100% on the Broncos picking up either a TE or a Guard in the first…

    I agree with your Dickerson kool-aid East. Denver will need one most likely and I feel that's the missing link in our offense.

  • Gary R.

    If we go with Iupati or a TE, who are the 2nd and 3rd rd. names at DT that are said to be available then? Also, any scuttlebutt on LaGarrett Blount's likely destination in April's pecking-order, Ian? When he squared his shoulders behind Iupati in the second-quarter of the Senior Bowl, he covered 20 yards in like three seconds (complete with diving into the end-zone).

    Considering that we no longer need to prioritize a third-down back with receiving ability and experience in blocking blitzers, Blount would be a physical red-zone presence that could pay big dividends (even if– like Northwstern's OLB Wootton– he'd be a best-athlete-available luxury-pick more than a desperately-needed positional-fix).

    Also, Ian, what role does Robert Ayers background as a one-year wonder at Tennessee have to do with our interest in the massive lower-body and grinding leverage of Tennesee Volunteer DT Dan Williams (who consistently got under Iupati's pads during the first quarter of the Senior Bowl when Iupati was playing RG)?

  • Ian Henson

    Blount's getting grilled for his punch incident, do you really see Josh McDaniels giving an okay for him? His major influence last year seemed to be character and I know that Richard Quinn slipped a little it seemed (but charges were dropped). Given the Marshall situation I don't see the Broncos picking up a guy that loses his temper like that period.

    If we want a third down back, I believe that we should pursue Chester Taylor (he's worth the money that he will demand and could very well be in the league four or five more seasons).

    I like Dan Williams (but do you not think he'll be available in the 2nd?), I also love Terrence Cody who will very likely be available in the 2nd if not 3rd even (kid's 354 lbs! He played at 370, but may have experienced injury problems due to all of that weight… Not combine information that I'm privy to). Dan Williams, Brian Price, Jared Odrick and Terrence Cody all good DT's, only one real star in ther eto me though.

    Gary what would your first three rounds look like?

  • Gary R.

    Thanks for the timely feedback, Ian. I can't say I've studied the draft as much as you guys or Bleacher Report, so I hesitate to even offer up my top three choices yet (as I know how I'll be retracting them once the free-agency news starts trickling out). But I, too, like Cody and Williams and agree in principle with getting good-citizen's who want to build a career here.

    However, at least Blount didn't hit his girlfriend or get wound up in a bar with his posse. He lost his shit on the field, which even Albert Haynesworth did a few years ago when he stomped on some Cowboy's private-parts (Andre Gurdode?).

    So, what are the odds he'd make the same mistake again (especially as he sacrificed his senior season and millions of theoretical dollars for doing so)?

    As for Chester Taylor, I've read your endorsement of him. But perhaps you may have misread my third-down back point. Buckhalter and Moreno already can do what is asked of most third-down backs (which is why I'd have an aneurysm if we drafted this year's Leon Washington, Dexter McClusker).

    Chester Taylor can punch the ball in on third-and-short within the red-zone (so I'd also be happy with Chester's reasonably-priced FA acquisition).

    But, if we are going to add another RB, I'd prefer we focus more on a Shonn Greene-type (who can break tackles and who fell to the third-round precisely because coaches like McD down-graded him for his lack of receiving experience and blitz pickups).

    But with Buck's two surgically-repaired knees and Moreno's question-marks on breaking more tackles with his legs, we could use someone nearing 250 lb's like a LaGarrett Blount or a Marshawn Lynch-type (especially as it would keep Moreno fresher for third-down by relieving his early-down responsibilities).

    After all, even Terrell Davis was once mislabeled as a character concern by his petulant and obviously-insane college coach Ray Goff (which, along with his retrospectively-fortuitous college injuries, is what allowed John to ride off with two Lombardi Trophies into the sunset).

    Now I wouldn't compare the way his Georgia coach questioned Terrell's commitment with Blount's lack of, ahem, sportsmanship. But a bargain is a bargain (as some Lower East Side rag-trade merchant may have once said in the last five-decades).

    As for Dan Williams lasting until the 2nd round, I'd have to doubt that possibility (if only on a quick perusal of the NFLN and various mock-drafts that have him in the top-20 selections).

    Everyone goes overboard with 40-times this time of year (even in positions like DT that are completely irrelevant to such concerns). After all, Ted Washington played until 39-years old and was replaced wherever he left with players like Pat Williams, Vince Wilfork and Shawn Rogers.

    So he obviously was a worthy addition that those teams valued so highly that they immediately prioritized getting a younger replacement
    to draw those double-teams and force teams to run to either side of his massive frame.

    If I was a defensive-coordinator, I would also get spoiled by being able to basically focus my LB's and Safeties on outside rushing-lanes 80% of the time.

    Whether the shorter Terrence Mt. Cody can develop into such a perennial run-stuffer is beyond my limited college-football knowledge.

    But hearing Dan Williams recently compared to Minnesota's Kevin Williams by Mike Mayock tells me that he'll be long gone when round-two begins (especially with his drive, leverage and powerful butt and upper-thighs).

    Speaking of massive inside presences and of Boston College products– where Mayock once played–this guy named Mike McLaughlin looks bigger than a young Tedy Bruschi or a Bill Romanowski-without-steroids (and he ran pretty well too at the combine). So, along with Sayre Bedinger's mid-round suggestion of that promising strong-armed Fordham QB, I'd throw in McLaughlin's name too (in case he can learn from Andra Davis and provide more muscle along the two inside LB positions).

    As for Richard Quinn's off-field troubles, its just the latest in a predictable habit for Broncos TE's that luckily skipped smaller-faster WR-types like Shannon Sharpe and Desmond Clark. However, I remember the days when team-enforcer Clarence Kay was the first to mix things up on and off-the-field (just like even more-massive TE Orson Mobley kept that similar tradition going).

    Then there was Byron Chamberlain who wasn't exactly the coaching-staff's favorite good-guy (when it came to weekend haunts, practice habits and weight control).

    So, I guess playing TE is Denver is only a safe-bet if you're more of a receiving target like Desmond Clark, Billy Miller, Shannon Sharpe or Tony Scheffler. With only Daniel Graham being the “good-citizen” fly in my theory's ointment.

    That's all I've got to meander about, although I'll share my top-three once we get an idea how the B-Marsh situation resolves itself (assuming that X-Man and McD don't leave it unresolved heading into draft-week).

    If he's gone, then we can probably afford to get WR Dez Bryant and Mike “everybody's grabbing out there” Iupati (and I'd ink ageless Center Kevin Mawae to a two-year deal so we'd have one less position to immediately fill).

    However, a Logan Mankins could allow Denver to use the Iupati pick on a B.A.A. luxury-selection that is less likely to be the kind of positional-reach that got us into such deep dog-doo last draft.

    And maybe a Safety like Myron Rolle out of Fla. State, and most recently Oxford or Cambridge, would be able to attract such good press as a symbolic-departure from the era of Travis Henry/Dale Carter that no one would also notice a LaGarrett Blount's drawbacks?

    If so, we could possibly trade away a Renaldo Hill and maybe even a David Bruton for added selections (as Denver apparently offered ex-Ravens and current-Jets Safety Jim Leonhard and ex-Ravens and current-Jets ILB Bart Scott more-expensive deals that they turned down last Spring in favor of rejoining Rex Ryan in the Meadowlands).

    Anyway. Keep holding up the NY-area's contribution to Broncos Nation for the rest of us (who aren't nearly as engaged). Your site's reporting and insights are always thought-provoking and welcome to my unquenchable thirst for Broncos shop-talk.

  • TheTroglodyte

    The problem with already praising Spiller as better than Knowshon is Spiller rarely ever ran the ball inside. That doesn't mean he can't do it or can't learn how to do it. It means he has yet to prove he can do it. The only running back to ever come out of college as an outside only runner and prove he could run inside as well is Chris Johnson and it took him 1 1/2 years to start to get it down. He cost Tennessee as many first downs as he got them for the first 6 games of this year.

  • broncoinva9986

    Good….I know I am very biased towards Clemson I apologize

  • broncoinva9986

    Bridgewater or the INFAMOUS RADFORD???I Know I am in the Hampton Roads area and that is all my friends talk about.. My boss is a huge hokie fan and rags me all the time. Can't wait for Hampton to correct the UVA program so they can start beating tech again…

  • broncoinva9986

    From what I know from the people who are inside the program is that he is an extremely good leader and a hard worker so he has the work ethic. I know it will probably take him a year and half too and it totally depends on what team he is drafted by..
    I am not anti Knowshon Moreno…I like him and he has very good potential for next year

  • MrEast

    If you're gonna go to college you might as well do it right.

    Of course it's the infamous Radford.

  • Ian Henson

    I love your Blount/Lynch comparisons, couple that with the Broncos new running back coach and you may have a point my friend. I don't read mock drafts (unless they're provided on this fine site), I knew who Mayock was, but I thought he was about as useless as Kiper until very recently (this thought was out of ignorance, not out of opinion). So most of the opinions are based off of my observation and if I have to I'll get whatever I can wherever I can on a player who I had no way of seeing (John Mobley, Kutztown, really?).

    You mentioned Mankins, I know that a lineman will hardly ever influence a team this highly, but if we're able to get that man somehow I say call it a day and I'd declare playoffs… As ridiculous as that sounds. I feel like Seth Olsen will start next season in place of Chris Kuper. Then Russ Hochstein could play center (as he did for several games in New England). That would swell the hell out of Denver's interior line. However, in the very likely chance that Mankins isn't available then yes, I do see Iupati as someone that I cheer for Denver to choose in the first round. Mankins is a RFA who as far as I know has not been tendered. If he were to be tendered for a 1st round pick only I'd still take him in Denver (he's just under 28 all pro comes cheaper than Iupati likely too, with experience!).

    Onto the TE curse in Denver, I forgot all about Mr. Clarence Kay. However, was it not in 2008 when Daniel Graham had a domestic squabble? Wow, this is an actual real deal problem for Broncos tight ends…

    Where do you see Blount being drafted? Which round? And could you ever see a Darren Sproles or a LaDainian Tomlinson in a Broncos uniform? And thank you for reading and for contributing =) Also for your compliments.

  • steeplebomb

    I still have high hopes for KnoMo. He should spurts of brilliance last season. He could be a very good back in this league.