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Published on 02/01/2010 at Mon Feb 01 21:27.
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A Broncos fan sits in the seats following the Denver Broncos defeat by the Kansas City Chiefs on January 3, 2010. (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

A Broncos fan sits alone in the stands following the Denver Broncos defeat by the Kansas City Chiefs on January 3, 2010. (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

Good news nation! It’s only uphill from here…

The off-season is this some NFL fans favorite part of the year. There is just so much to look forward to with the draft in April and free agency opening up on March 5th. It’s time for you to pretend like you watched the Senior Bowl and all important Bowl games scouted absolutely everyone in college football and put forth your best argument as to why your team should draft the kid out of SC that can run a legit 3.9 second 40-yard dash and catch a ball ten-feet off the ground like a hopped up vacuum cleaner. Not to mention the possibility of trades, picking up some extra draft picks, getting rid of a possible player that may or may not want to be here.

So, it being Super Bowl week and all… And facts being facts, the Broncos came so close to getting to the big game this season… Oh. so. close. Inches really, so we wanted to cover a couple issues over this week that Denver will face this off-season and let our community tell us what you guys think in the comments. These points will be deciding factors in whether the Broncos are participants or spectators in next season’s Super Bowl:

  • Re-signings – Brandon Marshall, Kyle Orton, Elvis Dumervil, Chris Kuper, Tony Scheffler, Ben Hamilton and several others contracts are up this season. We’ll have our predictions up this week.
  • Matter of fact, Brandon Marshall period.
  • Draft needs – Denver’s looking to beef up their offensive line and talent up their defensive line. Both spots look to be seriously upgradeable very early in the draft, but which way does Denver go offense or defense?
  • Retooling of the Broncos run game.
  • Sophomore development in: Knowshon Moreno, Robert Ayers, Kenny McKinley, Darcel McBath, Richard Quinn, Alphonso Smith, Tom Brandstater, David Bruton, Tony Carter, Everette Pedescleaux and Seth Olsen (amongst others).
  • New coaches: Wink Martindale, Eric Studesville, where do they come from, where are they at? Can they get in where they fit in?

So keep it here, we’ll go in depth on everything and anything. If we’ve missed something that you’d like then let us know as well!

  • denverfanindallas

    great way to start the morning! work out, made breakfast, and coffee ready… and this completes the cycle. it is a great time of the year for a broncos fan. you get to some other team lose the SuperBowl (we have had enough big game losses) and prepare for the draft. I'm off to the draft sites to check out the possibilities.

    (go saints, btw)

  • Plato


    Great write up Ian!

  • Doom92

    I'm sure most of you watched the ProBowl… or maybe not. I actually enjoy watching just to see them all interact and play the game together.

    Any way, during the game did you guys catch the interview with Brandon Marshall after his touch down? Man I can only hope that his sentiments were true. If you didn’t catch it basically what he said when asked about the end of the year was that he “has put all that behind and is looking forward to being a Bronco, loves the city of Denver and the fans and wants to be a Bronco”!!!

    I know, I know probably wishful thinking but I really thought he showed a nice level of maturity through that situation any way (compared to previous situations). So my question is; Is he really looking to stay? OR; Has he just learned to say the right things at the right times? We really don’t have that kind of talent and excitement growing on trees on the offense right now and while I am not comparing him directly (only as a big time play maker) it's kind of like when Johnny was playing, there is always a chance of a big play happening. I'm always thinking “get the ball to Brandon” and that, to me any way, is just really fun and don’t want to loose that. And as good as Eddie “Roy’al with Cheese” Royal is he is not Brandon Marshall.

    I think that McImmature making an effort toward and keeping him would go a long way for the team in general. All the veterans that went complaining about accountability have to see what this guy brings to the team. Here is one very solid vote for making Brandon a priority for the Broncos.

    And is it just me or do we really need to concentrate on keeping Elvis? My closet is filling up with Used to be Broncos Jerseys, its depressing…

  • jonkrause

    @theorangepage is back on @broncotalk! Sweet

  • no hope

    As long as they keep getting rid of probowlers and keeping people like Kyle Orton and Jirvis Moss thier is no hope for next year or any other year.How can you ponder the thought of releasing probowl players and keeping Kyle Orton and 10 more other sorry players.How can some people be happy about the broncos.I just dont get the Kid coach sometimes.Broncos only win 2 games next year.Get mad all ou wan't and complain about m spelling to make you feel better.Broncos finish last in the devison next year.

  • JoeDoGG

    JOSH MC RETARD NEEDS TO GO NOW. I really hope that a miracle happens and B Marsh stays.

  • Fan in Laramie

    Please get a running back that is productive and durable .Noshawn maybe has talent if he has the holes then lets get a line that can give him that .

  • Karl_Bev

    PLEASE let B Marsh's comments about wanting to be a Bronco be sincere, and not a ploy…we have a HUGE Bronco collection of many bye-gone players…in fact my grandson gets no more jerseys for Christmas..he gets one each year and the last several have been gone the following year…
    Skeptical Club Level Season ticket holders……

  • kenny7014

    I guess i dont understand the big dislike for orton. dont get me wrong, i almost threw up when i found out he was coming to town, but he wasnt horrible. look what we have in the wings miss crissy simms, and a nobody. draft options are horrible if we go that way, reading someones comment, they talking about rex grossman…serious?? take him over kyle orton. kyle is the same as any other nfl quarterbacks.. he has ups and downs and he played one yr here and everyone wants to run him out of town, what happend to loyalty. i know shanny didnt have any, but we are better then he is! give kyle a chance… he has ups and downs, but show me one nfl qb that doesnt. i'll take it futher, show me one hall of fame qb that didnt have ups and downs. be loyal, have faith, give him more than 1 yr.

  • vibram five fingers

    I am back too!! I have been out of town, so i just picked up my SJ's today, my white and red 12's too. I am a very happy camper!! And you are definately bakk

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