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Published on 02/23/2010 at Tue Feb 23 16:04.
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Casey Wiegmann battles to save Kyle Orton from a sack. (Reuters/Mark Leffingell).

Casey Wiegmann battles to save Kyle Orton from a sack. (Reuters/Mark Leffingell).

Mike Klis of the Denver Post is reporting that the Denver Broncos have released center Casey Wiegmann and running back LaMont Jordan.

Wiegmann is one season removed from a pro bowl season in 2008 and one season removed from Mike Shanahan’s zone blocking scheme. He leaves the team after just two seasons, last season prior to training camp there were whispers that he may hold out prompting outrage from Broncos nation. Though he handled the situation privately and was rewarded with a two year contract (one of which has just been dissolved).

Jordan signed with Denver prior to the draft last March and was thought to be more of a veteran insurance policy for Josh McDaniels who had worked with him the previous year with the New England Patriots. Jordan had just 25 rushes last season for 86 yards.

It’s beginning to look like the quickest way out of Denver is through the Pro Bowl with the exit of Weigmann… However, I always like to say follow the money, they were both due a bit of it in 2010 and between the two were a combined 67 years old and were due a bit more than two million dollars between them.

What does this mean for Denver in an uncapped season though? Will the Broncos be working with a self imposed cap or will they run hog wild in a not so rich free agency. It is not clear who will immediately replace Wiegmann, but I think the most likely would be Ben Hamilton (who is one of Denver’s few unrestricted free agents). Either way, look for the Broncos to begin offering contracts now as well.

  • MrEast

    I saw this coming with Jordan, he probably had a roster bonus or something. Weigmann not as surprising but not mind blowing. He had a pretty bad year and doesn't need to be paid to false start or warm the bench to the new guy that was inevitably coming.

  • Naruto

    You know what i really don't care to much about jordan he's really old and not much of a suprise there Casey he's old to we are gonna need a good Bigger stronger center to replace him he just wasn't that good but he was pretty good at the snaps besides that he sucked So i say we Draft a Center move Ben Halmiton there and will be pretty fine

  • monto

    not bothered/surprised about Jordan, the guy was dead weight on the roster especially when we had capable guys like Hillis who would have jumped at the chance for some more snaps

    Casey had a bad year and evidently didn't fit into the new OL scheme so theres no point paying a guy like that to sit on the bench for the final year of his contract

    There'l probably be a power runner somewhere late in the draft and hopefully we'l draft centre pretty early on, maybe pick up an experienced guy for training camp at least too, I don't really see Hamilton staying on.

    either way lets hope we start sorting out all the other contracts soon

  • brent

    I have to say that I really like most of the moves that McDaniels has made but the Jordan signing and then running ahead of Hillis for me was a head scratcher. Jordan is a stiff, slow, runner as he's aged. Although I liked Casey, he was not a fit for the style of line play we are moving towards – thanks for the great year in 08', sorry for the bad year in 09', and good luck in retirement or elsewhere.

  • rct930

    Would love to see Maurkice Pouncey in blue and orange. At 316 pounds, he's just what the doctor ordered. We might have a chance at him if we can get a decent pick for Marshall.

  • rct930

    Unrelated but does anyone know what happened with Chris Baker? Did he show any promise last season?

  • MrEast

    He spent the whole season inactive. I saw Chris Baker play in preseason against San Fransisco and he was pretty good (against back ups that is). He got a sack and seemed to collapse the pocket quite often, he's very quick for his size and the defensive line guys love him. You could see him on the sideline dancing to whatever music was playing and everyone laughing with him.

    I think Baker has a serious chance to play this year after sitting and watching the system for a season.

  • Doom92

    Man I just looked at Bakers profile on… 6'2 and 329… WOW! thats a stout boy… Hope he can contribute this year.

  • robtink242

    Haven't been on this site in awhile. L. Jordan should have been release from last season. My only question is who's going to play center for us. Do we give Ben Hamilton a shot, get on thru free agency or thru the draft? Nothing surprises me with this team anymore. Baker had a solid pre-season but that was it. I don't recall him playing at all and I'll still perfer him over ole whatshisname playing NT for us now.

  • TJ

    It wont be Hamilton. He's like 285 lbs. Not big enough and if any of you were watching, he stunk up the joint all season as well. That's why he was benched. He'll be gone soon as well, count on it.

  • Ian Henson

    Hochstein can play center, though I really have no idea what the Broncos are intending. Thing with centers is you usually don't have to splurge an early round pick on them…

  • mikebirty

    East, Funny you should say that. I've been formulating a theory that McD's drafting strategy involves drafting players -Ayres, McKinley, Quinn, Brutton, Brandstater, Baker, That Guy Everette whose name I can't attempt to spell – and not expecting an instant result but allowing them time to learn systems and get used to the NFL. Its not something that pays off in the short term but hopefully has long term results.

    I just hope its quick enough for him to still be coach but its obviously not quick enough for the people who label Moreno a bust because he didn't break the NFL touchdown record in his first year and didn't run for 2000+ yards.

  • Matt

    The interior O-line has me really concerned. I prefer addressing interior O-line issues with proven veterans, because that is one position that usually requires toughness, meaness and experience, but the broncos may have no choice but to draft a couple players. Does anyone know if kris Kuper fits Josh Mcdaniel's scheme? I know he is a free agent this year and I would like him to come back. My opinion is that the Broncos success will depend mostly on the rushing attack as long as Orton is the Bronco's QB