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Published on 02/09/2010 at Tue Feb 09 06:00.
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Adam Schefter reported/tweeted the other day that three teams have gave the city of brotherly love a ring. These three teams called to inquire the status of each of their three quarterbacks. Schefter’s tweet is below.

Multiple teams have called Eagles to inquire about their three QBs. The conversation, and speculation, will heat up in early March.

Les Bowen of the Philadelphia Inquirer explained further (who recevied that that info from Sal Paolantonio) that those three teams were calling about the availability of the current starter, Donovan McNabb. Those three teams would be the Cleveland Browns, Buffalo Bills, and the Denver Broncos.

Adam Schefter says teams have asked the Birds about all three of their quarterbacks and three teams have called about Michael Vick. Sal Paolantonio added that three teams — Cleveland, Denver and Buffalo — have had multiple conversations with the Eagles about Donovan McNabb.

However Les Bowen continues to state that these conversations are ‘prelimary’ and that he can’t over emphasize that:


So Kyle Orton has that going for him.

The oft concussed Brian Westbrook was on a talk radio show, WGFX in Nashville, Tennessee. When asked about of his opinion regarding McNabb’s future in Philly, Westbrook reckons that the Syracuse alum isn’t going anywhere. Thanks to Sports Radio Interviews for the transcript.

“I think there is no question in my mind if Donovan will be back. After what he was able to do last year which he had a very good year of course. Everybody measures, a lot of fans measure by Super Bowls.

If you look at this football team with Donovan and without Donovan I think you would be hard-pressed to say that there was better quarterback in the league than Donovan McNabb for Philadelphia Eagles.”

Yet another positive for Mr. Orton.

What exactly does Josh McDaniels have up his sleeve? If anyone knows how to stir up quarterback controversy it’s Coach McD. I’m not exactly sure how I feel about McNabb sporting the orange and blue. Brian Dawkins and Correll Buckhalter would love to have him though.

The Good

Below are Donovan McNabb’s 2009 stats.

G GS Comp Att Pct Yds Avg TD Int
14 14 267 443 60.3 3,553 8.0 22 10

If you munge all those numbers together McNabb posted a 92.9 quarterback rating. At his age he is still performing at a great level, and he has shown little to no signs of slowing down.

The Bad

Donovan McNabb has only started 15 or more games in a season only five times in his eleven year career. If you take away his rookie year, he has only finished out a full season only half of his career (5/10). Therefore, if the unthinkable happens and McNabb is sent to the Mile High City, Denver would be adding another injury prone Eagle. This veteran quarterback is exactly that, a veteran, at 33 Denver would just be upgrading band-aids. The cost of procuring McNabb would most-likely amount to a Brandon Marshall package or a high level draft pick(s). I don’t even want to consider an Elvis Dumervil situation.

The Reason

How did Donovan get to this point? Flashback to week one. McNabb’s ribs were broken during the week one win against Carolina. The following week the Eagles were blown out by the Saints with Kevin Kolb at the helm. Kolb had a mixed outing, he completed 60% of his passes for 391 yards and two touchdowns; however he ineptly threw three interceptions. The next week Kolb fared much better against the Chiefs, but the Chiefs are who they thought the were.

The Bottom Line

Kolb’s flashes of brilliance, youth, and his cheap price tag might give him the edge over McNabb, who represents nearly the opposite.

Speculation is just speculation, but it appears though that as fans we’re about to enter yet another offseason full of highs, lows, and throwbacks. What do you think of the McNabb possibility Bronco nation? Is the juice worth the squeeze?

  • anthony33

    McNabb would most definitely be an upgrade from Orton. The combination of his legs, arm strength and experience would be worth at least 2-3 more wins.

    He may not be the exactly mold McD is looking for, but he is a winner… period. Glad to see McD at least recognizes that. Not everybody is Tom Brady

    They would still need a long term solution as McNabb has what, 2-3 years left.

  • Josh Temple

    I've always loved McNabb as a QB, I would be thrilled to bring him to Denver if the cost isn't too high.

  • CompUser

    According to, Kyle Orton is ranked 14th with a quarterback rating of 86.8. Donovan McNabb is ranked 12th with a quarterback rating of 92.9. Even though the numbers don't show it for last season, I believe Orton is the better quarterback with bigger, better offensive linemen than he had last year, and I don't see McDaniels making this trade. I sure hope not, anyway.

  • WhidbeyBronco

    Trade? What the hell would we trade besides picks? Trade our future for a slight upgrade with a short future? Uh we'll know McX is NOT our man if he does such a thing!

    Now if we could get Kolb for next year's 1st? Pull the trigger!

  • WhidbeyBronco

    the time to win is now?
    sure! …er how?
    This team is another 8-8/9-7 year away from 'winning'

  • dogheadbrew

    We NEED to shore up the D and both lines. We have pieces, but nothing perfect yet. Sure I like the idea of McNabb with Orton as back-up and a prospect holding a clip board. In that scenario how much would the wafflers love Orton? Maybe even McNabb-Simms-Prospect, but we are going to have to give up too much most likely. Without a few horrendous play calls (gee, we haven't made an inch up the middle all game, let's run Knowshon between the tackles con this critical 3rd and 2), and D fatigue we could have been in one playoff game. With Orton.

    If the trade was Cutler for McNabb, and a couple picks last year… Hell Yes! But right now we need to be smart, get good youth, and be another cusp post season team for another year.

    On another note, tell me if I'm wrong on this AFC West run down for the past few years:

    Raiders: ridiculously dysfunctional team with just enough kicking and D to steal a couple games.

    Chiefs: Over all aniemic team, with just enough talent and O to steal a few games.

    Broncos: Split-personality team with enough talent, swagger and experience to win enough to quiet nay-sayers and then collapse in epic proportion.

    Chargers: Talented and experienced team who can easily win the division and be well seeded in the playoffs and just enough immaturity and pomposity to lay an egg in the playoffs.

  • Jason

    HELL NO. I do not want him

  • Andy

    Im all for McNabb coming if his mom does a Mile Hile Campbells Chunky Soup commercial.

  • NMBronc

    We would have to give up too much of our future for McNabb. If Orton can be as good as he was (did I just say that?) in McD's system, then there is no need to overspend on an aging QB. Draft and groom, and spend money on the lines.

  • rlutt

    Orton did a solid job. Now that he actually has a year in the system lets see what he can do. BUT do draft a qb and develop them, not to mention we have a young qb already on the team that we are grooming.

  • TheTroglodyte

    Whidbey I agree 100% with you.

  • themastermind

    So this is where Orton blows a gasket and holds his breath until he gets a trade, right?

    Come on, Orton did a good job with his first year in a brand new complex system. Do we really want to start from scratch again right now? Just a thought.

  • Ryan

    Orton played not to lose. We need a QB that plays to WIN. Seriously. Is McNabb good for Denver? Maybe in his younger prime, but as someone pointed out, this would not be a long-term play. I think we hire the best eye for talent and find a hidden gem, no namer. Anything's Possible right? If this does go down though, I think they would have to either package Marsh or Elvis, that sucks.

  • dr.gonzo

    I'm willing to give Kyle another year in this system before I write him completely off, he seems to have a good head on his shoulders and although he doesn't have a rocket for an arm it gets the job done. His mobility is the only thing that really bugs me. BUT if I were brewing up a trade for one of the Smeagle Qb's it would have to be Kolb, that kid killed it while at Houston and I think he has the tools to become a very good NFL QB.

  • Hope

    Im all for who ever plays just not Kyle the fall down Orton.Mc Nabb would be Grate For a win now kind of thing.I love it if we get him or mike vick.Its a lot better then Orten sorry as.

  • TheTroglodyte

    I am not sure what is more embarrassing. The fact that you actually think Vick is a good qb let alone a top 32 qb or the fact that I am bothering to respond to you.

    No I do know. They are equally sad and depressing.

  • Jay

    I wouldnt want McNabb sporting The Orange and Blue and here's why….

    1. I HATE the fact that he is injury proned
    2. He would cost to much. We would likely have to give up a Pro Bowl player or a 1st maybe even both.
    3. Would he be able to learn McD's complex system?
    4. Orton has good accuracy, great poise in the pocket, an arm that CAN MAKE THE DEEP THROWS, and he nearly mastered McD's system in just 1 year. The future with Orton looks bright.

    16yrs with Elway then another 14yrs with Shanahan fans have just gotten acustomed to seeing a gunslinging QB's. It is time for change.

    Also when was the last time a scrambling QB won the a superbowl?

  • hope

    I don't know if you watch any games this year but i seen Kyle Orton fall down so many times when no rushers was around him.HE played like a scared little girl.Orton is not a playoff qb or even a good qb.I think people say tha t Orton is a good qb.they din't watch football this year.If they did thier just learning the game.
    Mike Vick and Mc Nabb are 10 time the qb Orton is.Fire Orton!

  • anthony33

    You don't think McNabb would be an upgrade? The price tag is probably way too steep especially when you take age into consideratiion, but I believe McNabb would take this team to the playoffs next year.

    I do like your thought about Kolb… younger, probably cheaper, but not really sure what you're getting.

    Anyway… I do not see either happening. Seems like the trades that are speculated about in the media never happen. It's the one's you never about that happen.

  • trevor

    It's obvious Mcdaniels knows it's a win now league and Bowlen is impatient. Mcnabb would be a upgrade and force teams out of a cover 2 defense with his legs and let our recievers run a route without Orton falling down. Orton is a good qb with average everything only relying on his timing in this system. Lets face it even only have Mcnabb for 3 years is better than 5 more with Orton. If throwing 9 bubble screens a game is mastering the system it's time to change the system.

  • Poop Spackle

    Vick is the lowest rated QB to EVER play the game (Min 32 games started). Not just in the last 10 years. EVER. Not one of the lowest. THE LOWEST. He also has THE LOWEST DPAR and DYAR of any starting QB to EVER play the game. Michael Vick has MORE FUMBLES per attempt than ANY starting qb to ever play the game. Vick has the LOWEST COMPLETION PERCENTAGE of ANY starting QB to EVER play the game. EVER.

    You must not watch football or if you do, are just learning the game.

  • trevor

    can we argue that Brett Farve is the same caliber of qb that Mcnabb is and we saw what it did for the Vikings. It's a qb league and the days of winning without a pro bowler is gone. We are closer than people think. A couple free agents and a couple impact rookies but lets be honest after last years draft our we that confident that they are gonna get it right. I had Knowshon as the 3rd best back. I lost all faith when we let Orakpo slip in the 1st and Malaluga,Laurinitas in the 2nd for Alphonso Smith and a tight end that was rated like a 4-6th rounder cmon for sake give a pick to get a qb we can trust. All he has done is win with no recievers. It's a no brainer

  • trevor

    Dont forget players have clout and if you were a free agent would you want to block, run routes, everything it takes to win with Orton behind center or Mcnabb. It will help us in the free agent market with all offensive positions. If you polled the players from all teams i guarentee his name would come up in the top 5 for who they would like to play with.

  • TheTroglodyte

    You may be right that the system needs changing but McNabb would be a downgrade from Orton under McD's tutelage. It's a pretty well known fact that McNabb is not a very smart guy. The playbook Andy Reid uses for him is very simplistic because he can't handle much. There isn't a chance in this world that McD is going to dumb down anything for anybody.

    McNabb is one of the more inaccurate qb's in the league on balls thrown under 12 yards as well. Even if McD does change the system it isn't going to change that much. Plus he well be lucky to play 16 games over the next 3 years so whomever our backup is would be starting anyway.

    The guy has a lot of strengths as well so don't get me wrong and think I am trying to bash him. That being said, they aren't ones that will mesh with McD. It would be nothing short of a disaster.

  • trevor

    Am i the only one who feels we have been developing qb's since Elway left. Think about what Sean Payton did for a minute with going out and getting Brees. He didnt draft a qb hoping to develop. We were never as bad as the Saints and it took 4 years for Brees to win a super bowl with them. We are in a better situation than them 3 yrs ago. Im tired of being 2nd in the afc west and San Diego's bitch.

  • Doom92

    I agree with those that say do it… Its pretty simple I think. With Orton you're Never going to stretch the field. Once in a great while he can wind up his toy arm and throw it semi-long but the receiver Must be Wide Open or it most likely will be picked. Donovan tosses a few picks of his own also, but he can at least give the threat of tossing it long.

    And Trevor, no you are not the only one that thinks that. Its been nothing more than one experiment after the other since John retired. But I never really expected less, I did think that Cutler was going to end that but McImmature saw to it that wouldn't be the case.

  • trevor

    If he cant throw a 12 yard pass he should'nt be in the league. He looked pretty accurate to me throwing to Jackson all year. There is no denying he's a upgrade. How many nfc championships did he go to with no recievers until T.O. got there. I like Orton but if we think hes gonna have a pretty little pocket all year we are mistakin. Lets be honest even if we have a A+ draft it's gonna take time for these linemen to develop into a unit. ? for you and you might think im crazy but would you trade champ for Mcnabb straight up because i cant imagine that there would be much difference in money.

  • Doom92

    And I also agree with MrEast in that Trading Doom should never even be a possibility. Yes I know no one is un-expendable, but some guys you just keep around.

  • T-Money

    I really don't want any more band-aids. Draft someone, trade for a young one… something. Start putting a championship team together and not one that is going to fall apart next year…again.

  • TheTroglodyte

    “He looked pretty accurate to me throwing to Jackson all year.”

    Uhhhhh Jackson caught three passes the entire year that was under a 15 yard throw. Thanks for proving my point and I suggest you pay attention to the ungodly amount of balls randomly thrown into the dirt, over the wr's head and way behind them. Or you could just look at the highlights and come to some random conclusions.

    Here is a fun stat for you to think about.

    McNabb's completion percentage is much higher on 3rd-and-11 or longer 66.7% than it is on 3rd-and-7 or shorter 40.0%

    If you care to re-watch a couple of games and dig up the real meaty stats on McNabb, then you can appreciate just who won those games, the Eagles defense.

  • rlutt

    There aren't any more Elways! He had it all. There aren't any in the draft, or in the league that we can get. At this point, we need to build a team through the draft and free agency that plays like a TEAM.

  • bleedinorange+blue

    What we need in Denver is a leader. John Elway carried this team on his back to two super bowls in the late '80s. I wasn't born yet, but I know what the guy did. Plummer was a leader, he got us all the way to the AFC Championship. Who else has done that? Anyone? Oh yeah! It was the other leader this team had: #7. Orton is a very smart quarterback, but he plays not to lose, not to win. He won't change a play that McD has already called because he's not the leader. Donovan McNabb is. yeah, he is a bigger better band-aid, but he's better for this team than Orton. I say to hell with Chris Simms, because you obviously need a spleen to play in this league. Kyle Orton, welcome to the back-burner, Donnie, take over, and Tom Brandstater, avoid the bench like it's the plague. If you're not on that sideline learning the in's and out's of this offense, learning how to read defenses with Kyle Orton and Donovan McNabb teaching you, you don't have a place on this team. You've got the chance to be the guy that Denver needs in the near future, the chance to be that quarterback that gets groomed and polished to perfection, you've got the chance to be the next guy to stand in Elway's shadow. That's right. I said it. Tom Brandstater, 6th round pick from 2009, you could be next in line for leading the Denver Broncos.

  • WhidbeyBronco

    sure, he'd be an upgrade… how much though? He'd have to learn his 1st new system at the end of his career… used to be you spoke of qb's needing 3 years to really GET a system… he's only got three years left.

    McNabb would be able to scramble, which would be great but his accuracy is no better than KOs… I also think Kolb's price tag would actually be higher than Donavan's at this point…. Neither make much sense to me.

  • WhidbeyBronco

    hmmm Favre v McNabb ….Favre has accuracy and all the rest that McNabb has. No comparison.

    McNabb has great receivers and has always had someone to throw to with talent… and a run game.

    Fully agree with your draft takes.

    …Except for that bit about being a couple free agents and a couple impact rookies away… Shanny? Is that you?

  • WhidbeyBronco

    1-3 …like
    4- thanks for the laugh.
    Scrambling QB winning the SB? Dilfer was liked greased lightening!

    kidding. S Young would be the last I believe but he had everything.

    …he said 'poise in the pocket' lmao

  • anthony33

    used to be you spoke of qb's needing 3 years to really GET a system…

    Yes, desperation has set in.

    All I can think about is… game on the line (KC at Den) and KO throws two pick 6's in the 4th quarter.

    From Bowlen's comments it sounds like they are not thinking Brandstater is the answer and I have no idea what these clowns are thinking for the draft given what they did last year.

  • postalmoose

    Look I would take Donovan in a heart beat. I like Orton but McNabb is still an excellent quarterback. Injuries are injuries, Orton had his and it affected his play down the stretch. Thy all have them. He is still an elite quarterback and his mobility is a plus. He also is a very smart guy and would larn the system and team fast. I also think his arm and mobility would open up the playbook for JoshMac. Go get him NOW!!!!!!

  • robtink242

    Trust me McNabb would be a great fit here in Denver. The price tag is steep. I dont want to get rid of Marshall, Doom, or Kuper. There is NO question about McNabb i would pick him up quicker than the Redskins select Brian O. after we select Moreno in the first round. But seriously with McNabb and are run game we can be an elite offense

  • trevor

    Would you agree since we are changing the system to a power instead of zone we need at least 2 3hundred pound guards. We need and inside backer and 2 true 5 technique d linemen. That's five players. I posted a ? for all fans of what good is having Champ with no pass rush. Just a idea unless he restructures his deal they should trade him for proven players. He's are highest paid player on the downside of his career. Would you trade Champ for a Peppers type player or a true Nt. And lastly i totally disagree about everyones take on Mcnabb. The eagles have never had a running game. Go look at where they have finished in the last 5 years and name me his recievers other than T.O. for a season and Desean Jackson. Love tha discussion please post back!!

  • trevor

    We did have it all didnt we. Hasnt been much fun since he left. Im guilty i admit it. I have accepted mediocraty and just want to taste the playoffs. I would have rather had Mike Nolan as the head coach than Mcdaniels. He got the raw end of drafting a qb who didnt pan out and they couldnt win. To my point how far is Orton going to take us with a good team let alone a average one. His winning record as a starter is only based upon are great defensive start and a bears defense that was stellar. Lastly you are confident that after last years draft debacle they will get it right. I have no problem with taking Ayers at 18 but passsing up Orakpo was a mistake. I had knowshon the 3rd best back based upon his combine numbers and natural size. He benefited tremendously from having Stafford as his qb. Just saying we had bigger needs not that he didnt do a good job and we couldnt have drafted a back later. The 2nd round is when it goes all wrong. We pass up 2 1st. round talents at ILB Malaluga and Laurinitas for a Smith and give up our 1st this year. In the same round we take Quinn a 4-6rd. grade TE. After that i quit watching. I totally agree with you on what has to happen with building the team through the draft and free agency. It's a win now league and that's what Mcdaniels knows and cares about. Bowlen is impatient and 2 more years of no playoffs he will be gone. Defense is overrated now in this league you have to score 27-30 pts a game to win draft Bryant regardless of the Marshall situation then stockpile O and D lineman pick after pick to find the best one when they get to camp. We have had way to many busts on the dline. Post back because i think we both feel the same about TEAM but different views on how to get there.

  • trevor

    We can all dig up stats and make are points. Isnt that what Orton gets all this credit for is his winning %. The bears defense sucked right and at the beginning of the year we were giving up a ton of pts right. Cmon we couldnt even score 10 realistic pts against the Bengals except for the greatest play for like the last 10 years to Stokley. Im ok with your comments about Mcnabb's health but didnt Orton get hurt twice last year himself and dont think that's not going to continue hes a sitting duck back there. You make valid pts about Mcnabb and even ? his smarts like they did with Vince Young but these guys win games regardless. I dont want Vince Young but i want a athletic guy taking snaps. Sorry if i am rambling but i cant watch 9 bubble screens and the offense running off tackle 3rd and 1ns getting stuffed time and time again. By the way isnt that what all the griping was about last year is we didnt go downfield. You cant get teams out of a cover 2 unless you run routes past 12 yards.


    Im with Whidbeybronco on this one. Are you talking about Orton or any of our past 9 qbs since Elway left. Accuracy is all he has with no athletic ability. To #1 didnt Orton get hurt twice last year. #2 is a good pt. #3 did Orton really master his system because i wasnt ultimately that impressed with how are offense looked. Why did Mcdaniels take the job if none of our pieces he liked. I dont get what Bowlen saw other than he developed Cassel with a phenomanal team around him. I do like Orton in the red zone its just getting there. Everyone ?'s smarts is Eddie Royal dumb now that his production fell off and is he getting this system. Just think how great Gaffney is because he get's the system. Drafting a qb is the biggest chance of a busted draft and will set us back farther. We might as well keep Orton then and him and Mcdaniels will both be out in 2 years when Bowlen fires them both. I cant remember the last time we lost to Oakland and KC at home was. Brace yourself fans because in April's draft im gonna have my hands over my eyes.

  • trevor

    tell Minnesota that Farve was a band-aid. Face it friends drafting a qb is like buying a scrathit. I love the draft and we need a great one. Mike Nolan lost his job because of Alex Smith in San Fran. Build through the draft but you just cant take chances at qb. If you get a shot at a proven winner you get him at any cost. examples Warner, Brees, Farve. All changed teams with some sort of baggage and all changed the dynamic of the TEAM.

  • trevor

    And im sure you have stats for all qb's. When people talk about Farve they rave and never ? his interceptions in crutial situations they just love him. Go back and look at Orton's % as the bears qb. Ive seen Mcnabb in plenty of shootouts can you say orton has. Didnt Mcnabb bring them back last year in the playoffs to fall short to the Cardinals. Stat to stat what do you think Mcdaniels should do because it's very clear if you do anything your on Josh's badside. He didnt even give Jay Cutler a chance and now Marshall is next. Yah i want to go to battle with Gaffney and Royal because Royal must be dumb like Mcnabb because he didnt get the system. When Mcnabb had TO they made the Sb and ran with the Patriots but there defense must have got them there to your point. Cmon Mcnabb has done more with little just look at there rushing stats. Go ahead and name me any probowl reciever other than T.O. for a year and Jackson this year. You cant argue 3or4 nfc championship games and going to the SB. but you will. Teams dont win SB'S without a elite qb. Dilfer to me is the closest comparison of Orton's skills and Dilfer's defense averaged under 10 pts a game.

  • Anonymous

    The priority this offseason needs to be the D-line and O-line, and signing our free agents (BMarsh, Prater, Doom and Orton); not signing high priced QB’s!!!

  • Jsteve01

    Dude McNabb hasn't always had great receivers to throw to. He had T.O for one year and went to the Super Bowl. The last two years with Jackson, Maclin and Curtis are his first with legit targets

  • WhidbeyBronco

    TO, Pinkston, Thrash, Stallworth… not chopped liver

  • Anonymous

    No No No mcnabb for B Marsh I don’t think so Just have Orton start throwing bombs in practice

  • TheTroglodyte

    “When Mcnabb had TO they made the Sb”

    Well done sir. Now go rewatch the playoff games that TO did not play in that got the Eagles to the SB that McNabb choked in.

    Thank you, come again.

  • trevor

    We could trade Alphonso Smith and Richard Quinn and some other 4th round talents we gave up our 1st for and completely botched in the second round. We had the right players in our lap. Everyone talks about the future but after last years draft its hard to forget the past. If we keep Orton we have to draft Bryant regardless of the Marshall situation. IMOA the nfl is one step away from a arena league. Teams just dont pound the ball like they used to.