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I can smell it… it’s that time of year again, mock drafts. Mock drafts are just as wonderful as they are horrible. One could spend hours speculating about exactly who the Jacksonville Jaguars will target with their first pick and out of no where Tim Tebow could spoil the psyche of hopeful jags fans. So here it goes another postseason attempt to predict and prejudge the finest the NCAA has to offer… please bear with me.

Round 1

  1. St. Louis Rams
    Ndamukong Suh, DT, Nebraska
  2. Lace up some fresh kicks Ndamukong, Nike says they’re on the house from now on. Since the combine is about month or so away I’m reserving judgement on whether the Rams decide to go quarterback. Jimmy Clausen or Sam Bradford could in fact land this spot if they have a killer combine. The Rams would have to be really infatuated with one of them to pass on Suh. Steve Spagnuolo would be ecstatic to give Chris Long some help on the line. Spagnuolo also has to remember that Keith Null is only one Marc Bulger mishap from starting (Bulger’s only full starting season was 2006).

  3. Detroit Lions
    Gerald McCoy, DT, Oklahoma
  4. The Lions really need to take Russell Okung here if they want to see their $72 million investment in Matt Stafford payoff. However, the Lions had statistically the worst defense in the NFL in 2009. Enter Gerald McCoy. McCoy is an elite prospect at defensive tackle and Mike Mayock is nuts about him (I’m still waiting for Mayock’s prediction about Robert Ayers reign true).

  5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    Eric Berry, S, Tennessee
  6. It’s pretty rare that a defensive back is taken in the top three (Thank Walter Football for the research). However, it’s also rare that a beast like Eric Berry comes along; combine that with Raheem Morris and you get a “unique” move. As a Bronco fan it helps me sleep easier at night knowing that Pat Bowlen at least didn’t pick Morris as head coach last offseason. Berry however has all the makings to be the next Ed Reed mixed with hitting power of Ray Lewis. The Buccaneers were worst in the NFL against the rush this last season and since Gerald McCoy is off the board Eric Berry could land here.

  7. Washington Redskins
    Jimmy Clausen, QB, Notre Dame
  8. This pick is very dependent on what Mike Shanahan sees in the quarterbacks this draft. I don’t see Shanahan falling for Sam Bradford, but I could see him making a run at Jimmy Clausen depending on how his combine plays out. Clausen has a great arm and he would fit perfectly into Shanahan’s offensive scheme.

  9. Kansas City Chiefs
    Russell Okung, OT, Oklahoma State
  10. Matt Cassel didn’t have a $63 million season by any means. Despite his several lackluster performances, he’ll continue to be the future because of the money invested in him. The Chiefs need to draft Cassel some protection if they want to see their investment spike… or at least do a push up.

    Okung had a phenomenal season and has transcended all the offensive tackles entering this draft. Okung has garnered some comparisons to pro bowler Joe Thomas. Russell Okung could give Cassell the Joe Thomas effect. In 2007 when Joe Thomas was a rookie he helped Derek Anderson throw 29 touchdowns and rack up a quarterback rating of 82.5 and almost drove the Browns to the playoffs at 10-6.

  11. Seattle Seahawks
    Sam Bradford, QB, Oklahoma
  12. Matt Hasselbeck had trouble staying healthy in 2009, and when he was healthy he looked more like his career backup brother Tim Hasselbeck. Pete Carroll has the chance to sign “his guy” for the future and let him sit the bench under Hasselbeck’s tutelage(which isn’t a bad deal). Sam Bradford has questionable arm strength, pocket awareness, and toughness but you can’t argue his performance. Bradford has only failed to post a quarterback rating of a hundred or more only seven times in his career, and two of those were this past season with his injured shoulder, once in the national championship, and the rest were his during first year starting. The Sooners were 23-2 when Bradford posts a quarterback rating of over a hundred (one of those losses was when he left early in the BYU game).

  13. Cleveland Browns
    Joe Haden, CB, Florida
  14. Joe Haden only accumulated eight interceptions in his three year tenure at Florida. However, that was mainly due to quarterbacks not throwing his way. Haden has all the tangibles to be the next shut down corner in the league. The Browns can only take Brandon McDonald getting burned play after play. McDonald has been in the NFL for three seasons and has only one interception to show for it. That lowly, meaningless interception was handed out by Charlie Frye during his free interception giveaway that Sunday. Statistically the Browns ranked 29th in passing so depth at corner really couldn’t hurt.

  15. Oakland Raiders
    Taylor Mays, S, USC
  16. I’ve said it before and I’ll probably say it a thousand times more, Al Davis loves 40 times. It doesn’t matter if Taylor Mays has the worst drill performances at the combine. If Mays runs his expected 40 time, which is in the area of the 4.3’s, there is no way Al Davis will pass him up. That is unless Mr. Davis actually starts listening to billboards.

  17. Buffalo Bills
    Rolando McClain, ILB, Alabama
  18. It’s very difficult to predict what the Bills will do with a new head coach at the helm. With Rolando McClain still on the board however the Bills should jump at the opportunity. Paul Posluszny is an above average middle linebacker but McClain is a hard player to pass up on. I’m very excited to see how he performs in the combine.

  19. Denver Broncos
    Dan Williams, DT, Tennessee
  20. Those 259 yards rushing Jamaal Charles put up against Denver’s final game of the season still haunts me in my sleep. I can hear myself screaming over and over again “Defensive line, please no! Don’t get bossed around my this mediocre at best offensive line!” Depending on his combine, Dan Williams should hopefully end up as the number one nose tackle in the 2010 draft. The key to a great defensive line is the rotation. Ronald Fields isn’t a terrible nose tackle, he just needs a guy to rotate with every now and then. I don’t really think this pick will come down to Dan Williams. My hope more or less lies in Josh McDaniels actually putting effort into resolving the defensive line issues. One guy from’s mock has Gerald McCoy falling (hard) to Denver… one can only hope.

  21. Jacksonville Jaguars
    Derrick Morgan, DE, Georgia Tech
  22. Jacksonville can’t get to the quarterback whatsoever. The Jaguars had a pathetic 14 sacks all season long, Elvis Dumervil had 17! Derrick Morgan is this draft’s top pass rusher and he should bolster Jacksonville’s lackluster defensive line. Morgan weighs in around 272 pounds, making him an ideal 4-3 end. Tim Tebow could be a shocker pick here.

  23. Miami Dolphins
    Dez Bryant, WR, Oklahoma State
  24. Miami could really use a play maker at inside linebacker but with Rolando McClain off the board they’ll go play maker at wide receiver. Chad Henne could really use someone to throw to besides Ted Ginn Jr., Brian Hartline, and Davonne Bess.

  25. San Francisco 49ers
    Bruce Campbell, OT, Maryland
  26. The San Francisco 49ers had no problem getting to the quarterback last year (44 sacks). Their problem was the other team getting to theirs (40 sacks). Bruce Campbell is a solid prospect at this slot in the draft. Since there are no viable quarterback options they’ll have to settle with protecting the one they have.

  27. Seattle Seahawks
    Trent Williams, OT, Oklahoma
  28. Congratulations on your shiny new quarterback Seattle, now protect him. Who is better suited than the same guy who protected him in college? Trent Williams is a border line top tier prospect, so depending on this combine this could definitely change. What doesn’t need to change is Seattle’s need for an offensive tackle. Walter Jones is contemplating retirement and his game has seriously degenerated over the years.

  29. New York Giants
    Brandon Spikes, ILB, Florida
  30. Last season I had the Giants taking James Laurinaitis in the first round. Instead New York became enamored with Hakeem Nicks, who turned out to be a pretty good wide receiver. What New York couldn’t anticipate is that Antonio Pierce would be out for a good portion of the season. UPDATE: The Giants have just cut Antonio Pierce, they’ll definitely be targeting a linebacker whether in the draft or free agency.

    The Giants had possibly a worse meltdown than the Broncos did (possibly) and the whole at middle linebacker didn’t help. Brandon Spikes was a monster in college. Spiked didn’t have the best senior year but his talent is undeniable.

  31. Tennessee Titans
    Donovan Warren, CB, Michigan
  32. The Tennessee Titans couldn’t stop the pass to save their life this last season, ranking 31st in the NFL. Perhaps it’s because they’re in the pass happy AFC South, but that’s all the more reason to draft a corner. Since Joe Haden is off the board the Titans should target Warren who is coming off of a great junior season.

  33. San Francisco 49ers
    C.J. Spiller, RB, Clemson
  34. C.J. Spiller is that change of pace back that Frank Gore desperately needs. Frank Gore always has trouble staying healthy, but when he is, he’s an inconvenient truth to the opposing team. Imagine the rushing attack San Fransisco could have with that tandem. Alex Smith could channel his inner Trent Dilfer circa 2005.

  35. Pittsburgh Steelers
    Brian Baluga, OT, Iowa
  36. Ben Roethlisberger was sacked 50 times this season and 189 times in the past four seasons. Big Ben needs some protection and Brian Baluga is steal this far down in the draft.

  37. Atlanta Falcons
    Sean Weatherspoon, OLB, Missouri
  38. The Falcons are pretty weak at outside linebacker but even weaker in their secondary. I would have Earl Thomas here but Atlanta is already invested in William Moore. So since Mike Peterson is in line for a social security check they should go for the best replacement for him.

  39. Houston Texans
    Earl Thomas, S, Texas
  40. From Texas to Texans. Houston has never really had an all star at safety (see Glenn Earl, Nick Ferguson, and Bernard ‘The Patriots Terrorizer’ Pollard) and Earl Thomas is their best chance to finally land one. Earl makes sense on many levels. First off, Thomas fits a strong need and secondly, he’s a Texas native from High School to College.

  41. Cincinnati Bengals
    Arrelious Benn, WR, Illinois
  42. It was fairly obvious that the Bengal’s passing offense missed T.J. Houshmandzadeh. Neither Andre Caldwell or Laveranues Coles exceeded as number two receivers in T.J.’s absences as well. Overall their passing offense rated 26th in the NFL and Carson Palmer barely managed to pass for over 3,000 yards (3,094). Depending on the combine Golden Tate could lift himself to a first round position making this pick hard for Cincy to choose.

  43. New England Patriots
    Mike Iupati, OG/OT, Idaho
  44. Logan Makins will be expensive to keep, so expect him to sign a fat contract with other some lucky team this offseason (please be Denver). Mike Iupati is a massive being at 6’6 feet and 330 pounds. Iupati’s size gives him the flexibility to either play guard or tackle.

  45. Green Bay Packers
    Anthony Davis, OT, Rutgers
  46. Green Bay had an absolutely atrocious offensive line this last season, just ask Jared Allen. Anthony Davis is a freak of nature, he’s listed at 6 feet 6 inches tall and 325 pounds heavy. I’m very interested to see how he does in the combine and on his wonderlic (Davis scored an 890 on his SAT). Issues concerning Davis’ work ethic have come to surface, if Davis doesn’t have a good combine he could end up here, late in the first round, instead of a top 10 pick. Green Bay was not afraid of B.J. Raji’s character issues last draft so if Davis is here I don’t doubt they’ll grab him.

  47. Philadelphia Eagles
    Everson Griffen, DE, USC
  48. The Eagles are a very solid team with little to no glaring needs. However, if the 2007 New York Giants have taught us anything is that you can’t have enough good defensive linemen. I could see the Eagles trading up or down from this position to land a player they fall in love with.

  49. Baltimore Ravens
    Jermaine Gresham, TE, Oklahoma
  50. Newsflash, Todd Heap is old. If Jermaine Gresham can have a great combine the Ravens will do what it takes to give Joe Flacco all the tools he needs to succeed.

  51. Arizona Cardinals
    Charles Brown, OT, USC
  52. Kurt Warner retired, handing over the reigns to Matt Leinart. The Cardinals didn’t have a terrible offensive line, but with a new inexperienced quarterback at the helm, they’re going to need to give him all the help he can get.

  53. Dallas Cowboys
    Jared Odrick, DE, Penn State
  54. The Cowboys had a great season sack wise despite DeMarcus Ware’s slow starting season. The NFC East is a quarterback heavy division (especially if Shanahan gets Clausen), therefore getting to the quarterback should be at the top of the docket. Jared Odrick is a great fit for the 3-4 scheme and would do well against Jay Ratliff (fftoolbox has a great analysis on him). Odrick is a bit of a reach, but getting to the quarterback is too big of a deal in the NFC East.

  55. San Diego Chargers
    Jahvid Best, RB, California
  56. Go pack your bags Jahvid Best because you’re… not really going all that far. LaDanian Tomlinson is on his way out, so the Chargers will need another back besides Darren Sproles.

  57. New York Jets
    Jerry Hughes, OLB, TCU
  58. Vernon Gholston needs to be replaced. Well, replaced isn’t probably the best word in describing his ineptitude as a pass rushing outside linebacker. The Jets didn’t do terrible at getting to the quarterback this season but under Rex Ryan’s defense they should do a lot better than 32 sacks.

  59. Minesota Vikings
    Brian Price, DT, UCLA
  60. The days of the Williams Wall are coming to an end. Pat Williams is an astounding 37 years old, even Brett Favre thinks that’s old for his position. Brian Price isn’t as big as Pat Williams, but he’s a great prospect in a 4-3 scheme. Price should excel next to Kevin Williams, who could do exactly for Price what Pat does for him.

  61. Indianapolis Colts
    Brandon Graham, DE/OLB, Michigan
  62. The Colts are stacked at defensive end with Dwight Freeney, Robert Mathis, and Raheem Brock. Therefore they’ll take a talented defensive end late in the draft. Classic Bill Pollian, let the rich get richer.

  63. New Orleans Saints
    Maurkice Pouncey, C, Florida
  64. Before this past season Jonathan Goodwinhad never been a full time starter, that doesn’t exactly scream franchise center. When you have one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL it’s probably a good idea to give him someone competent to put the ball in his hands.

    Maurkice Pouncey is not just a fun name to say, he’s also a massive center at 6’5 feet and 315 pounds. If Pouncey can have a good combine he might just do enough for the Saints to reach on him.

No Carlos Dunlap, Jason Pierre-Paul, Damian Williams, or Sergio Kindle in this round. Why? They’re overrated and hyped up. Right now you can’t measure hype, so I’ll let their combine results, interviews, and pro days do the talking for them. Keep in mind that free agency will also make things very interesting.

What do you think Bronco nation? Don’t like Dan Williams at number ten? Me too, a little. What should Denver do at 10, offense, defense, trade? Perhaps a punter? Let it fly!

  • WhidbeyBronco

    Thanks East… gives us something to talk about… I can't seem to think draft on an individual player basis just yet. (It's really hard to look at that 14th pick without grinding my teeth as well!)

  • WhidbeyBronco

    I'm glad you didn't speculate as to the BM trade… I would like to see us stand pat with out first and pick a DT but wouldn't mind a bit if we were to package a couple later round picks in order to get Pouncey. (depending on his combine/interviews)

  • rct930

    SportsJabber has Denver picking 9th. Strange.

    Anyway, I like your mock. A while back I thought we might trade down and take Williams. But he had a great Senior Bowl week. His leverage is amazing and he always gets a great push. Depending on his combine, he'll probably move up all the draft boards…

    I think Rolando McClain is a stud and would love to see him in blue and orange. There is no way Gerald McCoy drops to Denver unless he tears an ACL at the combine.

    I'm hoping we use the late first or high second round pick we'll get for Marshall to grab Iupati, Pouncey or a defensive stud if we address guard in free agency.

  • vince_mairne

    That pick to Seattle was a money issue not a player one. You know the Broncos weren't going to pay for two first rounders, especially with all the CBA stuff going on. I would have loved for them to have kept that pick, but I understand why they did it. Money talks!

  • monto

    Whether it'l be a defensive or offensive pick will be up to who we get in free agency, as long as this year we don't get itchy feet again and make any ridiculous trades

    I can see us taking Iupati at 10 or maybe trade down a few picks then get him and/or Pouncey (what can I say, optimist)

  • mikebirty

    Did you have the Bills take McClain just to make it harder to decide who the Broncos take?

  • RolandoMcCain

    Dan Williams would be great if Denver could trade down and still procure his arrival. Trades are hard/futile to mock up though.

  • MrEast

    I'm not a fan of speculating trades in mocks, they're are already unpredictable enough as its.

  • MrEast

    I think McClain is the B.J. Raji of this draft for Denver. McClain could go in the top 10 with a great combine, and since he's a beast he'll likely have a good one. As Denver fans we need to hope that the teams above us don't see ILB as a huge need.

  • susan166

    But a bulging disk suffered last season might have played into the Giants’ decision to cut him now. Pierce, 32

  • Josh Temple

    That's a really good point that often gets overlooked.

  • Josh Temple

    A few notes:

    #4 I don't see Shanny taking Emu Boy. The other day I saw a blog refer to him as this decade's Rick Mirer. I have visions of him falling ala Brady Quinn. Everyone is saying Bradford, and I tend to agree. If Sam somehow magically falls to us, I say jump on it! Otherwise McCoy is the gem later on at QB.

    #5 Is it just me, or does it seem like K.C. has drafted 5 offensive tackles in the last two years?

    #10 OUR PICK Unlike last year, I feel there are some great steals at defensive tackle that you can wait to draft the position. My personal favorite for a snag is my hometown boy LaMarr Houston. Did anyone see him blow up that counter play in the Senior Bowl? Mayock said we could see as many as 4-5 DTs drafted in the 1st alone. I also really loved the way Cal's Tyson Alualu played at the Senior Bowl. He might be too small or lack strength for a 3-4 DT, but he could definitely be a best in 3-4 DE spot.

    #11 Maybe the Jags learn from the Broncos of these past few years and learn to quit drafting DEs high, especially those out of Florida? It's like watching our twin sometimes. I just don't see them doing it again.

    #12 Dez Bryant: This selection makes too much sense for Miami.

    #15 Spikes, something in my gut says he is the bust of the draft. I think it's from watching Jarvis Moss the last few years. Highly overrated Florida defensive player. Where was he during the SEC Championship game?

    #28 Chargers, RB, makes perfect sense.

    #32 The Saints glaring weakness to me when they lost to the Cowboys was LT, I see them taking that position on the line rather than center. Plus, I really want Pouncey for Denver.

  • MrEast

    Totally agree on the Spikes situation.

    I think though that Clausen has too good of an arm and too much of an upside in a pro-style offense for Shanahan to pass up. Bradford may be a good quarterback, but his arm is too questionable, and he's never played under any pressure in his career.

  • WhidbeyBronco

    I hear ya! BTW Have you noticed that nobodies mock drafts have us taking Dez any more? If we can get our minds in the right place as fans… there's hope for McD eh?

  • MrEast

    I really hope McD and Dr. X don't take Dez. It's not that I think he's a bad receiver, I'd just rather have a better D-Line or O-Line. Actually I'd rather have about 10 other positions than wide receiver in the first round.

  • monto

    doesn't mean we shouldn't have got a fair value for it though, should have got at least one more pick for it

  • Josh Temple

    To me, it actually looked like Oklahoma State's QB, Zac Robinson that was the most comfortable in a pro offense. I was impressed with the way he executed the play action and lined up the missiles down field.

  • trevor

    I understand the financial burden of that pick but what gets me is why we didnt at least get Seattle's 2 or 3rd round pick this year. The player i like from watching the senior bowl is Geno Atkins from Georgia 6-1 290 DT. He was killing Laupati from Idaho all game. He could move to a 3-4 end. Based upon scouting sounds alot like a bigger Dumerville type. But of course we only have so many picks.

  • trevor

    These mocks change weekly by what's drama of the week. Next mock we are gonna trade Pat Bowlen because he obviously not a team guy and wants to sell the team. I think Josh already has his last piece of furniture in the van right now. But in all honesty i would still like to see them draft Bryant regardless of the marshall situation. Teams could not bracket Brandon and move Gaffney to the slot. Im just not sure what happened to Royal. Does he not get the system?

  • WhidbeyBronco

    I actually submitted an article to kyle on this very subject… Maybe he'll post it after he digs himself out lol… Doesn't the world need another amateur sports journalist?!

  • WhidbeyBronco

    THIS is what I've yet to study. We can all agree that Josh knows QB's… let's get that sleeper 2nd rounder that'll show his genius!

  • Nick

    Think we should take Spiller at no. 10/11 to give us a change of pace and a potent return game. unless McClain is still on the board. Hopefully we ca n trade Marshall and get the best available C/G and D-Lineman within the first 50 picks

  • HE from NJ

    Nice Picks for the 49ers! would love to see a 2nd, 3rd, & 4th RDs, where the niners will look to address their secondary (CB and SS) problems, snatch a good OG, and probably look to get a good pass-rusher to develop. Also, they might be seriously looking for an ILB, to play alongside P-52.

  • Mike J

    I agree about McClain ( I am a Bucs fan). He is my early choice for ROY. I think he can move to sam in some schemes, but is better-suited to a 43, in or out.

  • DenversFinest

    I hope we don't pick this guy up, if so I hope we trade down to get him. Really bad value there. Another one hit wonder, e.g.= Robert Ayres. I hope we pick up colt mccoy in the second. That would be a steal. I am so sick of this Offensive scheme it makes me want to puke. They are going to Dink and Dunk myself to sleep. If it was me, from these picks, Id pick Dez Bryant. Why take the 3rd best DT, when there is an enormous drop off from 1st to 3rd, when you can take the best WR? There are plenty of guys later in the rounds 1-3 that are as good as Dan Williams. I want value East.

  • MrEast

    Colt McCoy is expected to be taken in the 2nd round so the value there is average. I said in the article that I didn't expect Dan Williams to be taken there and I also said that I don't speculate value before the combine. I would love to see Denver trade down to grab a NT like Williams instead of taking him at 10. I'd also be livid to see Dez taken by us. Denver doesn't really need him, I'd like to see Royal have a healthy year before wasting a top pick on a guy who hasn't playedfootball for over a season. I'd rather go offensve line of defensive line if McClain is off the board. I also don't speculate trades, it becomes more of a wish list than a reality.

  • MrEast

    Patrick Willis is a manbeast. Mike Singletary is going to turn the 49ers into playoff contenders.

  • DenversFinest

    East, lets face it, if Colt McCoy didn't get hurt and won the national title hed be a lock for the first round, that is what I meant about value. I know its hypothetical but I don't care, its my opinion. Denvers downfall was their shitty O, not D. KO is not the answer but I don't see McD going for a QB with the first pick. McClain would be great but I could see him going to the Raiders. I believe, first and foremost, that we do need a better O-line, but guards and centers can be taken later. Dez is an elite WR, someone who could help our anemic pass game. My philosophy is to pick the best player available, and in my opinion, Dan is not that man.

  • BroncoTaz

    Mr. East, Thank you. I have been grinding my teeth this whole time with nothing but Dez Bryant or Roland McLain showing up in all these mock drafts. The problem was in the line getting beat at the point of attack on both sides of the ball. Again, thanks and can't wait to see what happens in free agency.

  • MrEast

    Saying Colt McCoy would be a first rounder if he won the national championship is like saying Chris Leak actually should have been drafted after he won his. Also McClain was a dud in the national championship and that didn't seem to drop his stock too much. Denver had real bad problems on both sides of the ball, but yes mostly on offense. I believe the Broncos should take the best player available or trade down. I don't think Dan Williams is the best at 10, but Denver needs a franchise NT and I'd love to see him taken at at the mid twenties or below pending a good combine performance.

    K.O. is not the answer but I'm not enamored with any of the top tier QB picks this draft. I like Sean Canfield from Oregon State, he's the Matt Moore of this draft.

    Dez is a great receiver I just think wide receivers are luxury picks, and Denver is a team that can't afford luxury right now.

  • DenversFinest

    I just think at 10-11 there is little D-Linemen that are worthy of that pick. It will be interesting to see what actually happens. My money is on McD moving around again, trading down, and maybe even trading Marshall on draft day. No telling, the dudes either a loose cannon, methodical genius, or puppet.

  • WhidbeyBronco

    let's hope for the middle choice!

  • mikey55

    on defense we need front 3! help our linebackers r fine DJ is always productive and is a force, andra davis did a pretty darn good job, elvis led the league in sacks, and ayers is hopefully going to take the next step, instead of hits and pressures( which are sometimes just as good if not better then a sack) but still would like to see some notchs in his sack stat column. Ron fields like said is decent but definatly needs a new guy to be rotated in, remember wilfork is a UFA but a possible F tag candidate, Kenny and Mcbean would be nice… as backups so hopefully we find a player who can rotate in with them who can eventually take there spot. Cornerback and safety is locked down… but for how much longer? I really like our young safeties in mcbath, bruton, and Barett. wouldn't mind seeing mcbath at free and barett with his speed and hit power play a john lynch type role one day. Corner back champ , goodman , smith??? we need to add a young talent in behind them this draft. on O line we r pretty set i think the ryan harris injury was HUGE last season. but we have 3 spots locked down for the future in clady harris and kuper, wiegmann and hochstein though need some potential replacements. Logan mankins maybe? RB we r good at buckhalter and moreno are pretty good. Tightend love graham tony situation up in the air. but honestly there seems to be alot of good receiving tight ends with no blocking ability in the draft who would put up scheffler type numbers, WR i expect a bounce back from eddie. hopefully marshall can stay because he opens up alot on the field. Gaffney is a good 3rd, stoks days are probably up unfortunatly, mckinnley is the wild card with some big play speed. QB is K.O who SHOULD be back next year unless we can find a seriouse upgrade somewhere. I personally wouldn't mind having the majority of our team set in place for a young qb to come into rather then a 1st rounder this year getting thrown into uncertainty. just my thoughts though

  • DenversFinest

    The more I think about it the more I think McD's going to go get Jimmy Clausen.

  • DenversFinest

    The more I think about it the more I think McD's going to go get Jimmy Clausen.