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Published on 02/03/2010 at Wed Feb 03 16:49.
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Brandon Marshall tackles Troy Polamalu after Polamalu intercepted a pass by Kyle Orton. (AP Photo/Chris Schneider)

Brandon Marshall tackles Troy Polamalu after Polamalu intercepted a pass by Kyle Orton. (AP Photo/Chris Schneider)

The thing about passion, is it swings both ways.

Ever asked for a raise? It’s a tough time… You gauge your own value to the company, then you high ball it. Maybe you’ve got a significant other or a spouse that’s got you gassed over how important you are to the firm… Here’s a rule that most employers live by, “Everyone is disposable,” if someone isn’t they should be, for the better of the team.

Disagree? Look at it this way, if someone is too important to your team to go down, then that’s more of a weakness than a strength.

Still disagree? Look at the 2008 New England Patriots, not a person in the world would have said that Tom Brady was replaceable, but he was and by a no-name quarterback that hadn’t started a game since high school. That’s because of the strength of the team… Phil Simms being replaced by Jeff Hostetler, Joe Montana by Steve Young, Jerry Rice by Terrell Owens. We can go on.

See when something’s too big to fail, you break it up into several strong pieces, instead of one all powerful piece. At least you should or you run the risk of hurting the entire team, in my opinion… But I’m no politician.

I think that Brandon Marshall understands this too or maybe it was explained to him. It’s basically the same idea that no one individual is as important as the team. Marshall’s not getting anywhere near $10-million a year from anyone this season, except maybe from the Denver Broncos. If he promises to play ball.

My solution is that the Broncos give it to him (or close to it anyway). This season, the uncapped season, while the team can afford it. Tell him to consider it retroactive, make it dependent on his off field activity and let it come with an option for one more season… If Marshall’s happy at the end of 2010 then, taking into account where the CBA is of course, the team discusses long-term.

Then again, I’m no Brian Xanders and none of this could make sense at all.

Either way, I don’t feel that whether we win or lose is dependent on the signing of Brandon Marshall. It’s dependent on a lot of factors, but having Marshall back would make those factors a lot easier.

  • hope

    I think Brandon Marshall will stay in Denver and Elvis Dumervil will be traded.Witch I think is a good move get the draft pick like a !st, 2nd round pick.Elvis had a good year but I think teams will figure the new sceem he plays and stop him next year.What im tring to say is that Elvis is over raided.Owe for some of you out thier Kyle Orten like that spelling.

  • jonkrause

    You have valid points, Dumervil will never again be worth as much as he is now. Yet I think the Broncos haft to keep him. He makes big plays, and teams had 16 weeks this past season to “figure out his sceem” he is small and gets to the QB. I want to keep Marshall, but I think Doom should be higher on the 'To-Do list'

  • Hope

    Ya I pray we keep Marshall too.Then get rid of Orton.

  • TJ

    Marshall: 3 straight 100+ catch seasons, 2 straight Pro Bowls.

    Elvis Dumervil: 2009 NFL sack leader, set sack record for the Broncos, first Pro Bowl.

    Denver Broncos: NO playoffs…NO winning records. Nuff said.

  • mangeletti

    Elvis Dumervil has been a sack machine his entire life, not just last year, so there's no reason to believe that should change.

    QUOTE > “Marshall’s not getting anywhere near $10-million a year from anyone this season, except maybe from the Denver Broncos. “

    Where did you come up with that? You don't think Chicago would love to have Marshall? Or Washingon, or the Jets, or Baltimore, or Buffalo. Marshall is going to get paid, by someone. I just hope we match it….

  • dogheadbrew

    No one doubts Marshall's skill or importance in certain situations. But if you can't play as a team, you can't play for McD. Sure I'd like to have a suddenly matured BM, especially if we're developing a QB. Imagine having that safety valve for a young guy to learn with. That said, if we can get a couple good picks for him, then it's not the end of the world.

    Doom is a lot of fun and I would love to keep him. But is he really a top flight front seven guy? His coverage skills are improving and he can get to the QB in situations, but is he dependable with a RB coming at him or can he pressure a pocket consistently? Maybe, but that has yet to be seen. Sure I want him, but should we mortgage DEF dollars that may be put more wisely in other areas?

    I don't know the market, so this is simply a guess, but let's sign and trade both of them. BM for a 1 and 3 to Seattle or Washington maybe. Then Doom for a 2 and 3 or 2,4,5. Then we end up with four or five players out of a deep draft with a ton of Juniors. Maybe get a couple mid-round steals, we could be a better team. But that all comes down to excellent drafting, which has not been our hallmark for quite some time.

  • hope

    I think your right I think Elvis Dumervil is over raided and I thiink Denver should trade him wile they can get a first round pick for him.Broncos should keep Brandon Marshall he's going to be the best wideout in the nfl.

  • dogheadbrew

    I'm not sure Elvis is overrated, although the though of him being “over raided” is kind of funny to me. But I think we may be better off with two or three developmental players than just him. I definitely would not trade him for one pick.

    The best wide out in the game does not win you championships. I love what BM can do, but it is possible we could be a better team with his trade value. We have yet to see, but we may end up as a better team without Cutler, and the value we got. No, Orton is not better than Cutler, but that is not the comparison. It seems Orton and four picks may be better. Same idea with BM.

  • Ian Henson

    I'm getting that based off the Broncos having him on the block for less than a first and a third and no one pulled the trigger. Including the Jets, when the Broncos wanted David Harris for Marshall…

    When I say not close to $10-million, I mean sure other teams will want him, but not for what he wants.

  • JoeDoGG

    Dude your a retard your saying Dumervil is over rated. Read this
    QUICKLY: Dumervil, who was named a Pro Bowl starter, played in all 16 games (14 starts) and recorded a franchise-record 17 sacks (88.5 yds.) to capture the club's first NFL sack title and joined Indianapolis DE Dwight Freeney as the only two players in history to win a sack title at the NCAA-FBS and NFL levels… His 10 sacks on third downs in 2009 tied for the most in a single season since at least 1991.

  • JoeDoGG

    When people say no ONE person is bigger then the team when talking about Marshall I say well he sort of was in 09' he had huge year and it could have been bigger even more ridic if Orton would have known what he had in Marshall a lot sooner in the year we would have dominated. I mean give me a break he finally found him for those two amazing catches in week like 7ish. I think Marshall will get 10 easy and these donkeys better pay. I don't want some BS draft pick or even two BS draft picks, I want Marshall he is sick and we need him bottom line.

  • monto

    It was Doom's first year at that position so I definitely don't think we can say he's done just yet. Yeah he's going to attract a good price this year but he'l have a whole off-season to develop his coverage etc. and we could be losing out by trading him for draft picks which could turn out to be nothing.

  • Banjo

    Great idea, ditch 2 proven pro-bowlers so we can get a:
    -slow running back that can't get a tough yard
    -a guy too slow to play lb & too small to play d-line
    -a slow small cb that gets beat out by a retired guy 1st, then an undrafted rookie
    -a blocking te that can't catch and thought he would not be drafted.
    Hopefully the 10 possible draft picks on Mcd's board will include some more gems like that.

  • altpwr1

    we dont need him dude…….. He caught 21 balls for 200 yds. against the colts….that was SICK! but check it out……Jabar Gaffney caught 14 balls for 213 yds. against the chiefs…… Thats even BETTER dude.. so lets have an open mind and if we get draft picks for #15…. then lets hope we can get some decent picks because contrary to what everybody thinks….the offense is O.K…. its the DEFENSE that needs work….we tried using smoke and mirrors last season and it worked for a little while but its been the defensive PLAYERS that let us down dude.

  • TheTroglodyte

    Considering Mike Shanahan was going to flat out cut Marshall if he couldn't pull a trade, he isn't going to Washington.

  • TheTroglodyte

    Elvis Dumervil is raiding people? Wow, I always thought he was a model citizen.

  • roshon2411

    Only problem with those stats are Brandon's were against the Colts(Super Bowl team) in a competitive game and Gaffney's were against the lowly Chiefs in a blowout.

  • OLEN

    Where were the problems in 08 and 09 seasons ? The ability to run the ball ,maybe . The passing side could be better with some luck . The running side requires a whole lot of work . Concentrate on what it would take . Marshall for another good lineman and another back that can gain some yards in the red zone .

  • altpwr1

    not a problem……it only shows that if orton only wants to target 1 receiver, like he did in both those games, ANY receiver just needs to be ready to catch the ball. its not like Eddie Royal was locked up all year, if orton threw to him 16 times a game he might have caught 14 too… I wasnt trying to imply that Gaffney was better than Marshall, just the point out that why pay marshall millions? lets fix the D!

  • Matt

    I think that the broncos should dangle a Marshall for Mcnabb deal. Eddie Royal would be able to catch those long bombs and Jabar Gaffney is pretty good too. I dont expect Mcdaniels to actually offer the deal, because his ego is too big but I think it would be a good idea.

  • altpwr1

    no doubt……and i was arguing with a dumb raider fan that there is not much difference between desean jackson and eddie royal….he thought i was dead wrong…. meanwhile when cutler was here he caught what (90) balls… i know royal could do the same type of things if he was on philly with mcnabb.

  • Rob_Bronco

    There's no chance that Marshall is coming back to the Broncos. I thought there was a tiny amount of hope prior to week 16, but when you bench your #1 receiver because of his attitude lack of commitment (when you're trying to get into the playoffs), you're telling the world that he's not worth the time and effort. I can't see McDaniels being okay with coaching Marshall long-term. They just aren't a good fit. And because Orton lacks the ability to throw the deep ball, it really minimizes Marshall's skills anyway. Orton can dump the ball off to anyone. Look for Marshall to get traded before the draft.

  • Mike Hopper

    I think the talk and debate over Peyton Hillis is all for naught because I believe Hillis will begin his 3rd pro year with the Redskins.

    The long and the short of it…Mike Shanahan believed in Peyton Hillis; McDaniels didn’t. END OF STORY! Moreno struggled to get 3.8 yards per touch and with 247 touches, he only had 947 yards rushing, 7 total TD's, with 4 fumbles. Gee I wonder what would have happened if Peyton Hillis had received 247 rushing touches this year? I think you would have seen a FB with 1200+ yards!

    But let’s allow the Math to do the talking:

    Josh McDaniels brought Correll Buckhalter to the team in 2009 for an annual salary of $2,500,000. For that you received 882 yards of total offense, with 1 touchdown and it cost you $2,834.47 per yard gained or $2,500,000 per touchdown earned.

    Josh McDaniels drafted Knowshon Moreno to the team in 2009 for an annual salary of $4,600,000. For that money you received 1160 yards of total offense with 9 touchdowns for a cost of $3965.52 per yard gained or $511,112 per touchdown.

    Josh McDaniels also felt it necessary to bring in LaMont Jordan in 2009 with an annual salary of $1,250,000. For that money you received 86 total yards offense with zero touchdowns for a cost of $14,534.88 per yard gained and $1,250,000 for no touchdowns.

    Mike Shanahan drafted Peyton Hillis in 2008 with an annual salary of $344,800. For that you got 343 yards rushing on 68 carries (5.0 avg.) with 5 rushing touchdowns in 12 games, 6 starts before being placed on IR (right hamstring 12-9-08). He started 3 games at fullback and 3 games at tailback. Added 14 receptions for 179 yards (12.8 avg.) with one touchdown while tying for the team lead with six total touchdowns. He joined Floyd Little (1968) as one of two players in Broncos history with a 100-yard rushing (129 yards @ NYJ 11/30) and a 100-yard receiving (116 yds. Vs. Miami 11/2) game in the same season. Totaled the 5th highest receiving yardage total (129) by a Broncos running back in a single game with his performance against Miami. Named Diet Pepsi NFL Rookie of the Week, FedEx Ground NFL Player of the Week, and AFC West Player of the Week with his 129-yard rushing effort against the Jets. So you received 522 yards of total offense with 6 total touchdowns and zero fumbles and that cost you only $660.37 per yard or $57,466 per touchdown.

    Josh McDaniels decided to bench Peyton Hillis in 2009 which cost the team $344,800 however you did get 81 total yards offense with 1 touchdown and 1 fumble. Even so, it only cost you $4256.79 per total yard offense.


  • Big_Schaef

    Marshall is the key to Denver's offense. I say we keep him and draft Dez Bryant to make our receiving core unstoppable!

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