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Published on 01/28/2010 at Thu Jan 28 12:06.
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With Dean Pees in Baltimore it was almost expected that now former linebackers coach Don Martindale has become the defensive coordinator for the Denver Broncos. Let’s hope he can earn his keep and stay for more than one year. Press release after the jump.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                                                                                                
THURSDAY, JAN. 28, 2010
        ENGLEWOOD, Colo. — The Denver Broncos on Thursday promoted Don “Wink” Martindale to defensive coordinator, it was announced. Martindale coached the club’s linebackers in 2009 after spending five years in that role with the Oakland Raiders.
      “We are excited to name Wink Martindale our defensive coordinator,” Head Coach Josh McDaniels said. “Wink is the perfect fit to lead our defense after earning the respect of our players and coaching staff for the job he did this past year working with our linebackers.
      “Defensively, we will keep our system consistent in terms of the scheme and will play an aggressive, physical brand of football. Most importantly, we want to continue to improve. Wink holds his players to a very high standard, both on the field and in the meeting room, and he makes them better. He is highly regarded within our organization, and we look forward to him leading our defense.”
      Before beginning his NFL coaching career with the Raiders in 2004, the 46-year-old Martindale worked as the defensive coordinator at Western Kentucky University in 2003 and helped the Hilltoppers rank sixth in Division I-AA in yards per game allowed. He also worked as a defensive coordinator at Western Illinois University in 1999 after coaching in various defensive roles at the University of Cincinnati (1996-98) and the University of Notre Dame (1994-95).
      Martindale spent six years coaching at the high school level in Ohio after beginning his coaching career in 1986 at Defiance College, where he played linebacker and earned a bachelor’s degree in business education.
      As the Broncos’ linebackers coach in 2009, Martindale oversaw a unit that helped Denver rank seventh in the NFL in total yards per game allowed (315.0) and third in the league in passing yards per game allowed (186.3). He helped OLB/DE Elvis Dumervil become the first league sack champion in Broncos history with the fourth-year player posting a club-record 17 sacks to earn Pro Bowl honors in his first season at linebacker.
      In addition, ILB D.J. Williams was named a Pro Bowl alternate under Martindale in 2009 after leading the club with 122 tackles that ranked sixth in the AFC according to press box statistics.
      An all-state linebacker at Trotwood-Madison High School in Trotwood, Ohio, Martindale was born on May 19, 1963, in Dayton, Ohio. He is married to Laura, and the couple has one daughter (Cassie) and one son (Ty).

  • Seahorse

    Good, I think this is a good move. Wink is a good coach and will be a good DC.

  • Nisse

    are we absolutely sure he is not a raider spy? i mean after the raiders rushed for 240+ yards there should be some suspision

  • Jrod

    Well, saw that coming…hopefully he can keep the defense in the top 10.

  • vince_mairne

    This is a good move. The players really seem to respond to him. GO BRONCOS!

  • mikebirty

    meh. Wish I could get more excited. Maybe we could start a poll about how long he'll last and who will replace him next year…

  • Awesome, Austin

    So who is going to be available next year…

  • mikebirty

    The Broncos D-Coordinators have a shorter life-span than Spinal Tap drummers.

  • darwinj

    Nice hire. Let's see if he can bring up the entire defense to the level of the linebackers. Go get McClain to man the middle with DJ Williams and it will enable Doom and Ayers to be monsters on the outside!!

  • dogheadbrew

    @ Mikebirty, I like the reference. But that would men Wink is in for immolation. Poor guy.

    @ Nisse, that's fine. McD is really a Belichick spy, Dawkins is an Eagles spy, and I heard half the cheerleaders are Microsoft spies (it still makes sense if you think about it for a minute).

  • Roy88

    At least this keeps some form of continuity on D.

  • SivNiz

    Microsoft spies, que?

  • robtink242

    I'm sorry for this guy. He's in such a suspect situation. With out a shaddow of a doubt McD has a puppet. I wish Martindale all the best.

  • Dikembe Mutumbo

    Such a blind hater all the time. You don't know he is a puppet. You don't know anything about the Bronco's. Always spouting off like you're on the inside, when in truth… you just want to be mad at something.

  • hope

    ? is the only way to explain the direction of this franchise.I realy don't see any hope for this team next year.Fire Kyle Orten and hire Mike Vick or any other freeagent qb on the market.Fire Orten and ill be happy.

  • blueragoo

    I look at it this way: First of all, we'll have some continuity with schemes and probably even with terminology, so we can build on our success. Second, nobody in New England seemed too upset that Pees left. Statistically, his defenses were pretty good, but it seems like there were a fair number of second-half collapses and big plays given up. Also, I am kind of done with the New England to Denver train. I'm glad we didn't hire him. Third, the comments that I have heard from the players about the prospect of Wink as the DC have been very positive. They started talking about him as a candidate from the beginning and they seem to have a lot of good energy around this idea. I have to feel like they know more than anyone else. And finally, Wink is a pretty cool nickname. He's younger (certainly than Pees), he has the player's respect, and he's aggressive (that last part may just be wishful thinking!) Plus, as I recall we have had some success with ex-Raider coaches. I like it! Let's support him!

  • awesomeaustin

    not that orton is great but you would start all over again unless you get Brady from NE

  • awesomeaustin

    Support he will have…success is doubtful however…does that mean no support? eh

  • Doom92

    We are starting all over any way the way McImmature is handling EVERY thing (from players & coaches). I was all over the Mike Vick, 90%… Now with a year back in the league 110%. But we all know that will not happen, not in Denver any way, McImmature isn't that smart. But MV will be a top tier starter in the NFL again.

  • Doom92

    I think rob is all the way right, am I just spouting off as well? It seems to me that you think you know all about the Broncos if you can tell that dude he doesn't. And either way he is entitled to say what ever he wants whether you or I like it or not so settle down son, take you Prozac and chill… LMAO

  • Doom92


  • Doom92

    Dude… Now that is some seriously funny stuff…LMAO

  • Doom92

    If we wre to get really super lucky he'll do well McImmature will fail again, Wink will stay and Gruden will replace McImmature… Hey I can hope right…lol.

  • Doom92

    “””Third, the comments that I have heard from the players about the prospect of Wink as the DC have been very positive. They started talking about him as a candidate from the beginning and they seem to have a lot of good energy around this idea.”””

    On the positive side I absolutely agree with this and it gives me the same comfort. We will for sure see if the LB play was because of Nolan and his systems (Which is what I suspect) or if it was in fact Wink.

  • SivNiz

    So much hate for a Coach that exceeded just about everyone's expectations last year. I just don't get it. I feel McD has earned the right to do what he wants. I think we got the better end of the Cutler deal, however I'm not saying our draft picks will work out.

    All in all I really like this move. I feel hiring from inside the organization is almost always a good idea. Go Broncos!

  • McgarnagleDB

    Yep, from what I've seen I think you are spouting off cynicism all the time as well. That's the spirit…way to show you're a Broncos McSuperFan! ROFTLBOT

  • herc_rock

    Jesus. Vick has NEVER been a top tier starter in the NFL. Two years off and a dozen or so Wildcat plays this year isn't going to turn him into Peyton Manning.

    I'd rather have Orton for five more years than Vick for one.

  • herc_rock

    And I don't even like dogs.

  • dogheadbrew

    Here here! Vick is an incredible athlete, but he is NOT a QB. Now people are just picking names out of hats to replace Orton. Kyle is definitely not the reason we missed the playoffs. Unless there is a reasonable way to get McNabb, I say we stand pat.

  • dogheadbrew

    The Seahawks are owned by Paul Allen, who was co-founder of Microsoft. During (and probably now) Allen's co-reign MS was known to employ a decent amount of corporate espionage*.

    *this is NOT MS bashing, there are quite a few companies that have spied on their competitors, legally and illegally. I just don't know of any NFL owners who have been accused of it in their other business dealings.

  • Dikembe Mutumbo

    Wow, you just proved to everyone how little you know about football. Vick??? LMFAO!!!!!

  • Dikembe Mutumbo

    Just to break down how absolutely asinine that comment was.

    Vick's DYAR ranking by year compared with the top QB by where he ranked as his number earned

    P. Manning (1st) 1,757
    M. Vick (32nd) -71 yes that is a minus sign

    P. Manning (1st) 2,493
    M. Vick (40th) -479

    P. Manning (1st) 1,600
    M. Vick (29th) 11

    P. Manning (1st) 2,308
    M. Vick (43rd) -243

    HAHAHAHA He didn't even crack the top 32 twice! AND he led the league in QB fumbles all 4 years.


  • Dikembe Mutumbo

    “We will for sure see if the LB play was because of Nolan and his systems (Which is what I suspect) or if it was in fact Wink.”

    Dude make up your mind. Either McD is as you pointed out his puppet master or he isn't. If he is, then you aren't going to find out anything about Wink only McD. If not, then you just contradicted everything you said above. I would continue this argument but apparently you can't help but argue with yourself.

    Michael Vick ROTFLMFAO

  • WhidbeyBronco

    when exactly did they respond to him?

  • WhidbeyBronco

    I have to agree this time… this feels like a Shanny move. This Does NOT feel like a guy looking for a strong DC who he can rely on to run the defense …but a puppet. WHY DID NOLAN WANT TO LEAVE IS WHAT I WANT TO KNOW!

  • Tom9798

    All the best to Don Martindale . . .

    All hat's off to Kurt Warner and Bret Farve . . . . Warrior QB's from another decade . . . I still can't believe that Warner and Favre not only played a decade after their Windsong . . . but both had their teams in the final four looking for the encore . . . . truly special folks . . . .

    Disregard all the drama and the BS . . . you got to watch a couple warrior QB's from your generation . . . . just like Unitas, Tittle or Namath in theirs . . . .

  • Doom92

    This is coming from some one that puts down everyone else's opinion. You continue to make your self look like an idiot… Dont be all huffy because I told you off in a different thread. Like I told you before, Take your Prozac and chill…

  • anthony33

    I am okay with the Martindale move. Feels very similar when Shanny promoted Coyer. It's a shame Shanny didn't stick with him… he might still be here.

  • Doom92

    You prove how asinine you are every time you post here and I'm sure the same crap comes out of your mouth every time you open it as well. Clearly I was not comparing MV to Manning…

    And Jesus has nothing to do with it either…lol.

  • Doom92

    I would agree 100%. I was hoping they would both come back one more time. They are both to special players that are good for the league. Just about every week this season when I'd watch the “Network” I'd get to say “Wow!” about what they had done. It was a very fun year for the NFL I think.

  • Doom92

    Hmmm OK, so because I'm not dancing around jumping for joy over everything I'm not a true Broncos fan? Because my opinion is different from yours I'm a bad fan or not a true Broncos fan? Because my opinion is different for sure does not mean that I'm spouting anything more or less than any one here.

    If you all want to put on blinders it’s clearly your choice but if I wish to disagree it is clearly my choice. See a couple of you guys just think you know everything and that your opinion is the only ones and if any one disagrees then they are being negative on purpose or don’t know anything. Any one that comes on here and posts what they feel is there right to do so, just as its mine or yours. And how could I be spouting of cynicism all the time? I just started posting.

    So if you all cant handle some one else's thoughts or opinions perhaps it is you that is in the wrong place???

  • Dikembe Mutumbo

    OMG dude are you kidding me? ROTFLMFAO HAHAHAHA! You think MV is a super bowl QB? QB rating means absolutely nothing. If you want to use stats use the DYAR and DPAR and FACT MV is the WORST QB who has 3 years starting to EVER play the game. That's right. The WORST in history.

    He was NEGATIVE 3 out of his 4 years. Do you know how hard that is to do????? Grow up for petes sake and learn something about the game. MV is crap. He was always crap. Hell why don't we just draft another RB and put him at QB because ANY RB can do EXACTLY what that lop of a QB can do and can do it better!

  • Dikembe Mutumbo

    lol I'll tell you what. You admit that in your last post up there you completely contradicted EVERYTHING you said in your previous posts about McD and I will even apologize to you. In fact, I'll apologize right now just to prove it. I'm sorry I got huffy. I shouldn't expect people to actually stick to 1 story when they are hating on someone just to hate on them.

    BTW you said I was a McD lover. I never said McD DIDN't want a puppet did I? I never said he made the right move. I never said he was a good coach. I said to the people who are saying all he wanted was a puppet, they don't know and it's absurd to make such comments. Unless of course they just want to hate.

  • TheTroglodyte

    Geeze guy chill out a little bit. I actually agree with most of what you said but my god man. You're worse than I am.

  • vince_mairne

    Let's see…ALL YEAR!!! One of his linebackers (Doom) led the NFL in sacks this year, in case you didn't notice. Doom stated that Wink had a lot to do with that! Also, votes of confidence from many of the players who stated that he was a good coach and that he had a lot to do with how they played and prepared this year.

  • Anonymous

    Year two will show a lot of growth. Josh McD is a smart dude. He set some good pieces in place last year. This year he puts some more in place. Shannahan is going to struggle in Washington. My bet right now is Denver- 10-6 and Washington 7-9. I would like to see another QB soon. Orton has his moments but not his seasons.

  • WhidbeyBronco

    and the rest of them allowed HOW MANY yards rushing? I'm not saying it was his fault but I'm also not trying to hear how well they played for him!

  • hope

    The Broncos should of got Brady Quinn last year.They had a chance to trade Qinn and a first round pick last year for Cutler.You seE Josh Mc Daniels doesn't know what hes doing.They could of done away with Orten.What a total melt down.

  • hope