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Published on 01/19/2010 at Tue Jan 19 09:26.
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  • Denver Broncos defensive coordinators have been one-and-done every year since Mike Shanahan fired Larry Coyer following the 2006 season.  Conventional wisdom is that Dean Pees will be the man to succeed Mike Nolan… at least, for this year.  [All Things Broncos]
  • Andra Davis throws current linebacker coach Don Martindale‘s name into the ring.  [Fox 31]
  • Without a CBA, the rules pertaining to playoff teams signing free agents could prevent the Baltimore Ravens from making a play for Brandon Marshall. [Carroll County Times]
  • Legwold discusses Josh McDanielstimeline with the Broncos if things go south in Year 2.  [Denver Post]
  • Vincent Jackson was pulled over and handcuffed before Sunday’s playoff game, where he was shut down and handcuffed by Darrelle Revis.  [Shutdown Corner]
  • The AFC West will continue to be Norv‘ed after the Chargers signed their head coach to a three-year contract extension.  []
  • A lot of people skewered Norv Turner for the onside kick decision.  [ESPN]