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Published on 01/18/2010 at Mon Jan 18 16:24.
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Denver Broncos defensive coach and former 49er head coach, Mike Nolan shouts during the game against the San Francisco 49ers during their NFL preseason football game in San Francisco, Calif., Friday, Aug. 14, 2009. (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu)

AP Photo/Jeff Chiu

In a surprising move Monday, Denver Broncos defensive coordinator Mike Nolan has resigned after one season with the club.  The decision to part ways was mutual between Josh McDaniels and Nolan after a meeting Monday.

“I have great respect for Mike and wish him success in the future,” McDaniels said in a brief team statement.

Nolan was hired by McDaniels in 2009 and transformed the Broncos’ 2008 29th-ranked 4-3 defense into the 7th-ranked 3-4 unit of last season.

As the Broncos turn their eye to filling Nolan’s place, one name to keep an eye on is Dean Pees. McDaniels’ colleague in New England resigned from his post as defensive coordinator of the Patriots last week.

Whomever McDaniels hires will be the Broncos’ fifth defensive coordinator in five years.

It’s hard to describe this in any other way than as a big loss to the Broncos.  More as it develops…

  • broncos19

    wow this came out of nowhere!!!!!!

  • steeplebomb


  • DantePakistan

    Hmmmm….. first Cutler, then Marshall, then Scheffler, then Hillis, now Nolan, could it be that McDaniels is a dickhead and no one can stand him? Fire him now!!!

  • Joe

    Forget McDaniels. He better have one hell of a reason for this. This retarded coach is destroying this team. And whats going on with Bowlen? His dumba$$ is probably hanging out with Al Davis these days….Here I have an idea, lets trade away Ryan Clady, Brian Dawkins, Champ Bailey, Eddie Royal, Doom, and DJ while were at it. I bet we can find some more patriot players out there that got released. How about we bring back Seau? Or Teddy? hmmmm….Lets trade them all for the CB Samuel from the Eagles, he was once a patriot. And lets keep unanthletic personnell like Orton here in Denver. We dont wanna win, right? Why would we want that.

  • Rob_Bronco

    Wow… this is an absolutely stunning turn. Nolan's Defense was one of the only bright spots in 2009. He's one hell of a DC, and I have to agree with Joe – I would have rather seen him take the HC job than leave all together.

    I don't have a problem sending Cutler to the Bears – he didn't want to be here. I don't have a problem sending Marshall packing – his attitude sucks. I don't even have a problem helping Scheffler find a new home. But the Broncos are really going to struggle to find a better DC than Nolan, and I think we're in for a long year next year.

  • DantePakistan

    Rumors are that McDaniels wants to bring in Dean Pees who just resigned as the Pats DC due to “disagreements” on how to run the defense in NE, I'm guessing we will be bringing him in before the end of the week.

  • DantePakistan

    Let's fire McDaniels and bring in Leslie Frazier.

  • vince_mairne

    Could it be that Nolan is after the Buffalo Bills head coaching job? Hmmmmm!!! They can't find a head coach and they do want one with head coaching experience, so before everyone jumps to conclusions let's see why this is happening!

  • WhidbeyBronco

    that'd be interesting… We should be keeping in mind right now that Nolan might be looking at a HC job this year. If not though… Josh is really puuting a lot on himself to perform THIS SEASON!!

  • DantePakistan

    Jay Glazer is reporting that Chan Gailey is going to get the Bills job, my guess is Nolan is headed to Miami to be the DC.

  • broncogeoff81

    Lets wait and see before the pitchforks come out on Joshy. There was probably a reason….lets see what comes out in the next few days.
    Please God, can we NOT hire that terrible DC from New England that just resigned?

  • herc_rock

    Dude. Goddammit. What the F is going on here? There's going to be ANOTHER mass exodus.

  • herc_rock

    Also…Dean Pees? all over the team.

  • herc_rock

    Do you have to Rooney Rule a white guy in that situation?

  • IanHenson

    Tony Dungy said that's who he would hire as a Head Coach…

  • Joe

    You guys wanna know what it feels like to have 5 years of no playoffs? We will all get that feeling next year..

  • Joe

    Lol thats some funny shit!

  • roshon2411

    McDaniels continues to turn this team into a joke and there are still people who blame everyone else.

  • WhidbeyBronco

    yep yep. I wouldn't be surprised to hear another announcement soon. If not… looks bad for our coach and our future!

  • WhidbeyBronco

    What's up with Zimmer?

  • coskibum is reporting that Nolan is on his way to becoming the DC for Miami.

    What a total F@ck up this whole ordeal has been. After being a Bronco's fan for 30+ years, my heart is very heavy at the moment.

  • robtink242

    Okay that was a shocker. Nolans is going coach the bills. I have a strong feeling. But where does that leave the broncos. Personally i'll fire McDaniels and hire Nolan. thats how i feel or even fire him for Leslie Fisher.

  • rcsodak

    Yea, he sure did WONDERS, didn't he, after wk 6?
    I think it's time you find a team that is run by a “smarter” owner, and older, “smarter” HC. Not sure who that is…hmmmm…maybe the Chargers?
    Who's to say Nolan isn't looking at a HC position, or just getting away from the game for awhile? That's part of the problem of bringing in ex-coaches to be coordinators, imo. And we all know Capers was McD's first choice.
    Frankly, I can't stand Coordinators that work from the box. Since when did this help them, versus coaching from the sidelines? I think it shows a disconnect with the players that are on the sidelines.
    Nolan did great work with the defense, but once the other teams got some film on them, he was unable to make adjustments to theirs. And frankly, that's the same m.o. that the previous DC's have shown.
    Good luck to him.

  • rcsodak

    Yea, he sure sucks, doesn't he?
    I mean, look how their defense has just SUCKED since Mangini left…..
    …16-0 regular season… 10 D's….

    ya'll need to put down the crackpipes.

  • Joe

    Is that why he already has an interview with Miami to become their DC? Thanks for the explanation. And I take it your a huge McDaniels lover? Please tell me what he has done for this team. Lets think: He traded away a probowl QB. Marshall is most likely gone. Our offense is completely terrible. Hmmm…..tell me some positives if you can, please.

  • dmvegasbronco

    YO Joe, Mike Nolan resigned, he did not get fired. Coach McDaniels is doing a great job. Remember you said the Broncos would only win 3-4 games with this schedule and this kid coach. How's 8-8 look to your dumba$$.

  • Joe

    Hmm another McDaniels lover. Tell me, does it matter if we win 4 games or 8? Did we make playoffs? No. Are you proud of the Broncos now? No. What has McDaniels done for this team? Get off your knees from below him and tell me some positives……Idiot.

  • WhidbeyBronco

    great job? That's as dumb as the folks who want to fire him already! There's been good and bad this year and one year is way too soon to judge but I'll tell ya with that finish ? That's one of the worst looking 8-8's i've ever seen!!

  • T-Money

    I'm starting to agree

  • dmvegasbronco

    This team seems to get better with every move and there are still people that think Coach McDaniels is taking them the wrong way.
    Go figure

  • Joe

    How are they getting better you dumbass? Tell us some positives!

  • dmvegasbronco

    yeah right robtink..and did you forget the mess Mike Nolan left the 49'ers in!!!!!

  • anthony33

    It will be interesting to see what went down with this.

    Like everyone, I liked what I saw the first six weeks of the season, but the last 8 weeks, especially the last 4… the defense sucked. Was that Nolan's fault… I don't know. What I do know… this franchise is a complete mess.

  • DantePakistan

    He did leave as a mess, Nolan is a Norv Turner Wade Phillips type, amazing coordinator, bad HC, losing him is huge, if you can't see that, you do not know much about football.

  • denverfanindallas

    now now Bronco Nation.. let us calm down. I got a text that told me this news and about started to tear up, but as stupid as you think McD may be there is always a plan. first cutler: he was keeping the team from excelling, and McD wanted a game manager, not a slinger, btw that's his call. if the D doesn't fall off mid season, or O doesnt have to play from behind and stretching the field doesn't matter! Marshall: would not be a team player anywhere, McD knows that it's the Beast's own suicide to go somewhere else… i'll bet McD is a good gambler… Hillis: you guys can look at my previous post about Hillis, what a joke. He's a real life Rudy story/fan favorite, but this movie doesn't end with playing time… Shef: who knows? has he requested a trade? no, has he been twittering or talking to media, no.. Maybe McD was right. :0

    Let's see what happens, maybe Nolan is headed for a head coach job, its then a favor and not something to get pissed about… this is gonna be a long off season, no need getting fired up yet… i'm sure McD will piss you off even more come draft time…

  • broncoinva9986

    Serious overreacting…I hope you don't have an important job like a nuclear reactor technician..sheez enough of the negativeness….let it all play out…you said 3 or 4 and it ended up in 8…we could be oakland and have 29 wins since 2002…Not a big McD supporter, but I will refuse to bury him after one season…

  • DantePakistan

    It will be hard to mess the draft anymore this year then he did last but who knows maybe he will draft another worthless players with the 12th pick and then send next years first to draft another worthless player in the 2nd round.

  • anthony33

    Not sure… heard he was in the hunt for Shanny, but obviouly that did not happen. He is any good?

  • kerry

    actually 8-8 looks exactly the same as last year. the only difference is the 7th ranked defense that was ran by………..Mike Nolan!! seems you are the dumbass. but keep sucking the McD tit.

  • Jason

    Mr. DFinDallas,
    Finally a voice of reason ringing in the depth of madness. It is wonderful to be able to sit in the seat of ignorance and be critical of all we see but how completely empty our “observations” are as we have observed nothing.

    Sure, everything is someones fault, even if it isn't. That doesn't matter though, because we don't even know what that blame is for.

    So far I have heard blame for a year of football that has yet to be played and draft failures that have yet to happen.

    Even last year's draft has yet to be proven. If you don't think so, who's the best QB of the 2006 draft? Cutler? Young? Leinart? In 06 is was Young, in 08 it was Cutler, in 09 it is Young again. Next year it could be Matt. So, unless we've suddenly become pro-scouts and talent evaluators here we should stop pimpin' out the girl one trailer over, calling her Paris Hilton.

  • NMBronc

    But Paris Hilton-esque drama is exactly what we have gotten since McD has taken over. One relationship after another…that doesn't last.

    I am glad the Olympics are starting soon, because I mentally ehausted and need a break from McDrama.

  • CompUser

    He traded away a “probowl” quarterback because the “probowl” quarterback said he wanted out. BEFORE MCDANIELS WAS HIRED! Then the “probowl” quarterback refused to communicate with either Bowlen or McDaniels. Why does everyone forget that? I hope Marshall will be gone, but I haven't seen/heard anything said by onyone officially, so I'm not convinced he will be. By the way, has Marshall ranked 14th for this season among starting wide receivers. Take away his 21-catch game and he didn't really accomplish all that much. You say the “defense is completely terrible”, but you're upset because the Defensive Coordinator is leaving? Where's the logic in that?

  • Jrod


    It starts to make you wonder with Cutler then Marshall then Scheffler….and now Nolan. It makes you realize the only common denominator in all this is McDaniels. Maybe all those previously mentioned aren’t to blame. Maybe it’s McDaniels.

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  • Anonymous

    Pees resigns last week and suddenly Nolan is out of here? Hmmm. I can’t help but wonder if the two are related. Granted, there is some justification for leaving given the poor defense the last 4 games but by the same token there are several games that, but for the defense, we would be 6-10( and that’s not counting the Miracle In Cincinnatti).

    What is clear is that McD has been a divider, not a uniter, in BroncoTown. I have tended to disagree with several of his more obvious screwups but have also agreed with a couple of them. All you can really ask of a coach is to make his area of the team better. I feel Nolan did this. I feel McD hasn’t improved his area yet though he hasn’t lost ground either. Shanahan needed to go. McD was hired. He’s done no better and no worse. That’s a C in my book. Nolan brought the D from a D to a B.

    This is a net loss for Denver.

  • margatefam

    calling a coach retarded is just wrong. calling anyone retarded is wrong. It's a slur and it offends people with special needs. Why isn't that enough for you to stop using that word?

  • herc_rock

    I think you missed my point. I don't know anything about Dean Pees. Whether he's good or terrible or whatever. What I do know is that his name is Dean Pees. Which is hilarious.

    Also, NE's D isn't exactly a bunch of world beaters.

  • primetime

    silver lining here is hard to find. will die a donkey fan. i dont want any more patsies. i hate the patsies. always have. how bout eagles DC? we beter have a good draft.

  • John G

    Jason, Good to see someone has hints of intelligence. But all the armchair owners/GM/HC/DC/players, with all their armchair experience with organized football surely know better. All Den needs is TO & they can go all the way! Compare allpro Cutler to Orton(good backup QB). Armchair experts know all the news releases but nothing about what is truely going on in an organization, who is actually pulling the strings, or why players/coaches say or do what they do. Please Den get rid of Mcd and bring back Cutler, things were so much better the last few years. Like they are in Chicago now.

  • John G

    UNBELIEVABLE!!!! The only common denominator in all this is EVERYONE from the HC on up in the “chain of command”—But of course you knew that.