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Published on 01/17/2010 at Sun Jan 17 14:00.
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Previewing, breaking down, and picking the winners of this weekend’s playoff action. Your picks and game discussion in the comments.

Jets (9-7) at Chargers (13-3)
2:40 p.m. MT
The Line: Chargers by 8.5

The Story: The New York Jets are the Cinderella story of the 2009 playoffs, media darlings thanks to a character of a coach, a rookie quarterback, and, let’s be honest, a favorable geographic location to the news center of the world. Their top-ranked defense will face a San Diego Chargers team that has won 11 straight games and has nothing short of a Super Bowl trophy on its collective mind.

The Breakdown: There are so many ways to break this game down, but we’ll start with Chargers QB Philip Rivers against the Jets’ pass defense. CB Darrelle Revis lining up across WR Vincent Jackson, who has six inches of height on the Pro Bowler, will be a huge matchup to watch. But Rivers is more than just Jackson, and the Jets are more than just Revis. Both have had success, respectively, throwing to and defending against the quarterback’s second receiver and tight end, and so this strength vs. strength match will tell a large part of today’s tale. The Chargers’ offensive line improved as the year went on, and they’ll need to be on their A Game as the Jets bring the blitz. There are a lot of other angles to discuss about this game other than the Chargers’ passing offense, but, for the Jets, it starts with disrupting Rivers. If they can get in Rivers’ face, and if they can do just enough on offense, they stand a chance. Otherwise, simply, they don’t.

The Pick: Too much has to go right for the Jets to pull the upset. They’re built to do so, and they certainly might, but the Chargers are on a mission they’re not about to blow lightly. 27-17, Chargers.

  • Tom9798

    The Charger's are a bunch of me-first prima-donnas . . . . they want people to think they are nice guys . . . but they are really not . . . . the only time they make believe they have any sportsmanship is when they are winning . . . otherwise, they yell at the other team from the sideline with nasty comments . . .

    I would root for any team playing against the Charger's . . . . no class whatsoever . . . make the Oakland Raider's seem like nice guy's . . . .

  • jonkrause

    GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO J-E-T-S!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DantePakistan

    Hahaha, watching the Chargers lose is almost as good as watching the Broncos win.

  • Kiup

    I love Charger´s kicker Nate kaeding…. the Jets couldn´t win without him

  • SoCal Den Fan

    Hahahaha San Diego Super Chokers nice game way to lose at home. What happen to that s#$% talking Rivers? Yea its almost as good as a denver win but its sweeter that the chokers lose in the playoffs!

  • anthony33

    Hey Bowlen, nice move picking McD over Ryan. You had the pick of the litter and you take someone with zero personal skills. X's and O's do not matter if you team does not play hard for you.


  • kerry

    yeah and a great pick taking Moreno instead of waiting until later in the draft to take Shonn Greene. you know, a guy who can break tackles and make plays.

  • d_e_e

    I'm all of a sudden not as upset at the Broncos missing the playoffs, I now remember who the real chokers of the division are… Thank You Phillip Rivers for reminding me.

  • DantePakistan

    I would love Shonn Greene in a Broncos uniform, take Orakpo with the 12th pick, maybe Vontae Davis with the 18th and never traded that 1st for Alphonso Smith and then instead of drafting worthless ass Richard Quinn, take Greene who went in the very next pick, oh what could have been……

  • DantePakistan

    I just feel sorry for the Raiders these days, it used to fun to watch them lose but now it just like watching an old dog laying around for months suffering waiting to die, just take him out back and put him out of his misery, I think that sums up the Raiders organization.

  • anthony33

    Yes. watching the chargers lose does feel good, especially Phyllis and the idiot Shaun Phillips. However, it does not take any of the sting out of the Broncos season for me. In fact, to see a team play their asses off (the Jets) with far less talent than SD, makes me realize how far the Broncos are from being a legitimate play-off team.

    What Shanahan was missing and now apparently McD is too, is that intangible quality and know how to get your team fired up, motivated or whatever you want to call it, to play big in big games.

    The jets, colts and vikings all played like a pack of wolves. Refreshing. What do we do??? We go 2-8 and lose to the raiders and chiefs at HOME.

    Happy chargers lost, but still disgusted.