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Published on 01/15/2010 at Fri Jan 15 17:20.
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Javon Walker

Javon Walker

It is being reported that former Bronco wide receiver Javon Walker has been subpoenaed as a witness in the murder trial of Darrent Williams.  Defendant Willie Clark has been charged with murdering the Broncos cornerback on New Years day 2007.  Clark stated to the post that he did not kill Darrent Williams.  The judge, Christina Habas has banned all players and public testifying or attending the proceedings from wearing championship rings or other team paraphernalia that could swing juror opinion in the case.

Judge Christina Habas has ordered that no one could wear any “clothing, jewelry or reference to any sports team” in the court room during proceedings.  “I do not want to make this a circus,” Habas said. “If people want to exercise their free speech rights, they can go to the overflow court room.”  The “overflow court room” Habas was referring to will be the Denver city council chambers. Only audio of the trial will be available there.

– Law Week Colorado

Jury selection begins February 19th with the case starting the 22nd.  Javon Walker has been identified as a key witness in the case.  However is reporting that it’s not Walker who is key in the case, but ex gang member Daniel Harris who allegedly accompanied Willie Clark in the car from which shots were fired into the player’s limosuine.  It had been reported that witnesses initially feared for there lives.

The U.S. Marshals also demanded extreme security measures for the prosecution’s star witness, gang member Daniel Harris. He was in the car with Clark that night and says Clark was the sole shooter of one weapon.

Forensic evidence, however, indicates two guns were fired and defense attorneys accuse Harris of “selling” his story to prosecutors in exchange for them dropping three life sentences he was facing.

As part of the deal, Harris was also placed in the witness protection program.

Security during the trial, in general, is expected to be tight. There are indications threats have been made against Harris, against Clark, other witnesses and court personnel.


  • Kyle

    RIP Dwill

  • DantePakistan

    Javon Walker…. haven't heard that name in a long time, did he drop off the face of the earth?

  • freedom

    Willie Clark is innocent. The lack of any evidence against him is a clear example of poor investigative work.