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Published on 01/14/2010 at Thu Jan 14 19:09.
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Dennison's done in Denver (AP Photo)

Dennison's done in Denver (AP Photo)

We’re not the only Broncos blog on the block, so let’s go take a walk ’round the neighborhood…

Broncos Stable discusses Rick Dennison‘s coaching career before mentioning how big a downer these departures have been. “Right now everyone is leaving, and that’s not so much fun.”

South Stands Denver prognosticates the playoffs again. Colin went 1-3 over Wild Card Weekend and likes all the home teams. Reidy went 2-2 and only picks the Chargers among the home teams.

P.P. over at Horvil Tiki actually found one of those elusive Josh McDaniels high school football trading cards, if you take his word for it.

  • jonkrause

    That card is real, Denver Post had a story on it awhile back

  • Kyle

    I know the card exists, just whether he owns it is the question

  • jonkrause

    Lol oh. Yeah, probably not :P I think PP may be the real Horvil, but who knows.