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Published on 01/11/2010 at Mon Jan 11 15:37.
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Bobby Turner

Denver Broncos running backs coach Bobby Turner will get to interview with the Washington Redskins after all.

After the Broncos denied the same request from the Redskins last week, they have now permitted Turner to interview in Washington, Adam Schefter reports. Schefter did not indicate whether Turner was interviewing for the same position as the original request (running backs coach, Turner’s current title with the Broncos) or a different role.

Another possibility for the change of heart (and this is all speculation) is that, with Rick Dennison likely Houston-bound, the Broncos were more willing to let Turner go knowing that Dennison wouldn’t be around in 2010 with him. Could this signal an overall offensive scheme change from Denver’s storied zone blocking to New England‘s power blocking, of which Josh McDaniels would be more familiar? Stay tuned…

  • ryandennison

    I have been a fan of Denver Broncos ever since I knew what football was… see the Broncos becoming the Patriots of the west….I might just become a Houston Texans fan pretty soon, seeing as how they are becoming what the Broncos used to be. Good Luck Rick!

  • anthony33

    Patriots west… are you kidding me, Patriots west is now KC with Wies, Cassel, Pioli and soon to be Crennel.

    I wish we were Patriots west in terms of winning again.

  • anthony33

    I am willing to give McD another year (like I really have any say in the matter), but am closer to the “McD's an idiot” camp everyday.

  • JoeDoGG

    wow dude chill out on that the texans only cause of kubiak?

  • JoeDoGG

    If he dont make playoffs next year he is done. I hope

  • BadMattitude

    As a lifelong die-hard Broncos fan now living in the DC area, I'm excited to see the Redskins become the BRONCOS OF THE EAST!!

  • anthony33

    So you actually want ten more years of mediocrity in DC too?

  • BadMattitude

    Like I said, I'm a Bronco fan. I could care less about the success of the Redskins. In fact, I've come to love their dysfunction! My point was Bronco football is coming East. For once the “Denver-way” is leaving the Rocky Mountains and if you find it “mediocre” than so be it.

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