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Published on 01/08/2010 at Fri Jan 08 08:00.
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  • The Denver Broncos on Friday added three players via future contracts: punter A.J. Trapasso (whom we already knew about), center Dustin Fry and guard Matt McChesney.  Fry and McChesney weigh 326 and 333 lbs. respectively.  [Denver Post]
  • Josh McDaniels‘ public statements on Brandon Marshall and Tony Scheffler will make it harder for the Broncos to get fair trade value.  [All Things Broncos]
  • To find the answers to what went wrong, McDaniels needs to look inward.  [DPO]
  • Alphonso Smith admits his rookie year was a surprising and humbling experience.  [Longmont Times Call]
  • An interesting look at Mike Shanahan‘s contract, financially (be sure to read the notes from the author in the comments).  [National Football Post]
  • Rich Gannon reached out to the Oakland Raiders this week.  The Raiders slapped his hand away.  [ESPN]
  • Chris Chase of Shutdown Corner questions the sincerity of Gannon’s move.  [Shutdown Corner]
  • Eric Mangini will remain coach of the Browns []
  • herc_rock

    The Gannon-Raiders beef is years old. A couple years ago they tried to ban him from doing their games on CBS. Gannon is just looking for some pub here.

  • kerry

    Beef up the O-line by signing Logan Mankins if he hits the free agent market. then trade MArshall for another first round pick so we can draft 6-6, 330 pound Mike Iupati out of Idaho. that would be some serious beef.

  • Kyle

    Yeah that was earlier this year, actually, and that was exactly what the Shutdown Corner link pointed out.

  • T-Money

    Cribbs might want out of Cleavland

  • herc_rock

    D'oh! I guess I should finish reading before I post.

  • herc_rock

    Should have been a reply to Kyle.