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Published on 01/05/2010 at Tue Jan 05 21:24.
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(REUTERS photo/Rick Wilking)

(REUTERS photo/Rick Wilking)

Denver Broncos wide receiver Brandon Marshall‘s idea of “clearing the air” Monday apparently left Mile High City with a bit of unsettled dust. Champ Bailey was happy to clean it up.

Appearing on FM 104.3 The Fan Tuesday, Bailey offered objective clarity to the Marshall-McDaniels situation. His message: Marshall had it coming.

“It seemed like Brandon wasn’t doing the things necessary for every player on the team to do to make us successful,” Bailey said.

Bailey was a Broncos team captain in 2009, and it was clear he wasn’t eager to criticize his teammate of four years. His tone wasn’t that of someone placing blame or pointing fingers, but he was offering honest candor.

For instance, when asked if the punishment fit the crime, Bailey paused before saying head coach Josh McDaniels certainly had the right to do something.

“I don’t know what the punishment should have been,” said Bailey. “He (McDaniels) has the decision to make, that’s why he’s the head coach. If he feels like (Marshall’s) not giving it his all, I don’t care who you are. You gotta be punished.”

Bailey also quickly dismissed the notion that McDaniels was singling out holdovers from the Mike Shanahan regime, pointing out that he and others got along fine with the rookie coach.

“I’m one of Shanahan’s guys, and he (McDaniels) didn’t treat me like that,” said Bailey. “One thing I know is that when I go to work, I know what I put in, and I know the coaches know because I make it seen.”

Finally, despite their issues, Bailey said he would welcome Marshall and tight end Tony Scheffler back to the Broncos in 2010 if that was what they desired.

“You gotta make sure they want to be on the team If they do, that’s great.”

With no agenda of his own, Bailey’s interview was a refreshing, albeit short, no-BS look into what went wrong between receiver and coach late in the season. And since his motives weren’t twisted by self-serving PR rehabilitation, his words are the ones we choose to believe.

  • d_e_e

    Thank You CHAMP , finally a player to actually reaffirm the coaches actions and make it clear the players than want to be in Denver are behind the coach.

    Get picks for Marshall and Scheffler, they can be replaced, we have to wonder which team will mortgage a 1st and 3rd for Marshall will his issues, SHANNY PICK UP THE PHONE PLEASE …. Ruin the Redskins with your personnel decisions as you have ruined us!

  • NMBronc

    Did he not also reconfirm that Joshy needs to grow up a bit? There is plenty of blame to go around and BM is just a piece of it.

    This makes me wonder if top level free agents will want to play for McD. Again, the offseason will be interesting.

  • Josh gregg

    ya shanny ruined us by bring 2 super bowls and the third most winning percentage during his ten year. d_e_e needs to have his or her brain evaluated

  • Roy88

    I think it bears mentioning that once Shanny became the lone voice for personnel decisions (by getting rid of Sundquist), our team tanked–and fast. To me that says that his choice for players weren't exactly genius. We have also won only one playoff game since Elway's retirement. Shanny was a decent COACH, but as a complete package of coach/oc/gm/vp he did not do the things that were needed to be successful.

  • Jrod

    champ tellin it like it is…that's what i like to see

  • mikebirty

    Champ is a Champion. He seems to really love being with McDaniels' Broncos and I think this off-season he'll be asked to put his money where his mouth is and renegotiate and get a contract that'll make him a Bronco for the rest of his career.

  • chooch76

    Champ is a freaking yes-man trying to keep his job because he's old. Freaking jerk. Remember when shanny had these morons on media lockdown? I wish that was still true. So tired of reading this dribble like it's news. Your all like a bunch of old women. Drama and gossip.

  • Adrenaline27

    Laugh, He said she said. The fact of the matter is Marshall helped us win games this year by putting the team on his back. Pay them man, he earned it and did what he was told during the season. If he was to go out and get hurt then yes he does lose his chance at what he has worked so hard for. So hell pay him, and perhaps all this crap goes away. Either way he is not the cancer every is pointing him out to be. He has alot of people in the media on his side over this whole thing so its not all once sided. Lets see, if you all were watching the same game as me last Sunday it looked as if the Defense mailed it in.. They might as well been benched too.

  • anthony33

    Krieger (DP) actually wrote a decent article today.

    One point he made, which I completely agree with, is while McD is trying to be like Belichick in terms of being openly critical of players on the field and in meetings, he obviously did not see how Belichick handled those players one on one after the fact. And that is the magic of Belichick.

    I worked for a guy that was the same way. Very much a hard ass, for the right reasons, and could rip you to shreads. But, he would then take you aside, one on one, and talk with you and tell you why, in a clam way, he is being so critcal. I would run through walls for that guy and he is known as one of the best GM's to ever set foot in our industry.

    Here's the problem, a lot of guys that worked for him and went on to be managers tried to be just like him. They were hard asses and frequently berated and ripped people. They all failed… why?… because they did not know how to turn the criticism into a productive one on one conversation where it actually became a motivation and formed bonds.

    It is a dangerous style to adopt if you can't do both sides.

  • kerry

    dee doesnt need his brain checked. he is absolutely right. Shanny did ruin this team. he won 2 SB's riding elways back and the genius of Alex Gibbs's ZBS. since elway retired……….1 playoff win in ten years, horribe draft upon horrible draft and even worse free agent pickups. 2 SB's over 10 years ago with a HOF QB, LT, TE and tons of talent he INHERITED. oh and 24-24 the last 3 years.

  • kerry

    oh goody. i was SO waiting for Champs approval of the benching of Marshall. now i can go about the rest of my day.

  • arman

    your a idiot dee how can your replace the best WR in the game? u cant!! Brandon Marshall hasnt even reached his prime yet and with all the years left he will be the best WR in NFL history when he retires. Jerry Rice has nothing on B MArsh and Rice never had 21 catches in one game!!!

  • Roy88

    You made your opinion known on the subject. What does that make you, the kettle or the pot?

  • vince_mairne

    I agree with Dee and Kerry! Shanny did ruin this team. He had no discipline and let crybabys like Marshall and Cutler get away with the “me before the team” BS. At least McD has the nuts to do what is right and put them in their places. Whether that be Chicago or the bench, I don't care as long as they aren't playing for Denver!

  • broncosfaninal

    Don't forget…
    Brian Griese is the next Joe Montana…
    Jake Plummer missed an off-season workout, so clearly he can't win football games. So you draft Jay Cutler and create a QB controversy the entire season, basically ending your season before it began. Ahh, I miss the CBS close-ups of Cutler on the bench, the future of the franchise, a diamond in the rough, waiting in the wings.
    Dale Carter was just misunderstood… Daryl Gardener, Chester McGlockton, and Sam Adams too…
    Bertrand Berry, Deltha O'Neill, and Trevor Pryce aren't worth keeping around, though.

    I could think of more, but I just can't bear it.

  • chooch76

    I'm not a Denver Bronco with a multi million dollar contact.

  • Joe

    Okay guys, I know its way early and everything, but since Denver's season is over, I have been thinking a lot about this upcoming draft. Who do we select? Who do we pick up in free agency to avoid having to select that position in the draft? Do we draft majority offense or defense, or a combination? While I think that we need to get a quarterback with our first selection, I have googled up 2010 nfl mock drafts and I have read about 10 of them. The majority of the mock drafts have Denver selecting Rolando McClain, the MLB from Alabama. A couple of other mock drafts have us as getting Taylor Mays, Safety from USC. I think that we should get a quarterback, I think we are all sick of Orton. People tend to think of Sam Bradford, but the majority of all the mock drafts now have him joining Shanny in Washington, with the sixth pick in the draft. Who do you guys all think we should get and what do you guys think of McClain and Mays?

  • d_e_e

    I use to get mad at people knocking Shanahan, such as Kerry. I was wrong in that I constantly looked backwards at his accomplishments and not in the present or moving forward.

    Shanahan has had horrible drafts over the last 10 years, People will point to the Cutler draft as a major success, but how much of a success was it?

    Cutler right now is on the verge of being just average or a bust.

    Marshall has been arrested 12 times? I can't remember.

    Scheffler a good receiving TE, has he made a difference in any 2 games in a row? Injury plagued in first couple of years, came on last year … this year had maybe 2 decent games.

    Last year at this time I hated the fact that everything fell on Shanahan, but the fact is he had 10 YEARS to build another superbowl team and he couldnt!

    I support change and I support McD, its his first year and he had ups and downs, I admit I am not always in favor of his methods …but I will give him the benefit of the doubt right now…. Hopefully the draft this year is better and we are able to snap up younger free agents, I still like the future of the team

    I also agree with Kerry on this point, Orton is not the answer… HOWEVER he is a decent QB until we find the answer… hopefully in this draft or some other route…. still I think the Broncos are on the upswing …

    As for Shanahan , I just dont think he'll change … I think the moment they have a bad defensive game … he'll try to adjust things his way and it won't work…and again we all know his Drafting record.

    Best First Round Pick made by Shanahan in the last 10 years? DJ Williams ….

    Shanahan brought back Tatum BELL of all people …. those who mock McD have forgotten how the last few years have gone.

    Goodluck Redskins , I remain confident the coaching change will not help your cause. Wade Phillips may finally get his revenge on Shanahan next year.

  • vince_mairne

    Joe, I don't think we go with either Mays or McClain. We have two good middle linebackers in DJ and Davis. Although I wasn't to high on Davis when we picked him up he did surprise me this year. As for the saftey position, I think we are good there too. Hill and BDawk can still play, but the youth behind them (Bruton and McBath) will be a good tandom in years to come.

    I hope that we are looking at the OL and DL in the first round. We got over powered on both sides of the ball quite frequently. It was sad to see us fail on so many 3 and 1's or 2's. Honestly I don't think Dennison will be back next year especially with Shanny getting picked up by the Redskins. With that being said McD will want to get rid of the zone blocking scheme and go to a bigger more physical line that can just push people out of the way. Guys like Hamilton and Wiggman will be gone and hopefully guys like Logan Mankins (Kerry's suggestion) will come in.

  • Roy88

    What does that have to do with you calling all of us old women for exhibiting the exact same behavior that you do? Does this mean that you are, in fact, an old woman?

  • JimmyBallgame

    If he's still there….take Clausen.

  • WhidbeyBronco

    pay no mind to fools who don't know.

  • WhidbeyBronco

    yeah agreed. Just what we need, a soon to retire star taking locker-room business to the press just like the coach did!! And driving more talent out of town!! Freaking brilliant.

    I love Champ but after the performance our defense posted when it mattered…. I'd be dead silent.

    And to all you turning this into a Shanny dis?!! You non-football knowing @#$%%$#@ers! You have GOT to be kidding! How many good teams/coaches Never one a Superbowl? How many? Let alone two?? I guess you want Dan Reeves back? Bum's son? Malavasi? Even the great Red Miller only brought us one Superbowl loss! You fools don't even remember that probably!

    Next I'll make a list of the great non-Broncos whop never won… No I won't. Not for a bunch of non-appreciating dumb-asses! Go Cheer for the Lions or the Vikings or the Oilers or the Bills. @#$%$#@

  • WhidbeyBronco

    see above!

  • WhidbeyBronco

    Wade? God you & Kerry make a perfect team. Revenge for what again? Saving his mess of a team?

  • WhidbeyBronco

    Sorry, I was so pissed at these slugs that I forgot the bit I agreed with… Josh trying to be like Belichick but failing to pull it off. He still might learn how, he's young… But Bill B doesn't fail to communicate, he keeps the private – private. Bill B keeps his words out of the press!! Bill B earned the right/respect to be a hard ass over years of coaching! How'd Randy Moss do for Bill? How do you think Marshall would fit in there? Careful what you ask for trying to send him out of town.

  • TheTroglodyte

    Maybe you should think about what you say before you spout off. Bill informed the press he was benching A. Thomas for behavior detrimental to the team just this year. Did you forget about that move? The exact same thing that McD did with Marshall. Get over that scrub Shanahan already. He was a bum who didn't accomplish crap without his hall of fame team that he inherited. I don't give a damn what anyone thinks about McD. If people are so blind they think Shanahan was the greatest thing since sliced bread then THEY are the ones who need to go cheer for the Lions or Vikings or Oilers or Bills. @#$%$#@

  • d_e_e

    Wade was dismissed , and Shanahan brought in….. Shanahan was rumored to take Wade's Job also in Dallas …………IF you were Wade wouldn;t you want to put a beating on a guy that you've constantly lost or been in danger of losing your job to?

    WB your too emotional about this … all you see and feel is everyone attacking Shanahan and not considering all the sides to the argument.

    YES Shanahan won the Broncos 2 Superbowls .. I'll give him credit for that, but that was over 10 years ago!

    You can be one of those blind fans that holds on to those years, but holding on to past glory is not good enough….. Shanahan's final years in Denver were horrible.

    Shanahan also drafted Maurice Clarett, George Foster, Darius Watts, Karl Paymah, Terry Pierce, Dorsett Davis, Willie Middlebrooks, Kenoy Kennedy, etc

    This does not even include the free agency busts …. Travis Henry?

    2 Super Bowls gives Shanahan …. a pass on all of these moves? Instead of being angry about 10 years of horrible drafting, we should remember the good old days?

    I'm sorry WB , Shanahan was only ONE PART of that Super Bowl team, giving him all the credit is WRONG.


    These are the guys you should thank, these are the guys whose BLOOD SWEAT AND TEARS went into those Championships….

    Shanahan was the coach he deserves some credit, BUT HE WAS ONLY ONE PART OF IT , Don't give him all the credit.

  • chooch76

    You get worked up over the most trivial crap. I'm calling out all of this, Bailey, Marshall, McD, THIS ARTICLE and all the drama that you guys get so fussy about as a bunch of horse s#!t. Who gives a flying rats nut about it? Well you do apparently but why? What possible good can come
    from listening to these guys and their sound-bites and their political nonsense?

  • anthony33

    Two hall of famers on that list and two more to follow… Sharpe and Davis ( I hope). And all on offense, the hall of famers that is.

    Yeah, pretty damn good team wasn't it. Man, how I long for those days again.

  • vince_mairne

    Well said Dee!!!

  • Concerned fan

    I think replacing Shanahan with McDaniels was a good move. I believe that if the Broncos are going to be successful next year they are going to have to figure out a way to stop the run. It has become the same ole problem for Denver. They ended up 27th against the run. It's hard to win many games when you consistently give up big runs on third and long. Just look at how we lost our games this year. It was with teams breaking of big runs like Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Oakland and yes even Kansas City. How embarrassing it was to see a really good pass defense giving up 25-30 yard runs from scrimmage on a regular basis. We did not fix the problem we had from last year. We needed to draft a defensive line and didn't and now we repeat the same record as last year.

  • Roy88

    Who's the one getting worked up here? I'm not, I think it is funny as hell. What I think is even funnier is how you you come on here and comment about this “trivial crap,” then turn around and call all of us old women for doing the same thing. The thing is, this is a fan site. Klye and the crew does a pretty good job of directing the visiters of this site to things that are said and done by the Broncos. If you don't like it, don't post.

  • WhidbeyBronco

    No way do i give him all the credit!! Gawd that list makes me homesick for the good old days! Of course he was only one part of the winning years! It takes a team.

    My point was hardly that… where'd you get that anyway? My point was simply that he was a good coach. The best coach we ever had. My point beyond that was that his bad years were much better than the 'bad years' other coaches have. ….that people forget how hard it is to win in this league.

    Anyone who would call him a scrub or any other idiotic term just because things were peachy during whole tenure… Wow. That would be like Steelers fans dogging Knoll or Cowboys fans dogging Landry!!! How foolish would that be?

    Maybe it was time to move on? Maybe Josh will be all we hope he will…. REGARDLESS Shanny deserves his due respect!

    Freaking duh?

  • WhidbeyBronco

    So why was it a good move again? lol. We dismantled a pretty good and improving offense and stayed at the same low level defensively…. So far so bad…

  • chooch76

    You completely miss the point and I have to come to terms with the possibility that it's intentional and your just playing stupid. You are the one that called me out. You are the ones that get worked up over these media-instigated offseason soap operas. Two years in a row now with the dramatics. AS A FAN I'm sick of it. Your right why am I waisting my breath over a bunch of mindless misinformed dribble.

  • roshon2411

    I love Bailey and thought it was a great trade(Portis). He's a role model and a HOF'er. However, the defense has been pathetic on his watch. Not saying it's his fault but if people are willing to trade Marshall for his antics off the field, though he produces on the field each and every year. Why not Bailey? He's probably got more value than Marshall. If we are going to hold Marshall accountable for his actions off the field then we should hold Bailey and the rest of the defense accountable for their actions on the field because they blow. I'd rather keep both but if we're going to get rid of our best players and try to rebuild we should add Bailey and DJ to that least.

  • ej

    Hearing all of your comments. makes me wonder if some of you are real Broco fans… Our new coach in a couple of years will learn from the guy we currently have. You need to be slightly flexible as a coach. Respect is earned not given like the title of head coach. Once we have someone who chooses to relate and listen to his players. the team will be more of a team. Not having defensive players sideing with with coaches and offencsive players sideing with the offence.

  • Concerned Fan

    Coach McDaniels could not draft for the defense as he wanted to because the top defensive players in the draft were already gone by the time it was Denver's time to pick. He did a fair job with what he had. Ayers was the next available defensive pick after Knowshon, so we got him. This team should be in a rebuilding mode right now.

  • WhidbeyBronco

    really? he used this year 1st rounder to draft Smith in the second… he could have moved up then, huh? And Orakpo was still there… Malaluga… still there …Mathews… still there

  • Concerned Fan

    True enough, but based on Alphonso Smith's number of interceptions in college, coach McDaniels thought he would be a good fit for this team and be able to learn from Champ Bailey his first year. Denver was not looking for a linebacker as much as they were a defensive linemen and they were not available. Your argument is a fair one, but lets not forget Shanahan had a few bad decisions drafting over the years. I thought Shanahan was a pretty good coach but I'm just saying we should give this kid a chance ( McDaniels) before we throw him to the wolves.

  • Doodlehead

    D_e_e, I think you were the one I was talking about earlier about people needing to put down that crack pipe! Are you for real? Champ is trying to play it safe like he has for the last 3 years. Want to talk about a guy who is overpaid and underproduced? That would be Champ. Or in his case, Chimp the Wimp! Chimp has gotten burned time and time again yet everyone seems to think that he is a threat. He's a threat alright…his performance is threatening to the entire defense because he hasn't made any plays worth mentioning in our favor. So when he goes public about a dispute involving players and coaches, you should be scratching your noggin asking yourself why. Usually when people say stuff like he said to the media is because he's trying to take the heat off of himself for getting burned by rookies and faking injuries directly after his miscues. B-Marsh probably was injured before that game with KC because McDumb-Dumb played the hell out of him because no one else was stepping up to do their jobs. B-Marsh has played his heart out for Denver. Yes he is a knucklehead…but there are plenty of those guys in the league too. And guess what??? They are still getting paid a lot of money to do a whole lot of nothing while accruing legal troubles right and left. If McDumb-Dumb wants to make a good call for a change, maybe he should start with admitting that he doesn't know as much as he thinks he does and try practicing a little humility publically the way he's so quick to point the finger at players. Not impressed with him or his decisions in the least bit. Go back to New England dude…Broncos need real leadership and coaching. The only thing he has proven is that he can fire coaches and trade players for worse coaches and worse players. Can anyone tell me what this guy has done for the Broncos that has made them successful? Until McDumb-Dumb and Chimp acknowlege that they are part of the problem, they will continue to contribute to the problems that face young players like B-Marsh. Either help fix it or hit the bricks boys. I wouldn't miss either of them.

  • StartingCB4life

    you are an absolute clown who knows ABSOLUTELY nothing about football….I cannot believe you just said “champ gets burned time and time again” really?? He's the only CB in the league last year that didn't let up a SINGLE TD….Revis had 4, Woodson had 9…Champ had 0, ur an idiot who just looks at the INT spot to measure a corner, he eliminated #1 WR's week after week, Moss shutdown, Ocho shutdown, DJax shutdown, wayne shutdown, u are a clown….Champ's still the best cb in the league

  • StartingCB4life

    you are an absolute clown who knows ABSOLUTELY nothing about football….I cannot believe you just said “champ gets burned time and time again” really?? He's the only CB in the league last year that didn't let up a SINGLE TD….Revis had 4, Woodson had 9…Champ had 0, ur an idiot who just looks at the INT spot to measure a corner, he eliminated #1 WR's week after week, Moss shutdown, Ocho shutdown, DJax shutdown, wayne shutdown, u are a clown….Champ's still the best cb in the league