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Published on 01/05/2010 at Tue Jan 05 09:00.
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Brandon Marshall

Turbulence continues to surround Brandon Marshall, and, just as in times past, Marshall took to the airwaves to tell his side of the story and set the record straight.

“Everything I’ve done has been nothing but 100% commitment to the Denver Broncos and to my teammates,” Marshall said Tuesday, appearing on FM radio station 104.3 The Fan in Denver.  “To say I’ve given up on my teammates is just a disgusting feeling, and it hurts me.”

Marshall went on to defend some of his actions during the 30-minute interview and, more importantly, apologize for others.  Marshall admitted and regretted being late for treatment last week and voiced his regret in commenting on head coach Josh McDaniels‘ lack of playing experience in the NFL.  Then he wasn’t shy with praise of owner Pat Bowlen and even McDaniels.

“I have nothing but great things to say about Coach McDaniels, this organization… Mr. B is one of the best owners in all of sports.  I take my hat off to Josh McDaniels because, if it wasn’t for him, the growth in me this year wouldn’t be there.”

Marshall also shed some light on the 2008 hip injury he played through, admitting to “butting heads” with then-coach Mike Shanahan as he played through the pain.

However, when push came to shove and the topic of Marshall’s future in Denver came up, Marshall tip-toed around the subject, deferring to his agent and Broncos management.  He did, however, give a few quotes onto which those hoping the Pro Bowler stays in Denver can cling.

“I love this organization,” Marshall said.  “I’m going to be a Bronco until they tell me differently.”

The surprise interview was quite transparently a PR cleanup act, heavily coached by his agent, and we have to say they did a bang-up job.  The interviewers were terrible, completely fixed in their opinion and trying to goad Marshall into controversial soundbite after soundbite, but Marshall didn’t bite, and continued to heap praise on his superiors.  It sounded sincere for the most part, and so Marshall and his reps did a pretty good job of tidying up this latest picture of Marshall as a malcontent.

Unfortunately, though, this wasn’t about making nice with the Broncos — it was about image revival as Marshall hits free agency.  Even after all the right things are said, actions speak louder than words. Marshall cleaned out his locker Monday and did enough over the last two weeks to suggest his commitment wasn’t quite “100%” to the Broncos, as “disgusted” as that may make him feel. Marshall is as good as gone.

  • magster

    I thought the questions were OK (especially for a surprise appearance). They should have asked about the team meeting and his relationships with the team captains.

  • Adrenaline27

    I find it a little funny. Brandon has helped us win games this season. Some games he did it on his own making plays. Yet it was some of the Defense of players that allowed 44 points at home to the chiefs that were behind him being benched. I for one would like to see him stay and get paid. To me he has earned that on the field this season. I can't say that for anyone else other then Dumerville. If Marshall is so about him self every week and his stats then why did he get in Morenos face after he fumbled on the goal line. Seems odd to me. You all can want him out of town but if you think you can go out and draft someone to come in or trade for a player that will replace him then you are sadly mistaken. He may not be perfect but they are worse out there. Should the Defense forget, if he is not here next year I guarantee the Defense will be working harder as they will be on the field alot more due to the Broncos not able to sustain drives.

    Just my opinion

  • ocbronco

    I need to give him credit. He has certainly learned how to handle himself and it is fairly impressive. Personally, it was still obvious to me that he doesn't want to be a Bronco despite words to the contrary. His pauses after each question on the subject were very telling.

  • CompUser

    I thought Gaffney stepped up pretty well and seemed able to do anything I've seen Marshall do, including the 1-hand catch. I think the Broncos would be fine without Marshall.

  • Adrenaline27

    Gaffney is no Brandon Marshall.

  • mikebirty

    this interview sounds so much like the one that he did after he was suspended. all very complimentary and talking about how he needs to get better and not do this sort of thing etc. I took the last one on face value – this one I'm doubtful over.

  • ocbronco

    He stepped up BIG in just 1 game and was solid in a few others. There is a reason he has been a journey man but he was an important player for us this year.
    The fact is there may not be another Brandon Marshall in the NFL. One could argue he is the best WR in the game and it would be hard to argue that he isn't one of the top 5 production and talent wise.
    If we lose him this will impact the team.

  • magster

    …and should have asked them if he asked to be excused from practice because of cold air hurting his breathing.

  • stogeman1

    Mc Daniels is just a pushy young punk of a coach. Losing Brandon will cost him His job., if not immediately, eventually. What a dope for benching the Broncos hope!

  • epett

    My question is, Why does McD not say anything meaningful to the Media (al la Belichick) until one of his Stars says he can't play because of injury then he jumps all over it. Does McD think he's that good of a coach to win with out any Stars. Sure seems like he's trying to chase all of them out of Denver. None of us outsiders really know what's happening but if your going to keep your mouth shut as a coach, keep it shut all the time.

  • ryan

    I tried to listen to the interview but all I could hear was Marshall's agent telling him that the monster contract he wants, is disappearing as teams envision Marshall throwing their coach under the bus when he does not get his way.

    I only hope some team is still dumb enough to give us a 1st round pick for a player who is a locker room cancer.

  • blindfaith

    Look folks- Marshall has the tools. I don't argue that for a second. He's one of the best WRs in the game today, if not THE best. Same story on Jay Cutler at the QB position. All sorts of ability that may come together one day to be great.

    But to me, having the skills and physical abilities are only part of the equation. I'm sick and tired of the attention that the mouthy, spoiled brats are receiving from everyone. Maybe having a team of quiet performers is boring, but if some of these fools would just shut the hell up and play ball, they'd be hoisting a lot more Lombardi trophies than they are now. Marshall, Ochocinco, and the punks can talk all they want to about “just wanting to play football”, but beyond those dollar signs, it's just talk.

  • blkhillsbronco

    Gaffney is no Marshall, yes he had one good game but would that make other teams defences focus on him leaving others to get open like they do Marshall??? my answer NO!!! Marshall is a difference maker, plan and simple!

  • Kyle


  • falconium

    When legendary baseball man Casey Stengel was managing the 62 Mets, a reporter asked him for the secret to his success. Casey Stengel, who played and coached from the early 1920's until the 1960's, did not say defense or offense or fundamentals. He didn't say to take it one game at a time. He said, and I quote, “I try to keep the players who hate me away from the ones who don't. McDaniels will do fine once its his “recruiting class”. He has no choice. This was a transition year and he should be commended for a job well done. Remember, Shannahan was .500 for ten years. 10 years people. Take it easy….

  • d_e_e

    Listening to this was an insult to my intelligence, anyone that buys into this garbage should really check themselves.

    Goodbye homeboy.

  • Jrod

    Bottom line is that Marshall is a huge impact player. I think we should do everything we can to keep him. I don't excuse his behavior, but on the field, he is an elite player. His off the field problems are concerning, but I think they can be fixed, inlcuding his relationship w/ McD.

  • nikop

    Why is it that nobody was talking about the issues with Culter and B Marshall when Shanny was the head coach? McDonkey is a stubborn ass the guy is late to treatment and you bench BM on the biggest game in your young coaching career you are not Bill B. It wasn’t like BM was late to practices or a team meeting(s). You bench your best player who single handle won four out of your eight games.
    McDonkey has proven nothing to me on the Football field. McDonkey has proven that he is a young immature boy who is trying to be his form Head Coach without the titles and the respect.

  • anthony33

    d e e
    Could not agree with you more.

    Hope someone makes him an offer. Getting a one and three for this slug will go down as the greatest deal in history.

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  • JoeDoGG

    Please God I hope we keep we still have Marshall for years to come

  • fred

    i think we as fans have the right to know HOW LATE was he.
    the other thing is he was not going to play anyway, so what is the big deal? it is this, with BM out MaD could bring in another WR if he is ont on IR than we have only 3 WR

  • JoeDoGG

    You are so right I mean your going to loose to KC and Oakland at home. Every lose that we have had was because Marshall didn't get the ball enough as far as I am concerned. McDonkey I like that I also like McDushbag. I hope that he reads these Bronco talk comments.

  • WhidbeyBronco

    No Sh!t!!!

  • WhidbeyBronco

    Really? Sounds to me like he meant everything he said and then apologized for the things he knows he shouldn't have said… What's so hard to believe?

    He certainly not behaving like TO or Ocho Cinco or someone who just wants out of town. I find hope in this that we might keep his talent in town and under control. YAY?!

    In response to the gaffney comparison…. Please.
    Even so, nice to see JG coming up, it'll free up BM for some bigger plays.

  • WhidbeyBronco

    don't be silly. He gets paid now REGARDLESS. He's being real.

  • WhidbeyBronco

    but you missed your own point. Coach needs to learn how to use talent despite his personal issues! There are jerks, loudmouths, Divas and criminals on EVERY team out there. (Humans you know?) The wise man USES their talent while retaining the team's identity.

  • WhidbeyBronco

    Small insult then d_e_e

    …btw I just check myself. hmmm Large.

  • WhidbeyBronco

    i was bound to disagree with you eventually 33. You can't always be right.

  • bluetune

    Why does Marshall have to leave? Because Josh wants only players he picks on HIS team? It has become obvious that he treats players that were already here as players that are not loyal to him, therefore they have a “bad attitude” and will never fit in to the Joshman's vision for the team!

    When Moreno was having problems crossing the line of scrimage, Josh blamed the offensive line (mostly Shanny's guys). Nevermind that others like Buckhalter managed to succeed where Moreno failed, behind the same line! There is definitly a double standard when Josh deals with players he doesn't consider his.

    I have no doubt that Joshboy came to town with the absolute intent of getting rid of Cutler and blaming him for it….I'm sorry to bring that up, but his latest ill timed attack on Marshall seems to have been planned.

    It seems to me that Josh's ego is more important than the team's success, at least for now. It probably is just a sign of our coach's immaturity.

    That is a problem that can be cured…..Yes I think Josh can be a great coach if he can admit his mistakes and learn from them

  • CompUser

    I'm not implying that Marshall isn't a good player, but his only really great game of the season was at Indianapolis where he caught 21 passes (nearly a fifth of his catch total for the entire season) for 200 yards (again nearly a fifth of his total yards for the entire season), but doing so apparently didn't make the Colt's defense focus on him leaving others to get open. Gaffney, Moreno, Graham, and Royal combined for an additional 8 catches for 70 yards in that game. Take that one game away and Marshall's stats for the year really aren't all that great. In fact Marshall wasn't all that great this year even if you don't take out that game.

    According to player rankings, he ranks 14th among startng wide receivers.

  • CompUser

    I guess you think Shanahan's ego is also more important than the team's success? If he hadn't been fired, he said he was going to cut Marshall during the off season.

  • bluetune

    Well, if that had happened I would have been all over his case for the same reasons. I think Marshall made great strides on his own concerning his immaturity this season and he attempted to make the best of his changing role. I think he is a great talent and I hope SOMEHOW he returns.

    He will most likely not, and that IMHO is bad for the team. Let's see if he plays in a Redskin jersey…LOL!

    BTW: I like McD, he has the knowledge to coach football, I just hope he can learn to coach people.

    Thanx for the input Comp and have a goodnight.

  • JoeDoGG

    Do you guys think Bolen will fire his ass if he dont make it to the playoffs next year I sure hope so.

  • Mal Tempo

    You can fool some of the people some of the time, and Denver fans all the time.

  • anthony33

    No problem… I respect your opinions.

    I just do not like Marshall's type (hard to tell huh). I can't remember ever having a player like that in Denver.

    That being said, this is not about picking sides with either Marshall or McD with me. McD has a long way to go in being a great, even a good head coach and clearly has to learn how to deal with players better or at least know when to keep it internal, like he talks about, and just shut up with the media (and ohter teams). At least McD is a rookie, another year of the same thing… then serious reason to be concerned if we have the right guy.

  • broncofan2010

    I completely agree Adrenaline27 – Marshall is still young and has attitude and maybe a little of a “diva” ego going, but he is TALENTED!! The team will hurt with him gone. Marshall has some good influences working with him behind the scenes, and hopefully, those influences will help tame some of that attitude and enhance an already very talented WR. Why is everyone so quick to say goodbye? Can we all remember someone else that had attitude but played the game like a superstar? maybe Shannon Sharpe.

  • Ryan

    Cutler certainly is not THE best, not even in the same tier as the Drew Brees' or Rivers' or even Carson Palmer's. Jay has a great arm however, but he just isn't smart enough to be the complete package.

    It's too bad Josh is going to trade B-Marsh, after one year of working with him. Seems like Josh only deals in absolutes and maybe can let his emotions get the best of him, well they have, you don't trade one of your best players on the roster and expect to become better. Still, the trade will be interesting, maybe he will trade a franchise reciever for a average reciever… Just like Cutler for Orton?

  • WhidbeyBronco

    right McD can learn from his mistakes. Marshall? To me he seems to be learning… albeit slowly.

  • WhidbeyBronco

    right McD can learn from his mistakes. Marshall? To me he seems to be learning… albeit slowly.