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Published on 01/04/2010 at Mon Jan 04 10:14.
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UPDATE: The Broncos will draft 11th. Full Broncos draft picks order.

In order to determine where they will select in the 2010 NFL Draft, the Denver Broncos will flip a coin.

One hopes the actual selection process will be a bit more involved.

The Broncos will draft 10th or 11th in the first round of the 2010 NFL Draft, depending on the results of a coin toss between them and the Jacksonville Jaguars. The selection originally belonged to the Chicago Bears, who sent it to Denver in the Jay Cutler trade.

The Broncos’ 8-8 record sees them drafting 14th this April, but they do not own that pick in the first round. Their first round pick was traded last year to the Seattle Seahawks in order to select Alphonso Smith in the second round. Smith underwhelmed in his rookie year; if the Broncos aren’t wishing they had two first round draft picks this year, most fans are.

The 2010 first round draft order, as it known now, after the jump.

1. St. Louis (1-15)
2. Detroit (2-14)
3. Tampa Bay (3-13)
4. Washington (4-12)
5. Kansas City (4-12)
6. Seattle (5-11)
7. Cleveland (5-11)
8. Oakland (5-11)
9. Buffalo (6-10)
10t. Denver (Traded from Chicago) (7-9)
10t. Jacksonville (7-9)
12. Miami (7-9)
13. San Francisco (8-8)
14. Seattle (Traded from Denver) (8-8)
15. New York Giants (8-8)
16t. Tennessee (8-8)
16t. San Francisco (Traded from Carolina) (8-8)
18. Pittsburgh (9-7)
19t. Atlanta (9-7)
19t. Houston (9-7)

Picks 21-24 will be the wild card round losers. Picks 25-28 will be the divisional round losers. Picks 29-30 will be the conference championship losers. Pick 31 will be the Super Bowl loser. Pick 32 will be the Super Bowl winner

2010 NFL Draft Order [ProFootballTalk]

  • roshon2411

    Two picks in the Top 15 would've been nice. Embarrassing trade and whomever came up with the idea to trade a 1st rd for a 2nd rd pick, should be fired.

  • Keith

    I agree with the whole Alphonso Smith draft day trade, but he still has time to grow as a young defensive back. Marcus Thomas is a bust, so we need to cut ties with him. The chances are highly likely that the Broncos part ways with both Scheffler and Marshall, which may garner a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd round pick for them (or a 1st, and 2 3rd round). Either way, the Broncos have a lot to do this off season and I wouldn't be surprised to see some assistants of the former regime go. Expect a 1-2 year deal for Orton and a huge deal for Doom.

  • broncorelic

    I want to see a poll, get rid of Marshall and Scheffler…. What are the chances??? Ludicrous!

  • Gavin

    I agree Keith, and I hope we lock up Doom for a long time. As for what we do in the draft, I think we need a qb, but I don't think anybody out there so far is worthy of a no 10 or 11 pick at qb.

  • BroncoBully

    When is the coin flip

  • sirstv

    Don't expect Bowlen to allow for a move up to far since he claims he's so poor and the CBA will put a question mark on trades and draft, also. As far as quarterbacks are concerned…none in the draft early, not this year. I will hate to see Bobby Turner leave and go with Shanahan!! He's been one of the classiest and unsung heroes on the coaching staffs as the Running back coach for 15 or so years.

  • caleb

    i say we get colt McCoy or Tebow 2nd round an get a good safety like May's 1st but who knows what will happen but orton cant get it done sorry orton fans but he is terrible

  • nfldraft100

    Thank you for sharing Denver Broncos 2010 NFL Draft Order to us.
    Here is a hot news:
    The likely season-ending injury of New England Patriots' Wes Welker raises red flags to any discussion from the NFL Draft competition committee on whether leagues should mandate playoff-bound players from participating at the end of the regular season. Throw in Cincinnati Bengals Chad Ochocinco, who tweaked his left knee in Sunday's game, and you have some lively discussions.

  • RafaNadal08

    We Need to put put in the rookie QB we drafted this year next season and I think coach would be wise to beef up our D-Line and let Mike Nolan turn our improved defense into a a great defense!

  • fourthamigo

    We should definitely get a good trade for Marshall while we can. He had his highlight but even a primadonna like Randy Moss has become much more manageable. A change of teams could benifit both parties. Doom needs to be taken care of, but the Broncs shouldn't get too carried away. The DE/OLB position (along with the RB spot) is one of the most bi-polar positions there is. Even the greats like Jason Taylor and Michael Strahan struggled putting together 2-3 continuous years of double-digit sacks. Doom was good, that position is risky, but we can feel secure for now. The one thing you're going to hear over and over again is that Orton is a great game manager but not a championship-caliber QB. We need a QB with that certain je ne sais qua like Elway or Favre. If he stays healthy, Sam Bradford has that and we need to trade up to make sure he comes to Denver.

  • mpbroncos

    Who were the top producing skill position players for the Broncos offense when Mike Shanahan was fired? Cutler, Marshall, Sheffler, Hillis, & Royal. What do they all have in common now? Each was a young talented, and successful draft pick of Mike Shanahan. Other than Royal, none will be a Bronco in 2010 and Royal had a terrible 2009 season under McDaniels. Clearly Coach McDaniels believes he can win games with mostly veteran players (ie Orton, Lamont Jordan, Dawkins, Buckhalter, Gaffney, and Stokely etc) who have no egos and are committed to his “system.” Personally, I would be on a mission to draft a franchise quarterback. He thinks he can win without one if he gets a strong enough veteran cast around a game manager QB. He believes in his “system” and is driving out all of those players who refuse to buy in. For our sakes, I hope he finds more like Dawkins and Buckhalter. But until he find another franchise QB, I have no confidence in the “system.”

  • eastcoastbroncofan

    I believe the linebacker mclain from ala. would be a good first pick. Hes big and fast and could on feild for passing downs, Move Dj outside on run downs and inside on passing downs.Have Ayers start gaining weight and move to De. With the second pick we need a reciever with some size and third pick Shane Canefeild from oregon st.

  • johnny

    i will not be at all suprised if we now start whelin and dealin with the skins shanny knows the players and what he wants sooo.. hopefully between the pats and the skins we end up with like 8 or 9 draft picks starting in the second round

  • Bill

    Colt Mcoy or Tebow? Are you for real guy? Tebow will not make it long in the nfl with his akward way of throwing a ball and mcoy is just plain use less if it wasnt for shippley colt mcoy never would have looked as good as he did. I sure dont wanna see that cry baby in a Broncos jersey.

  • Matt

    My top five players for a Bronco's first round pick are Dez Bryant WR
    (Oaklahoma St), who would make a big target to replace Brandon Marshall, Eric Berry FS (Tennessee) great safeties are rare and Dawkins would teach him a lot. Derrick Morgan (Georgia Tech) calling out Robert Ayers and could really strengthen the rotation. Sean Weatherspoon (Missouri) OLB may be more to Mcdaniels liking to replace Mario Haggan and provide sideline to sideline speed to stop the run and get away from Nolan's blitz happy scheme. My last player is Maurkice Pouncey (Florida) C I don't like position picking in the first round, because it is important to find the best value, but it makes the first round pick less expensive to go center here and it fills a huge need that may be hard to fill in this year's free agency.

  • andy see

    the broncos should draft Maclain from Alabama

  • brian_col

    dan lefevour is lookin like a nice draft choice in a later round. there wont be a qb at 11 that is worth taking unless somehow bradford or clausen slip down

  • rcsodak

    yea, cuz you've got such extensive knowledge/background in the art of NFL Drafting.
    Talk about “embarrassing”.

  • roshon2411


  • roshon2411

    Not saying I'm a draft expert, but 31 other teams didn't think Smith was worth a first round pick and 4 of those teams didn't think he was worth their second round pick.

    Brandon Marshall couldn't get traded for 1st rd pick, but somehow you think a CB who couldn't get on the field is worth the 14th pick?

  • rcsodak

    LMAO! So this is where I say I guess X amount of teams didn't think TD or Brady or *insert late draft pick* was worth a first round pick.
    That excuse is so lame, it's past laughable.
    And at the time of the trade, I doubt denver had any idea where that pick would be, correct? And last I saw, they TRIED to make it the chicago pick, but to denver's advantage, seattle said no.
    Be sure to tell me how many teams give up a present 2nd rd pick for a future, UNKNOWN, 2nd round pick *not knowing which number pick it will be*.
    And what does BM have to do with this conversation??? Other than to just give me more ammo. Add up the 2nd denver gets this year, and #16 next year *mid round is usually assumed*, and I believe you'll get a 1st round.

  • roshon2411

    Nice rant, but you didn't answer my question. Do you think Alphonso Smith is worth the 14th pick in the draft?

  • litakols

    Would be great though if it was the other way around. Denver Bronco Draft Reactions

  • litakols

    Would be great though if it was the other way around. Denver Bronco Draft Reactions