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Published on 01/03/2010 at Sun Jan 03 18:35.
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Denver Broncos tight end Daniel Graham looks at the clock as the Kansas City Chiefs beat the Broncos 44 to 24 in an NFL football game Sunday, Jan. 3, 2010, in Denver. (AP Photo/ Jack Dempsey)

Denver Broncos tight end Daniel Graham looks at the clock as the Kansas City Chiefs beat the Broncos 44 to 24 in an NFL football game Sunday, Jan. 3, 2010, in Denver. (AP Photo/ Jack Dempsey)

The same team the Denver Broncos outscored by double-digits in December returned the favor only four weeks later, even as the Broncos had everything to play for, and their opponents had nothing.

The Kansas City Chiefs came into INVESCO Field at Mile High — a stadium in which they had never won — and put a 44-24 beatdown on the Broncos in the 2009 season finale.  The loss eliminated the Broncos from playoff contention hours before a potential Jets loss would have propelled them into the tournament, and the 2009 Broncos — Kings of the World at 6-0 in October before going 2-8 down the stretch to finish at an all-too familiar 8-8 — are left reeling.

Shoddy tackling and poor execution on all fronts led to a record day for Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles, who set a franchise rushing mark with 259 yards on 25 carries. The struggles were punctuated as Charles rumbled for his last 56-yard touchdown run, bouncing off miserable Broncos tackle after tackle.

It was the type of play — and performance overall defensively — that suggested the defense had quit on the season, and Head Coach Josh McDaniels.

Without Brandon Marshall, Tony Scheffler and Eddie Royal, quarterback Kyle Orton had his worst game as a Bronco, throwing three interceptions, including two that were returned for touchdowns by linebacker Derrick Johnson that largely made the difference in the game.

For a team that had everything to lose, the Broncos sure played like a team that knew how to.

Now the Broncos enter the offseason loaded with questions — an offseason that, after a 6-0 start, came far too soon.


    I told all of you that the Broncos where going to loose.People got mad and said i was rong but like most of the time I was right and is said theyt were going to get beat bad.Now fire Kyle and Simms Moss and Stokley.Keep Brandon Marshall He is are bests player.Dont do a nother stipid move and get rid of him.

  • boisebroncoguy

    You are right Kyle, we have a ton of questions. I had no hope at the start of the season. Then we go 6-0 and I thought we would be good and I got my hopes WAY up. This collapse feels worse because of the 6-0 start. I don't get it, new coaches, many new players, yet same result. I feel ripped off or tricked or something. I know I will be back, and thanks to Chicago we should have a decent draft pick. But this really sucks.

  • broncoinva9986

    I am really tired of hearing the guy on the post game show blaming last years collapse on Buffalo taking the air out of us….and then turn around and say well Philly took the wind out. This sucks. we blew it…and now we have to wait till next year

  • Gary_in_SD

    Wow, what a crappy way to end winter vacation. Gee, thanks guys. Oh well, there is always another season to look to and to enjoy watching the bolts (please god) choke away another playoff run… Would have liked to see them go out on a good note even though I'm sure the Jets will win tonight. If they don't then I'll be happy for Kubiak.

  • kerry

    hey cheer up everyone. at least we finished 8-8 and it wasnt Cutler that led to it! that right there means this 8-8 is WAYYYY better then last years 8-8.

  • kerry

    im very curious to see how most of you are gonna spin this into some historical achievement of epic proportions because we finished 8-8 with Orton and not Cutler. here is a tip before most of yo do though, 8-8 is still mediocre and 8-8 still means we dont go to the playoffs.

  • dougsbizness

    As a team Long term bronco supporter for nearly 50 years, these two last years have been the toughest “choke maximumus of historical proportions”. The Coach and Owner need to be totally embarrassed by very bad play calling, personnel decisions, and political (coach/player) decisions. I am sooooooooooooooooooo disappointed in the management of this team.
    Gentlemen, Get of your high horse and put the team and fans first………………I am soon to be a non fan. Just too tough to take.
    Hope you listen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • anthony33

    Horrible way to end the season. Not sure which was worse, this year or last.

    The draft… at this point you would have to say it stunk

    Free agents… Nice job here, lots of solid play.

    Orton… the only thing you need to know is two picks for TD's with everything on the line.

    McD… can a boy coach and lead men? Rex Ryan looks like the best of the new head coaches.

    2-8 after 6-0. Does it get any more disgusting than that?

    Marshall… get rid of his ass, I don't care how good he can be, he is a frickin' cancer.

    Scheffler… ditto

    Interior lines… need tons of help on both sides

    QB… Have to get one… not sure about Brandstater

    Running backs… need one that can find the hole and one with a big butt.

    Kickers… Prater is the long term guy… Berger sucks.

    Coaches… you have to wonder about Dennison. Is Gibbs available?

    In other words… this team has a loooong way to go to be respectable.

  • Bronco Warrior

    Here is the bottom line: McDaniels was wise and correct in his dealings w/Marshall and Cutler at the beginning of the season, but he was unwise and incorrect in his dealings w/Marshall and Scheffler before the Kansas City game. Pat Bowlen would be wise to sit McDaniels down and talk to him about his pompous attitude and lack of personnel know how.


    Bronco Warrior,
    Denver native and avid fan since 1972.

  • mangeletti

    Well, the Broncos are in disarray. Worse yet, the future doesn't look bright:
    – We will trade Marshall
    – We will let Stokley go
    – We will let Scheffler go
    – Our offensive line needs help too now, last year it was just the D line we worried about, now it's both
    – We need a punter
    – We have a ton of free agents to resign
    – And try to recrute free agents after you let the Chiefs put up 44 on ya
    – Anything else I'm missing?

  • kerry

    we need so much this offseason its not even funny.

    here is my list:

    a new QB.

    Logan Mankins in free agency.

    a new QB

    trade Marshall AND Scheffler for draft picks. hopefully a mid first for Marshall and a 3rd or 4th for Scheffler.

    a new QB.

    another RB that can NOT get tackled by air. Toby Gerhart in the draft comes to mind.

    did i mention a new QB??

    a monster D-linemen. Terrence Cody or Dan Williams in the draft. maybe Vince Wilfork if he somehow gets to Free agency.

    another big OG if Mankins is brought in. 6-6, 330 pound Mike Iupati comes to mind.

    thats just my preliminary list. i think i forgot to mention a QB.

  • fanpride

    The self absorbed Little Bill I mean Josh McDaniels who might think he is that good as a coach but he cant even get more than 2 wins in 10 trys it look to me that when he sees heat like the Cutler deal he starts something else to take the heat off of him and change the subject like noe unable to game plan for the Raiders and the Cheifs he needs another smoke and mirrors act so run out Scheffler and Marshall two of the best players at their possition for the team. The reason Mr. Bowlen brought in McDaniels was to not lose the team again at the ens of the year but with an ego so big it is making player not want to play for the Broncos is it to late to look for another head coach that could bring sanity to the Broncos. One Pro Bowl player gone and another on the way out.

  • broncoinva9986

    I sent ya an add

  • broncosfaninal

    Marshall's contract is expiring after this year. He's a restricted free agent. I say let him sign with another team and get the draft picks so we can get a new QB who can actually a) throw down field, b) scramble, and c) throw on the run.

  • blindfaith

    MILELOW- try typing a post in English. I would respect your opinion more if you didn't have the typing ability of a two year old.

    Kerry- you never disappoint, but I could understand your typing, so I respect your opinion and always have.

    8-8 sure as hell isn't what I wanted to see and Orton made me look like a fool today, since I've been defending his sorry butt all season long. But even though we collapsed after the bye, I'll take McD over the “geniuses” that people were mad that Bowlen didn't hire in the offseason. Todd Haley? Steve Spagnuolo? Raheem Morris? Jim Schwartz? Jim Mora Jr.?

    Only two guys (Jim Caldwell, who inherited a HOF QB and a potent team from top to bottom and Rex Ryan) has a better record this year. I'm mad as hell my Broncos at the moment, but I'll get over it eventually, and I still think McD is a decent coach.

  • anthony33

    Keep Orton for another year or two while someone else is groomed.

    And yes kerry, so much help is needed it's mind boggling

    kerry… I am interested to know, where do you stand on Marshall and Scheffler?

  • the real oldest fan

    well, at least we didn't have that wanker, cutler, throwing interceptions that would cost us the game. what we had was a q.b. who could play in the boy coach's system. he doesn't have pocket awareness, escapability, or any ability to run. he also cannot throw the ball downfield with any distance or accuracy. i must reiterate, athleticism always trumps systems. mcdaniels made the worst mistake of his career by not doing what it took to get cutler to play here this year. it will be years, if ever, before he can make up for that. also it looks like we either need a new team or a new system. which do you think the boy coach will go for?

  • blindfaith

    Any ideas for QB to replace Orton, fellas (or ladies, if you're on)? In the draft or in the free agent market? I hate to be pessimistic, but if we draft a “franchise QB”, I think we're stuck with Orton for a few years. Plus, with one very notable exception, our franchise doesn't exactly have a penchant for drafting franchise QBs. Maddox, Griese, etc.

    I'm open for suggestions because this speculation is what the next nine months will be about, since we have no playoffs to look forward to.

  • Randy

    Bottom line the Denver Broncos did not finish the season. every one needs to get tere head out of the duffle bag and remember you are paid to play to the best of your ability, your there to win the game, put the best team on the field, play the best game you can, and if you did that then you did the best you could. and thank you for yor effort. But if not go in to work on monday and tell the boss it was my fault and next time with my help we will finish the season where we belong. Accountibility…. wins games…..rg ….peace

  • colorancher

    It is now time to hire an offensive coordinator. Screen right, screen left, moreno up the middle is not working. Nor is throwing the ball to the same wide receiver every time we throw. Does manning or brees throw to the same guy everytime? no and yeh they win. I blame Mcdaniels….

  • phillybillyinsd

    Sorry Denver Fans, I can understand your frustration. I have been a Charger Fan for 35 years and have been through many headaches over the years because of this game. If I can give you some advice, stay positive with your Team, Keep the faith!! The difference with us when we were 2-3, is we had confidence that once the Bolts put there EGO's aside and start playing for the name on the front of the jersey, and not the back of it, we should be ok when Nov and Dec comes around! We look forward to thumping you guy's next year as well.

    ps…I have some extra Bolt jerseys if any Bronco fan once to come over to the Good Side!!

  • Donkey Lover

    I'm going to throw out some names. I'm neither for or against them just ideas.

    Jeff Garcia
    Matt Moore
    Jon Kitna
    Brodie Croyle
    Chad Pennington
    Tavaris Jackson
    Sage Rosenfels
    Kellen Clemens
    Kyle Boller
    Jason Campbell
    Tyler Thigpen

  • areferee

    The Denver Broncos are, by every standard of measure, an economically successful NFL franchise. We have an unprecedented record of sold out games, and a huge list of loyal fans patiently waiting every year for their season ticket number to come to the top so that they too can support the team at our home field. There are countless thousands of other loyal and faithful fans that support the team financially every year by watching every game, buying Bronco paraphernalia, supporting the sponsors and following the team's every move.

    In return, the organization continues to strive for excellence and return the unprecedented fan loyalty by fielding a quality team and organization befitting a town, State and area with such tremendous financial support.

    Or do they?

    Would our record of consistent mediocrity in team performance since the John Elway, Mike Shanahan Super Bowl years support such an effort for excellence by the organization? Especially this year's pitiful performance! Or has the financial success created by the loyal fans of our region become so commonplace and expected, taken for granted, that any decision the team makes is assumed to be in the better interest of the fans that support it, and without question, even by the media?

    How has the Bronco organization improved during that time?

    We have a brand new stadium, but it was primarily financed by the fans, not the team. Not to mention an implicit threat by the ownership of moving the team if the new stadium wasn't approved. So that isn't proof of anything other than a desire for more financial success. And the fans provided it.

    Where is the proof of organizational support to the fans? Top notch quarterbacks to replace Hall of Fame Elway, like Brian Griese, Jake Plummer, Patrick Ramsey, Jay Cutler, Kyle Orton, Chris Simms, Tom Brandstater? Or a replacement for a likely Hall of Fame coach like Mike Shanahan such as Josh McDaniels?

    Who is to blame? What can we do? How can it be changed? Can it be changed at all? Does anyone in the organization truly care about any of this, other than profit and loss? You tell me!

    Who is to blame? I think the answers begin and end with Mr. Pat Bowlen. He owns the organization. He ultimately makes all of the decisions. He controls the money. He hires and fires. He approves or negates all that the Broncos stand for as a team. He makes all of the money. Therefore, if he accepts all of the good, he must then accept all of the bad.

    What can we, the fans, do? Speak out. Let your feelings be known. And most importantly, control your spending! Control the level of your support. Does this organization deserve your money? How much and for how long? You tell me!

    How can it be changed? Can it be changed at all? Simply, yes! If they lose your financial support, they will have to change. Hit them in the pocketbook and they will no longer take the Bronco fans for granted. Withhold your dollars and watch how quickly they make changes.

    Does anyone in the organization care about wins and losses rather than profits and losses? We'll see. It's really up to all of us…the fans. After all, in a real sense, isn't it OUR organization anyway?

  • anthony33

    Broncos look to have pick 10, 11 or 12… not sure how ties get slotted for the draft.

  • kerry

    yeah i accepted it. we will have to play sometime.

  • kerry

    Marshall id trade for a 1st and 3rd right now. that way we can draft gig pigs for the interior of the D-or O lines. Scheffler id keep because, and NOBODY can argue this, when he is given the chance, he makes catches and big plays. when given the chance he is one of the better receiving TE's around. his blocking sucks but hey so did Shannon Sharpe's.

    here is what id like to see come free agency/draft day:

    trade MArshall for a first round pick and a 3rd rounder.

    sign Logan Mankins in FA.

    sign Vince Wilfork in FA (if he hits the market, doubt it though)

    use our top pick on either Jimmy Clausen, Terrence Cody or Rolando McClain.

    use that other first round pick (the one we may get for Marshall) on OG Mike Iupati. 6-6, 330 pounds would be good to have for the O-line.

    that is just a few things id like to see. but id trade MArshall and keep Scheff. unless someone offered a high second or late first for Scheff then id have to take the value being that we have Quinn and Graham already.

  • kerry

    yeah Jimmy Clausen. he played in the same system at Notre Dame that McD runs. better arm, mobility and accuracy then Orton. that or hopefully Jakelocker changes his mind.

  • kerry

    we have an OC. his name is Mike McCoy. but he is an OC by title only. and McD wont give up playcalling.

  • colorancher

    Your right, I meant more of a play caller, which is mcdaniels

  • WhidbeyBronco

    as usual you pretty much echo my thoughts… I've been aguing with the folks over at too much to go on here… sad time we've been having since we lost those last three under Shanny… Sad outlook for the future… Regardless I'll be here. Go Broncos.

  • WhidbeyBronco

    hear hear!

    And as far as what we need in the off season? I've NEVER (since 76 when I caught the bug) seen a Broncos team that needed help in more areas from top to bottom. Easier said are the positions we don't need to upgrade… kicker.

  • WhidbeyBronco

    ok so we keep Orton while we train up a couple youngsters. McD does seem to have a talent for this…

    No Jimmy C! No Tebow!

  • Ben Davis

    i can't believe how many of you want to get rid of Marshall. Cancer? Players like Moss and T.O. are cancers. They play good when they want to. All Marshall wants is to be paid like he deserves, its not that hard. Today's game showed that without him, we look mediocre. He's our offense, we need to build the team around him. We have two excellent young receivers.

    Keys to success next year:

    Re-sign Marshall

    Get Royal more involved. He showed so much promise last year, but was no where to be seen this year

    Peyton Hillis? how can someone so athletic and versatile not find a spot in the offense?

    Cut Chris Simms. hes horrid.

    Replace Ben Hammilton-He's had a great run with Denver, but the concussions have caught up to him. He's not the same

    Re-sign Kyle Orton. Orton isn't a terrible QB. If he doesnt force the ball and turn it over, we win. It all starts with the o-line. When we can run the ball, orton isn't forcing the ball, and isn't turning it over.


    Draft well in the first. When i think of our needs, a few players come to mind. DT Cody, ILB's Spikes and McClain, and CB Haden from Florida. All are playmakers and can make an impact.

  • WhidbeyBronco

    ah if only Jake would change his mind, I watched him all year up here… he's not changing. He already got 300,000 for his Baseball draft spot and has a big policy on his nfl future… he'd be a good one i think tho

  • WhidbeyBronco

    no shit on the same guy every time bit! is McD really calling it that way?

  • WhidbeyBronco

    just remember who the only AFC west team to ever win a Superbowl in your stadium was! Thanks for the advice.

  • roshon2411

    Very disappointing end to the season. Though 8-8 was better than what i thought at the beginning of the year, but going 2-8 for the final 10 games is harsh. It would've been different if the Broncos started 2-8 and finished the season winning six games. Now there are more questions for this team then going into last season.

    QB: I said from the beginning Orton was no better than a backup in this league. They shouldn't resign him. Hate to say it, but we need to use the #10 pick on a QB. Bradford, McCoy, Clausen, Mallet don't care at this point who. As for FA's, i said last year(though Kerry didn't like the idea) Troy Smith(RFA). Trade a mid round pick for him, can't make all the passes in this system and mobile enough to avoid phantom sacks. The only other QB that would be worth looking at is Jason Campbell.

    RB: Moreno looks to be a “Reggie Bush” back. Good overall backup but not a #1 guy. Moreno is just not explosive enough. What was his long for the year, 35 yards? Also Hillis is gone, doesn't fit McD's system, which is a shame. Some decent names who could potentially be on the market, but not sure how an uncapped year will change things.

    WR: I think Marshall is an immature A$$ but can we afford to lose him? Can him and McD ever get along? Is Royal a one year wonder? Gaffney could be the new #3 or #2. Also a few potential good picks ups here as well.

    TE: I think we can all agree Scheffler is done here. In McD's doghouse all year, besides receiving TE's don't fit his system either.

    OL: One of the few areas I think Cutler helped was the O-line. This year with Orton the O-line was exposed. They're not horrible but not a top line, especially in the red zone.

    DL: Surprised by the performance of this group this year early. But when the Chiefs run all over you at the end of the season, issues are there. They need to beef up.

    LB: Dumervil was great, will we resign him? I hope sure hope so. Berry, Hayward, Pryce, I'm tired of seeing our best pass rushers leave because we won't pay them. Pay the man. Especially since Ayers looked to be Ghoulston 2.0 Andrea Davis started strong but faded. Mario Haggan should only be on ST's and Woodyard was very disappointing this year. D-Will's play again was above average but he's not intimidating or the leader that the Broncos need at this postion.

    CB: Bailey is not the shut down corner he once was but still better than 3/4 of the rest of the leagues CB's. Goodman was very solid. But both these guys probably only have a few years left in the tank. Which brings me to my biggest beef with McD, Alphonso Smith. Man that trade looks horrible at this point. Would love to have that 1st round back.

    S: I got this wrong at the beginning of the year. Didn't think Dawkins would have the impact he did. He was great(when he was on the field). Hill was a so-so pickup.

    ST: Prater can be so frustrating at times but in the end had a very good year. Berger was very inconsistent. Think it's Colquitt's job to lose come camp.

    Coaching: Nolan's the only coach i would like to see back. McD took over an offense where Cutler, Marshall, Scheffler, Royal, Hillis and other unnamed RB's excelled. Marshall was there but what about Scheffler, Royal, and Hillis? Shanny looks a lot better now with Cutler and the Broncos O-struggles. Can McD change it around? I hope so, because I don't think there will be a change. However, with the Cutler/Marshall/Scheffler/Hillis issues and his first draft being below average, I have my doubts.

    The team looked to quit on him. Can he get them back? I doubt it, his coaching style doesn't seem to fit the NFL. The college game maybe, but you have to many egos to deal with in the pros.

    Will the Broncos go after Cowher? A coach who commands respect when he walks through the door. I would love to see it, think things could get turned around a lot quicker.

    Best thing about this site is the time between now and the draft. All the speculation keeps Broncos madness going 24/7/365. Love it…4 years is way to long b/t playoff appearances. Hope our Broncos can get it together. Let's not see 5 years.

  • WhidbeyBronco

    We better not waste this year's picks! ..still very bitter about the Smith 1st rounder!! My gawd! So pissed!
    I'd like help on the O line 1st I think… Do we like McCoy though? Is Bradford going to be healthy? Many ?s to come.

  • jrodz19

    We got EXACTLY what we deserved. When we get rolled by Oakland, KC & Washington down the stretch, we ended up right where we should. Time for some serious shake-ups. Unload who you want, but just don't draft Clausen or Tebow and my dying hopes will stay on life-support.

  • Blue_in_Denver

    I think we will hear both sides of the story tomorrow morning.

    Just heard that on ESPN Radio 1600 in Denver 7-9 AM MT, they are having Josh McDaniels, John Elway and Tony Scheffler.

    Should be quite the show. I bookmarked the show's website because they stream the show live on the internet also.

  • rcsodak

    Who ever liked this (yourself?), is as much of an imbecile as you are.
    Orton played better than cutler did, even after 3yrs in shanny's system. This was year 1, with a totally new team/OL/wr's/te's/rb's. Totally new offensive scheme. A qb who's NEVER had a HC nor a QB coach with as much going for him as McD does. After an off season of review, and help, I look for Orton to have a fantastic year next year. If, of course, he has somebody left to throw the ball to.

    The biggest nemesis to the offense this year, was the OLine's inability to grab hold of the new blocking scheme. The lost their way in both pass blocking and, even worse, run blocking. Until an offense can run the ball, it will never get to where it can effectively call plays. Especially when inside the redzone and short yardage.

    I think we also see how much the defense truly overplayed in the early goings. Nolan had them believing they were better than they were…until they were proved to be lacking after the bye week. 6/10 wks they gave up HUGE running yards to the opponents. When that happens, the entire Defense is left to guessing on play calls.
    Defense needs to be the highest priority, period.

    And only the yahoo's that are still crying over cutler will say QB. Teams never get to where they strive by starting there. Just ask the “rebuilding since the 1960's Detroit Lions” how that's worked for them.

    The ONLY thing I'll agree on, is that Simms needs to be sent packing. He's a liability.
    Other than 2 outstanding defensive plays, 1 by Johnson and the other by their cb in the endzone, I thought Orton played more than great. With the weapons he had, and the drops that occured, he should have had half of what he had. But again, he showed the naysayers that he CAN throw the ball downfield, and accurately.

    2010 can only be better. Both sides of the ball will have had a year in the system. Coaches will have had a yr in the system. Bad apples will have been dealt with. A draft of hopefully high character, hungry players will be brought in.

    Bring it on!

  • rcsodak

    Oooohhhh….you're so smart.
    Laying all your cards on a 1st year HC/OC/DC/QB, with over 50% turnover, NOT having a winning record or getting into the playoffs.
    Make sure you pat yourself on the back, kerry. Maybe you and your mindless minions can get together and play “Fact or Crap” next weekend during the WC games.
    Meanwhile, the rest of us, the REAL Broncos fans, will watch in anticipation as McD/Xander & co. set out to improve on their non-losing 1st season together.

    I seem to recall McD's predecessor having an 8-8 record in his first season with the Broncos. And he even had Head Coaching experience and KNEW the main players.

    But nevermind such trivial Facts, though…..

    ..that'll only muddy up your drivel.

  • rcsodak

    That's all debatable.
    McD is said to have conferenced with team captains, and they all agreed a heavy hand needed to be used.

    I admire McD for utilizing those that are getting dirty with them.

    There's nothing wrong with 'my way or the hiway' mentalities.

    KC's coach does.
    NYJ's coach does.
    NE's coach does.
    MIA's coach does.

  • rcsodak

    Nothing wrong with Orton.
    Give him some freaking line blocking (btw, Hali OWNS Clady), a running game, and some wr's.

    Your list should start with a 'new team'.

  • rcsodak

    Orton's ankle is finally better. I saw him scramble plenty tonight. AND throw on the run. AND throw down field. What game were you watching?
    Maybe you might want to count how many plays they had of 20+yds. I also remember him hitting wr's “in stride”.

    “Fans” that expect perfection of a player in his 1st year with a team, NOT TO MENTION new coaching staff, make me wonder if you have any concept, whatsoever.

    Brady? 21 36 58.3 237 6.6 0TD's 2INT

    I recall a qb that can't scramble or throw on the run, who is named PManning. And he threw 6INT's to SD. Good thing they didn't run him off, eh?

  • katch22

    Your a Douch! Always have been and alway will be. Cutler this Culter that, Orton sucks, I know everything…. SHUT UP, SHUT THE F*CK UP!

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  • Anonymous

    Congrats to San Diego, You are deserving of it, let’s see how you represent the AFC WEST? ? You certainly have the talent. Time will tell if you can end your season on a positive note, Which i assume would have to be a Championship.

    I believe the Broncos 09 season to be about as good or even better than what i had anticipated prior to the season opener! That being said we are really no better off at the end of 09 than at the end of 08. Both very disappointing seasons. Questions at nearly all key positions. The only position not in question is who the head coach is?

    Like him or not, he is putting his stamp on this franchise, and the jury is still out on whether or not that stamp will be the kind that delivers what all Bronco nation wants. In fact it takes years (many) to achieve what each and every team wants. I believe it is obvious that McD put himself in the situation he is in, and he has made it harder on himself than it needed to be, and, I believe the team is going to be in search of a”quality” Qb for some time.

    Honestly, would it make any difference had we all been disappointed in losing 6 straight to open the season, and then go 8-2 to end and just miss the playoffs? You only would have written off the season sooner and then feel good about being 8-8, which is bunk, it is still 8-8. They are no better!! It is the exact talent, and personnel and coaching staff.

    Football is like life, you must battle through adversity, and with the right attitude you can learn from your mistakes! I hope McD is learning Quickly!!

  • Joe

    Please someone tell me why we fired Mike Shannahan? I know we had not made the playoffs in 4 years, but was it really worth it this year? What have we accomplished this year at all? Absolutely nothing. We have regressed in almost every way possible. Our new coach trades away a probowl QB, pisses off our 2 time probowl reciever who may not want to come back at all, and pisses off our best recieving TE and makes a lot of other players not trust him. Wow, he is off to a great start. He needs to quit playing this game ” My dick is bigger than yours ” with the players and actually get everyone on the same page and earn the respect of the players by utilizing them to win games, not by trading them away or benching them when its the most important game of the season. McDaniel’s ego has got to go. He is making our organization a laugh riot, if it was not already heading that way after last year. At least under Shannahan we had the number two offense in the league. How about this year? Our offense is just plain out terrible. We cant put up any points from touchdowns, it always has to be field goals, and Mcdaniels straight up sucks at playcalling. And no one can say that he fixed our defense. Our defense looked like they grew a sack for 7 out of the 16 games. And if Shannahan was still here, he could have hired Mike Nolan as the DC. Mike Nolan was a HC last year so Shanny couldnt have hired him than. Watching this last game was just embarrassing. Completely aweful. Our defense was backed to the whole “lets not stop the run” idea like they had last year. But at least last year our offense could put up points to keep us in the game. Orton sucks. I dont care what any stats say or anything. He sucks. He can’t throw the long-ball, he is not mobile at all, he can’t throw on the run, and he is just not athletic. At least the players liked and could trust Shanny. And I am a big fan of Knowshon, I think he is good when our line decides to block, and he will only get better, but what is with Robert Ayers? Why did we pass up on a rookie named Orakpo, who is going to the probowl, and get Ayers instead? Why couldnt we have drafted Orakpo first and than draft Knowshon, or trade up down a number or two in the draft just to make sure we would get Knowshon still? Ayers has not done anything at all this season, and it is sad. Especially since the guy we passed up on has made the probowl. Imagine Doom and Orakpo on the same team, that would be horrid for opposing offenses. But we don’t want that, we want a guy who has barely even cracked the stat sheet at all. What Denver needs to do is:
    1) Draft McCoy (pocket passer,can throw long-ball, mobile, smart, and a winner)
    2) Re-sign Marshall
    3) Draft or trade for a NT and some D-Lineman
    4)Tell McDaniels to grow a sack and call better plays, as well as quit screwing over his players and team
    5) Bring back Orton for one more year to let McCoy learn the system without being thrown into it right away, than release orton

  • Anonymous

    EPIC FAIL!!! Can we please stop talking about Cutler and how he would have made a difference. Cutler will never be anything but average and drafting a qb to fix next years team is about as silly as it gets. We may need to draft a qb but it won’t make us any better next year. Rookie qb’s suck. It’s that simple. If we are lucky, Brandstater will turn out to be the real deal. Otherwise, we are looking at another 8-8 season next year.

    Refusing to be a fan in misery, however, we do have some promising notes to look forward to. McD is a smart guy and will learn from his mistakes and take the team forward from here. The 2-8 finish hurts even worse than last years “Epic Fail” but that being said an 8-8 record for a rookie coach isn’t bad. The rookies have been disappointing because we reached so far for them but they are still rookies. Most rookies suck. There actual value to the team won’t be known until mid-season 2010. With a year under there belt in the same system, 1 or 2 of them might surprise us.

    I may be proven wrong next year but until that day comes I refuse to bitch about how there is no future in Denver and spend the next 8 months looking forward to another team that looks like it is once again going to collapse.