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Published on 12/31/2009 at Thu Dec 31 16:33.
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Stink List GraphicNote: if you’re looking for positive thoughts, or for something to cheer you up, something to help you realize life is worth living, don’t read this. They all stink, the whole team, all of em. Life in general too, while we’re at it, #1 on the Stink List=Living.
I was irate.
Now I’m numb.
Numb to it all.
Numb to the Pro Bowl selections.
Numb to all the free agency/resigning talk.
Numb to draft position or needs.
Numb to every comment or quote relating to “taking care of business,” or “not worrying about what’s out of our hands.”
I’m numb to all the Broncos gear I just received for Christmas. Anyone else feel like packing it all up in a box?
It’s surreal isn’t it?
The Oakland game was surreal. There wasn’t one point where I actually believed we could lose that game.
The Philly game was unreal. I was foaming at the mouth pissed.
I gave up, I admit it, I gave up before we closed the gap. Then they made me feel bad for giving up them. Only to allow a 26 or 27 or 28 or whatever yard scramble for a first down. Damn. Pathetic.
This season has been a downright bummer.

Optimists, here’s your chance to get some comments in.
Comment about how vastly our defense improved, or how the future of our team looks bright. Comment about how McDaniels was the right choice. Comment about sending 6 guys, 3 starters, to the Pro Bowl. Comment on how almost everyone predicted us to win less than 4 games.

I won’t disagree with any of it, I believe all of those things are true, and reassuring.
None of it, absolutely none of it takes away the stinging feeling this season has left me with.
This season is more of a bummer than last season.

  • It stings that we beat the Bengals with a miracle play. I feel like plays like that happen to teams of destiny. Teams that are playing above their potential.
  • It stings bad to know that Jay wouldn’t have a good season. We knew because he was leaving a team that had a great O-Line and amazing WR’s. That great O-Line hasn’t been that great, and our amazing receivers, Marshall aside, have been ehhh, alright.
  • It stings to beat the Cowboys, a team who will be forever connected to bad Decembers. A good Cowboys team who is cutting those ties, while we play like a team that should and now will be connected to bad Decembers.
  • I’m bummed to beat the Patriots. This game gave us our perception shift. It gave us our confidence, it gave us our gusto. Sure, we had won 5 straight, but could we handle a team like the Patriots. And we did. And then we thought, hey, this team is for real, this team has a shot. Our perception of what this season would bring completely changed.
  • It stings like 1,000 hornets attacking at once to beat the Chargers in SD. Now we must come to grips with the fact that the Super Bowl Champs could be from the AFC West. The Chargers might win the SB, have you actually stopped to think about that? Do it, feel the pain.
  • It bummed me out to lose to a good team and think to myself, it’s OK because we lost to a good team. And then another good team. Two straight losses to two good teams, both of which turned out to be mediocre teams, both of which set us on our path to becoming a mediocre team.
  • It killed me to lose to a bad team, the Redskins. I know, I know, they weren’t as bad as we thought they were, but still, they are a team in shambles, a team that has been falling apart at the seams all season long. This was the first loss that was supposed to be a win. We can forgive losing to Baltimore & Pittsburgh, but this loss was unforgivable.
  • To lose 7 of the last 9 games. That says it all. To feel excited about making the playoffs while playing bad football for 3/4 of the season. I refused to acknowledge that stat, 7 of 9. I refused to acknowledge it until it was staring me in the face. It stings. EPIC FAIL: this is the first time I’ve ever used this phrase, can someone tell me why everyone says it or where it came from? Isn’t it kinda nerdy? I don’t get it.
  • I’m bitter, and disappointed, and tired.

    Am I watching the game Sunday? Of course.
    If we win, will I watch the Bengals & Jets? You bet your ass.
    I’ll have one last Sunday to myself, with my Broncos friends, and my Broncos. One last Sunday to immerse myself, to lose myself in a LED flat-screen located in a crowded bar. But I can’t say I’m going to do it with any fire, or heart. What will I do if this is the last Sunday? Maybe hold the record for most times seeing Avatar, Easty and I could start a blog for that. East you down?

    I’m fully aware of my bipolar tendencies when it comes to the Broncos. I am done now, but come playoff time? If there’s playoff time. I’m fully aware of the 10 scenarios, of the possibility that these Denver Broncos may get into the playoffs. Would I have fire then? It’s hard to say yes.
    It’s hard to say when you’re overcome by the numbness.

    For now I’m just gonna go back to listening to Long December on repeat, in the corner, in my underwear and a cardigan, with a whole bunch of dirty dishes surrounding me…I also have a mustache, Jersey Shore is playing on repeat, and I love it, this is what happens to me when the Broncos lose.

    Sad Face.

    oh yeah, Happy New Year.

    • waylon

      Right there with you buddy… except for the mustache and cardigan.

    • dbroncos77

      Just your underwear Waylon?

    • kerry

      ill tell you what stinks. our running game. if we were able to run the ball AT ALL we could have won that Philly game. but of course 18 yards on 9 carries Moreno couldnt get it done. yeah we totally needed to draft him. im sure Peyton Hillis couldnt possibly have done better. he may have only gotten 17 yards on 9 carries. PFFTT.

    • accessdenied

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