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Published on 12/22/2009 at Tue Dec 22 09:54.
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  • The Broncos are ready to break a streak and start a new one against the Eagles.  [Denver Post]
  • Josh McDaniels:  The Broncos “Are far from being dead.”  [CS Gazette]
  • The head coach says that loss was even uglier on film.  [Denver Post]
  • Josh McDaniels on 850 KOA’s The Ride Home last night.  I listened to this live and there’s two very interesting points in here by McD.  Worth a listen.  [850 KOA]
  • Denver was beaten by their old blocking schme, Mike McCoy said the Clady gadget play worked in practice and McDaniels second guesses some of his play calling.  [Denver Post]
  • Mario Haggan is taking advantage of his opportunities.  [Longmont Times]
  • Sputtering down the stretch, the team needs to regroup against Philly.  []
  • Refusal to talk about Peyton Hillis, end of year declines, and the futures of Eddie Royal, Tom Brandstater, and Brandon Marshall are all discussed in Mike Klis’ new mailbag.  [Denver Post]
  • Eroding at line depth is taking it’s toll on the Broncos.  [Mile High Report]
  • Can’t believe high school coaches would turn down a free Tom Nalen.  Catching up with the center who is now focused on his Rebels team.  [Denver Post]

  • Andy Reid has only nice things to say about Brian Dawkins and Correll Buckhalter.  []
  • Woody Paige piles the blame on Knowshon Moreno.  Because the offensive line wasn’t completely ineffective of anything.  [Denver Post]
  • Brian Howell says the Broncos are blowing it again, just like 2008.  [Longmont Times]
  • Taking a look at the problems in the red zone and how to fix them.  [Denver Post]
  • Josh McDaniels missed the memo.  The Raiders are the Broncos rival.  [Broncos Zone]
  • The Eagles will look to exploit the Broncos battered secondary.  [Denver Post]
  • This mailbag seemed to cause quite a buzz Sunday morning.  Thought it was worth covering.  Is Champ Bailey expendable?  [Denver Post]
  • Fans respond to the Raider loss.  Lindsay Jones says we’re a savvy bunch.  [Denver Post]
  • What Denver can expect by heading into Lincoln Financial Field.  You stay classy Philly!  [Deadspin]
  • Fix the play calling or doom this team to another late season collapse.  [Colorado Sports Desk]
  • The Jay Cutler trade keeps getting more and more expensive for the Bears.  [Chicago Breaking Sports News]

NFL News & Notes

  • Why the Raiders and 49ers should not and will not share a stadium.  [SFGate]
  • Are the Redskins violating the Rooney rule in their flirtations with Mike Shanahan?  []
  • Adam Schefter is saying the Dallas Cowboys are definetely out of Shanahan’s picture.  [PFT]
  • The Giants are right back in the playoff hunt after last night.  [Denver Post]
  • anthony33

    Very interesting comments by McD on the offense running primarily the zone blocking sdheme the past few weeks.

    If that is the case, and I have not reason to doubt that, then you would have to think day the offensive issues stem from teams not believeing Orton can beat them so they stack the line of scrimmage and bury the run.

    You have to think if there is anything this team should be great at it would be the zone blocking scheme. However… nothing works if you are one dimensional.