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Published on 12/21/2009 at Mon Dec 21 09:54.
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  • A collaboration of mistakes led to Oakland’s victory in Denver.  [CS Gazette]
  • Red zone woes came back to bite the Broncos in this game.  [Longmont Times-Call]
  • Wesley Woodyard admits to allowing that 4th and 10 conversion to tight end Tony Stewart.  [Denver Post]
  • Moreno wasn’t solely to blame, Tony Carter earned his stripes, and David Bruton got the start.  [CS Gazette]
  • Great article:  Brandon Marshall goes from malcontent to magnificent.  []
  • A slew of AFC contenders should thank the Broncos for keeping them in the playoff hunt.  [Denver Post]
  • There’s a possibility that the Broncos could face the 49ers in London next season.  [PFT]
  • The Broncos get the CBS “number one crew” in Simms and Nance this week.  [Twitter]
  • This gives JaMarcus Russell a little too much credit in my opinion, but take it how you like.  [Denver Post]
  • David Ramsey: The Broncos don’t deserve to make the playoffs.  [CS Gazette]
  • Woody puts in a little flavor on the wild card race discussion.  [Denver Post]
  • The run defense played a big part in yesterday’s loss.  [Denver Post]
  • Give Michael Bush a ton of credit though.  [Mercury News]
  • This loss really hurt Denver’s chances in the playoff chase.  [Longmont Times-Call]
  • Dave Kreiger says this “fade pattern” looks just like last season.  [Denver Post]
  • Brandon Marshall’s uniform and gloves from last week’s game arrived at the HOF today.  [HOF – Twitter]
  • Mike Shanahan is planning on bringing son Kyle and Bob Slowik to Washington with him.  [NFP]
  • Pat Bowlen gave Shanny a glowing endorsement when questioned by Daniel Snyder.  [ESPN]

NFL News & Notes

  • The many faces of QB Jay Cutler.  This is actually kind of funny.  []
  • The NFL is asking players to donate their brains to science.  [Boulder Daily Camera]
  • The Chargers clinched their fourth straight AFC West title yesterday.  [Boulder Daily Camera]
  • Out of respect for Chris Henry, Phillip Rivers was able to subdue his celebration.  [Twitpic]
  • jonkrause

    If you are like me you felt like crap all last night, and will feel like crap till the Broncos win again. This gave me a little smile, hope it makes you feel a little better too. >>

  • mikebirty

    There was certainly a rumour about two weeks ago that there would be two UK based games with the second one being played in either Manchester, Edinburgh or Cardiff (Cardiff would be my bet because the stadium has a retractable roof but my preference would be Manchester).

    It seems from what I've read is that the “home” teams for next years international games have been set but not announced – Jags and 49ers – they just have to talk to their opponents and KC have expressed more interest than Denver in travelling to the UK. I wait with baited breath.

  • T-Money

    It's quite simple really…. Win two and you're in.

  • Josh Temple

    Agreed, I hate it when they talk playoff scenarios this time of year. Play your guts out and let the chips fall where they may.

  • Nisse

    knowshon sure got raped by the oakland D-line.