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Published on 12/17/2009 at Thu Dec 17 11:00.
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Oakland RaidersRecord: 4-9
Streak: Lost 1
Series vs. Denver: Raiders, 55-41-2
Last time: Broncos, 23-3
The Line: Broncos by 14

Who’s hot: QB J.P. Losman. Life is good for Losman right now. He just won the UFL’s Inaugural Championship Game as starting QB of the Las Vegas Locomotives (“They’re Loco for Losman!”). Then the Oakland Raiders come along and tell Losman they want to pay him to do the same thing they pay JaMarcus Russell to do: pretend to play quarterback in the NFL. Welcome home, J.P.

Who’s not: Sorry for piling on (not really), but we gotta go with QB JaMarcus Russell. The 2007 draft’s top overall pick went from starter to backup to third-stringer in the span of a month. Russell was thrown in last week’s loss at halftime (to uproarious “applause” from Raiders fans) only to get benched again this week. He threw an interception and was sacked six times in a brutal loss to the Redskins, a week after Bruce Gradkowski led Oakland to a win against the Super Bowl champs. Enter Charlie Frye.

Matchup to watch: Raiders D-Line vs. Broncos O-Line. To oversimplify, the difference between the games the Broncos won and the games they lost often came down to the ability of the offensive line to win in the trenches. Last week against the Colts saw the o-line having trouble opening holes and converting short-yardage downs, and the Broncos lost. In Week Two the guys up front dominated, but, due to both injury and performance, Denver has some new toys on the line. Will they be able to match their predecessors’ performance against a fast and physical Oakland front?

  • the510

    Let's Go Oakland! Stomp the Donkeys and set em' up for another December collapse!!

  • the510

    Let's Go Oakland! Stomp the Donkeys and set up another spectacular late season collapse!!

  • robtink242

    Okay you're a Raider fan and you want to beat the Broncos. You guys are starting? I don't love Kyle Orton but i rather him touch the ball every offensive snap rather than? Late season collapse? you guys collapse way before the season started

  • the510

    Kyle Orton blows. Spectacular Donkey face plant is what I'm looking for.

  • Fan From Spain

    Your WHOLE team blows

  • Sandblack

    Russell sucks. That being said…..
    All the Shanny Rat wins over the years and you're still 14 games under .500….whew.
    You'll win cause of QB play… But be honest…You've sucked for a much longer time……and you know this….Maaaaaann.
    The 20 somethings are just too young to know.

  • steeplebomb

    Lol its the same thing every time. An article is posted here about the Raiders. Raiders fans come over here to talk trash but can't figure out the comment system. (I'm assuming that 510 didn't mean to put a blank post, and sandblack wanted to say more than just his email address.)

    I would talk trash but there's really no need. This is the Bronco's game to lose. If we show up, which I think we will, the game won't even be close.

  • Plato

    Is there any team more embarrassing than the Oakland Raiders in the past 5 years? I really don't think so. The Raiders have had no glory games and nothing to rave about. Let's take a look here:

    Top 4 Embarrassing teams:
    4. St. Louis Rams – Marc Bulger sucks, Tory Holt wanted out, Orlando Pace fell off the face of the earth and Leonard Little is a bona fide killer. Somehow Stephen Jackson still runs like a maniac. The Rams at least won their last playoff game on January 8th, 2005.

    3. Cleveland Browns – Hell, at least Josh Cribbs is a phenom. Also, beating the Steelers has to feel good this year. Mohammed Massaqoui is about 100 times better than DHB and gets payed about 100 times less too. At least the offensive line has potential.

    2. Detroit Lions – Yes, they lost every game last year, Matt Millen is a thief, they're owned by an American car company, and nearly every pick for them has been a bust. However, that's all about to change. Matt Stafford played one of the best games in NFL history this year and brought some hope to the franchise. Calvin Johnson is one of the NFL's best, Brandon Pettigrew was having a great rookie year, and Louis Delmas as well. The Lions suck now, but the future at least looks bright.

    1. The Oakland Raiders – MVP of the AFC West for the past few years? Al Davis. This man has allowed the decline of his franchise making it easier for other teams to whoop ass on the Raiders. The Raiders have consistently drafted busts year after year and not even because it was bad luck, they were known busts. I don't understand how a self respecting Raider fan doesn't want to hang themselves every year the draft comes up or anytime Al Davis decides to get out of his tomb and talk to the press. The Raiders are 30-81 since they've been to the Super Bowl in 2002. That's 81 losses in 7 seasons.

  • the510

    Actually, YOUR whole team sucks. I hope you limp into the playoffs only to get blown out. 20-19: Donkey Punch to the head bitch$s!