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Published on 12/17/2009 at Thu Dec 17 08:18.
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  • Chris Simms stands up for his accused doctor.  “He saved my career”  [Denver Post]
  • More on Chris Simms and Dr. Anthony Galea.  [Denver Post]
  • A somewhat frantic look at the Broncos 2009 season.  [In Denver Times]
  • Peyton Hillis is the forgotten man in Denver’s backfield.  [Boulder Daily Camera]
  • The dirty play of Richard Seymour is enough to re-ignite this rivalry.  [CS Gazette]
  • The key match up of Brandon Marshall against Nnamdi Asomugha.  [Denver Post]
  • Premature rankings of the top 10 receivers for next season.  Brandon Marshall sits at 3rd.  [The Pigskin Doctors]
  • A great piece on Mike Bell’s new found success in New Orleans.  [Denver Post]
  • Brian Xanders needs to get Elvis Dumervil and Brandon Marshall under contract now.  [Denver Post]
  • The Raiders have officially given up on JaMarcus Russell.  [ESPN NFL Nation]
  • The Broncos are really thin at safety depth currently.  [Denver Post] [CS Gazette]
  • Rookie David Bruton could crack the starting lineup if something were to happen to Renaldo Hill.  [CS Gazette]
  • The Raiders situation this weekend shows how important the quarterback is.  [Denver Post]
  • Oakland might be finally battling their own demons by giving up on JaMarcus.  [Mercury News]
  • Do you long for the rivalry of the good ole days?  [Bleacher Report]

NFL News & Notes

  • Update: Chris Henry has passed away at 6:36 this morning.  [Cincy Jungle]
  • In case you haven’t heard the news, Bengals comeback receiver Chris Henry was involved in an auto accident of sorts and is currently on life support in a Charlotte Hospital.  Cincy Jungle has the most accurate and up to date status on Henry.  [Cincy Jungle]
  • The departure of Redskin’s Executive V.P. Vinny Cerrato opens the door for Mike Shanahan.  [PFT]
  • Behind the scenes access to John Henderson’s bizzare warm up.  [Fan Dome]
  • Chad OchoCinco wants to fight Shawn Merriman.  I’m sure the tone of this banter will quickly change with the Chris Henry accident.  [ESPN]