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Published on 12/11/2009 at Fri Dec 11 08:26.
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  • Denver isn’t likely to get a lot of sacks Sunday seeing as how Manning is the hardest QB to take down.  Doom says it’s all about making the QB uncomfortable in the pocket.  [CS Gazette]
  • The Colts are playing with the burden of staying perfect.  [Denver Post]
  • It’s not just Manning, the entire Colts squad is complimenting each other’s play.  Preparing for a perfect team.  [Broncotalk]
  • The Broncos might have the winning formula to take down the undefeated Colts.  []
  • Some quotes on the Broncos in this article from Indy’s head coach Jim Caldwell.  [Examiner-CS]
  • The Broncos best bet at stopping Peyton will be relying on the team’s veteran secondary.  [CS Gazette]

  • Louisville used Elvis Dumervil as a consultant when it came to selecting a new head coach.  [Denver Post]
  • Is Norv Turner really that big of an upgrade over Wade Phillips?  Matt Mosley seems to think so, saying the Cowboys should’ve hired Turner in 2006.  [ESPN NFL Nation]
  • If JaMarcus Russell doesn’t see the field again this season he will become the new Ryan Leaf.  [Denver Post]
  • The Broncos running game is heating up at the right time.  [CS Gazette]
  • Out of the frying pan and into the fire.  [The Orange Page]
  • The Colts and the Saints have two very different undefeated paths through the end of the season.  Why it matters for this weekend’s game.  [Sporting News]
  • Previews of the Broncos / Colts matchup.  [] [Predominantly Orange]
  • Lindsay Jones does a spotlight on tackle Tyler Polumbus.  [Denver Post]
  • mikebirty

    What no mention of the BroncoTalk Fantasy Football playoffs? Of course, I only mention that because I'm number one seed……..

  • Kyle

    Seeding means nothing now! Win or go home!

  • Josh Temple

    We really should do an updated post on our leagues. I'm sitting at a lovely 4-9 right now. However I am in tired for first in my other league, so go figure.

  • Andpark

    Party Animal finished with #3 total pts but took a #9 seed. Tough year, so tough. Super fun, thanks for setting all that up guys!