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Published on 11/28/2009 at Sat Nov 28 10:54.
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BroncoTalk Game Balls

When the Broncos win, we give out Game Balls. It goes without saying, but we will anyway — it feels damn good to hand out some game balls again. Broncos 26, Giants 6 — alright gentlemen, who ya got?!

Brandon MarshallBrandon Marshall
I feel like a Brandon Marshall fanboy doing this, but seriously. Not one but TWO stellar one handed grabs? Kyle Orton jokingly told The Beast between drives that he was making him look bad by making those sensational catches, but really. That kind of catch is just not what we come to expect from Marshall. We expect tough catches inside and hard yards after the catch, not Jerry Rice jump up specials. Marshall came to play, and once again he put up a performance that says that despite his attitude, he deserves to be paid. – E. Halsey Miles

Brian DawkinsBrian Dawkins
Brian Dawkins is a maniac, plain and simple. Weapon-X was all over the field making tackles, forcing fumbles, and motivating players. Time after time, play after play, Dawkins was the heart and soul of the Denver Broncos defense. Despite his age Dawkins showed versatility by playing back in coverage, helping with run support, and provide pressure on the blitz. This Thanksgiving B-Dawk gives Denver fans a lot to be thankful for. – Mr. East

I know this is corny, but I want to give my game ball to the whole team. This was the first game that I feel we played as a complete and well-rounded team. Credit goes to all the players, and especially the coaches. Thanks guys for a wonderful Thanksgiving day gift! – Jonathan Douglas

Matt PraterMatt Prater
The guy was bombing his kicks all over the field Thursday and had about as perfect a game as a kicker can have. He sent five of his seven kickoffs to the end zone for touchbacks, and he was four for four on field goals, including a 47-yarder. As Jason Elam struggles in Atlanta, the Broncos appear to have a bright future in September’s AFC Special Teams Player of the Month. – Kyle

Mitch BergerMitch Berger
Did someone order a Love-Berger? Well done. Much love for the old man, putting the curse of Kern to rest, and leading the charge of a visibly improved special teams. If he and Pray(t)er keep booting the long ball with the accuracy arrow down the middle, the Broncos will be in good shape going into the home stretch. Punt return coverage needs some work, but who’s complaining, I’m filled with mashed potatoes and making multiple trips to the bathroom all day. Happy Bloated Friday! – J. Kenneth K

Other Game Balls: Elvis Dumervil, for his two-sack performance and clutch forced fumble. Mike Nolan, for getting more aggressive in his playcalling (at times… there were still a few third and longs that sent a three-man rush, but who am I to argue with six-point results?). Kyle Orton. That one interception was a poor toss, but he had a very solid outing Thursday night. He escaped pressure and made plays more than once. He’s looked very good his past two starts.

Who’d we miss? Your Game Balls in the comments.

  • TheTroglodyte

    How about some game balls for the offensive line who despite some miscues opened up some huge holes for the running game and kept Orton on his feet all night. Half of the miscues were on Daniel Graham and not the actual line itself anyway.

  • broncogeoff81

    How about Moreno? The dude ran tough all night long and made the Giant defense look like they hadn't practiced tackling since July. I thought he was going to have his first 100-yd outing, but that arm injury he took crushed those chances. Still, this guy continues to amaze me almost every week. Thursday night was no exception.

  • TheTroglodyte

    We can add Tony Scheff to the list as well. He made some key grabs and his blocking was on point. No way he makes those same blocks last year.

  • Pete

    Agreed, my game ball goes to both Offensive and Defensive lines. The O-Line opened up huge holes, and kept Orton clean. The D-Line pressured Manning and kept him out of rhythm all game.
    You also have Marshall with his unbelievable catches, Scheffler for his key 1st downs, our Secondary for their coverage that got some coverage sacks, Nolan for calling a more aggressive game, McDaniels for keeping the heat on (minus the 2 minute run the clock out offense at the end of the 1st half), and our Special teams, which really were special.

  • BeD

    Also, Spencer Larson did a heck of job as the full-back making it possible for Moreno to run like he did.

  • Pete

    When you have a dominant game like we did, it really does take a complete team effort. So you can pretty much give everyone who played a game ball.

  • threeyardbomb

    I usually agree but I don't see the the love for Bruton. The dude was in on special teams in a very big way. Reminded me of Keith Burns.

  • T-Money

    Dude I agree. That kid was one missed tackle or one cut away from taking it 60 70 yards. He was playing smash mouth football and I loved it!

  • bob

    broncos suck

  • steeplebomb


  • NMBronc

    No fumbles this week. He needs to consistently hold on to the ball, because he is an awesome talent.

  • jonnyspitz

    The discussion about Marshall's attitude should have been put to rest after he reamed Moreno for fumbling in the end zone. Why continue putting down one of our best players?

  • ocbronco

    He reamed Knowshon for a fumble that was actually a td and far from reckless with the ball. He more than anyone should understand ball protection so what the hell was he doing in the middle of a close game? Anyway, Marshall is obviously a top top talent but I still think he has a 5 cent head. I don't think he is done with getting in trouble but I hope I am wrong. We are certainly not as good on offense without him.

  • mikey55

    i think daniel graham deserves some love some awesome blocks out there yeah some penalties but he was killing linebackers and d ends all day, also david bruton on special teams wow beauty performance! and knowshow yet again close but no cigar for a 100 yard game but still a solid performance

  • Dan

    We really miss Ryan Harris at right tackle. Is there any word when he will be healthy enough to play again.