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Published on 11/25/2009 at Wed Nov 25 09:28.
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  • The Broncos have had a players only meeting.  The change we like to see.  [DPO]
  • How the team is not regaining its composure after a four game slide.  [Boulder Daily Camera]
  • The goal is to put together a “fiery” team that can keep it’s cool when needed.  Is that pronounced like wiry? [DPO]
  • Not the players, it’s time for the coaches to play to their strengths.  [Longmont Times]
  • It is Brian Dawkins‘ plan to play on turkey day.  [DPO]
  • Jason Elam is having to compete for a job position for the first time in his career.  [BroncoTalk]
  • The game of NFL intimidation is broken down.  Sounds they shouldn’t have asked Champ Bailey or Daniel Graham.  [DPO]
  • D.J. Williams plays his heart out but does so in the shadows.  [Longmont Times]
  • Broncos fans appreciate Kyle Orton and guess what?  It fires the offense up.  [CS Gazette]
  • Some Thanksgiving news on Darrell Reid’s Food Fest charity.  [Mile High Report]
  • Audio from Josh McDaniels‘ Tuesday presser.  [850 KOA]
  • Is McDaniels solely to blame for the Broncos recent losing streak?  [Broncos Zone]
  • Were Alphonso Smith and Richard Quinn overrated?  Jeff Legwold breaks it down.  [DPO]
  • I know we keep hearing this but the Buffalo Bills are getting serious about Mike Shanahan.  [Boulder Daily Camera]

NFL News & Notes

  • House finally acknowledges it!  [With Leather]
  • Charger lineman Jon Runyan will retire after this season and run for congress in New Jersey.  [ESPN]