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Published on 11/23/2009 at Mon Nov 23 08:45.
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  • The jawing between Josh McDaniels and the Chargers’ linebacking corp will be all the talk today.  [Broncotalk]
  • Starting Chris Simms is questioned when you were going to put in Kyle Orton anyway.  [CS Gazette]
  • The team is all kinds of frustrated after Sunday’s game.  [Longmont Times]  [In Denver Times]
  • Woody Paige still dislikes Kyle Orton as the starting quarterback.  (Ed. Note: Well, he doesn’t like Chris Simms that much, either. Can’t blame him after yesterday. –Kyle) [DPO]
  • What we can learn from our hated AFC Rivals.  [CS Gazette]
  • The Broncos are getting a little too good at this fading down the stretch thing.  [DPO]
  • Mark Cooper tells us why we really lost this weekend, stupid penalties and very costly turnovers.  [Official Team Blog]
  • The good, we stopped the Chargers’ ground game.  The bad, Rivers did whatever he wanted.  [DPO]
  • The team lost its crowd yesterday as well.  []
  • Give Phillip time in the pocket and he’ll pick you apart.  [DPO]
  • The Bills are ready to make a serious push for a new head coach and they really want Mike Shanahan.  [All Things Broncos – DPO]
  • Josh McDaniels needs to hire a motivational speaker apparently.  (This is good for a laugh)  [Broncos Stable]