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Published on 11/19/2009 at Thu Nov 19 11:19.
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Woody Paige

You can’t blame a certain Denver columnist for sticking to his guns.

In his latest mailbag, the Post’s venerable wordsmith maintains that Chris Simms should have started instead of Kyle Orton, citing “thoughtful research” (read: Simms was better in one week of the preseason) and “observation” (read: Woody attended training camp twice) in concluding Simms “might provide” a lift. That’s fine, Woody, have your opinion, and stick with it.

But then, presumably after Paige read our piece pointing out the holes in his logic, he throws a pointed barb our way. Take a look [sic, emphasis added]:

I give my opinion, which is based on sound information, thoughtful research and observation, unlike some kid in Arizona who is a Broncos fan and writes a blog, without proper grammar or punctuation or understanding, from his mom’s laundry room and think he knows what he’s talking about, and people actually pay attention.

How did Woody know I write from my mom’s laundry room? Creepy…

Of course I don’t run BT from any laundry room. I am a kid, though (age 25); I own and live in a home in Arizona, and have every intent of moving back to Colorado some day, which is where I was born.

Despite the geographical disadvantage, I did attend training camp (every session for the first 10 or so days). I came into the process with a completely open mind about which quarterback should start. I let my eyes do the scouting, and concluded absolutely — purely after watching practice — that Kyle Orton is right where he belongs.

Paige was nowhere to be found while I was scouting Denver’s quarterbacks. I saw Paige at practice once for certain, possibly twice. In fact, I’ve heard Woody is hardly seen at Dove Valley at all these days.

I’m 788 miles away. What’s his excuse?

Finally, regarding my lack of “proper grammar or punctuation,” I would invite Mr. Paige to look in the mirror. If he’s going to accuse someone of such, he should try running his own columns through the spellcheck first.

I do know what I am talking about, Broncos fans, even if Woody Paige think I don’t.

Woody’s Mailbag: Broncos broken down [Denver Post]
The Simmsational Woody Paige [BroncoTalk]

  • Steve Patterson

    *gets popcorn*

  • Adrenaline27

    He's probably coming here to to get his information as you guys seems to get it before anyone else. Thats too funny though, I say keep up the good work.

  • markpooler

    I read Paige's article just a few hours ago. That's funny he is intimidated by your site. We all know Paige doesn't take the time to really report on the Broncos because his focus is on Around the Horn. I appreciate your site and dedication to the Broncos! Keep up the good work!

    Another 25yr old Bronco Fan in Kentucky,

  • E. Halsey Miles

    The interesting part is that the amateur blogger is arguing points, and the professional journalist is throwing around inconsequential personal attacks.

    I actually have a lot of respect for Woody. He's earned it, really. But this one is weird. I know Woody takes a lot of crap for his opinions, but 'thoughtful research' should be easily defended when it is called out on a blog. Also, the NFL is the “Not For Long”, or “What have you done for me today?” In the NFL you aren't allowed to coast on what you used to do, because what you did last year doesn't win games this year. Journalists should be the same. I don't care if what you did last year or ten years ago was great work, if you're slacking, you're slacking. The job is hard, and if you don't do the job, your work will suck.

    And many of Woody's points, after the shot, are actually interesting — last week was absolutely no proof that Simms wouldn't work as a starter for a number of reasons. But they also don't address anything Kyle actually said, either. Oh dilemmas.

  • stumped

    He's just mad that you guys can write circles around him. Seriously, he sounded pretty bitter in that mailbag

  • dogheadbrew

    It seems to me that a “credible” columnist citing (or inciting) another media producer, for anything other than simple pop culture reference, elevates (in the professional sense [and that simply means getting financially compensated for production in that field] ) said media producer to the referrers status. I vote a Twitter smack-down, followed by co-guest-hosts of cold pizza or sportsnation or some other sports-fluff show.

    Hey Steve, I'll bring beverages if I can have some of your popcorn…

  • E. Halsey Miles

    Also, doesn't the Denver Post have editors? I could swear that newspapers were supposed to run articles through people who know a lot about punctuation and grammar and do stuff like catch typos, misspellings and poor grammar.

  • E. Halsey Miles

    I wouldn't smack Woody down too hard, in that as far as I know, everyone on the BT staff thinks this is funny more than anything. Let the arguments presented speak for themselves and, IMO, it's very important to not get too personal with Woody. The guy does take a lot of crap, deserved and not, for what he writes. And he's a whole lot more in touch than Mark Kiszla.

  • IanHenson

    I can testify to Kyle's proper grammar and dialogue as former writer for the site.

    I guess this means that you made it man =) Congratulations!

  • Estes2SD

    Does Woody's chalk board drive anybody else crazy? I find it almost bizzare that the picture you chose to post has a chalk board as well. I think he got the idea from an episode of friends. Woody probably has never even been to Casa Bonita…

  • Jonathan Douglas

    You know, this reminds me of that time I got called out by our mascot. Those were good times, good times! lol

    However, I never got in it in official print. Congrats, Kyle! You're a MSM pop culture reference. Soon you'll have your own Trivia Pursuit question! :)

  • T-Money

    I hate Woody like i hate seeing the Broncos lose…you know…it just makes you want to do unnecessary damage to your belongings…

    So as I'm reading this I decided to drop him a comment…I don't really care if he reads it, but it brought me pleasure so I thought I would share with you guys…reads as the following:

    Dear Woody,

    You're not the smartest guy in the world and I can understand that… But when you go to throw a personal attack at somebody and accuse them of something you should make sure you aren't being a hypocrite.

    Exhibit A:

    You stated the following above…

    “I give my opinion, which is based on sound information, thoughtful research and observation, unlike some kid in Arizona who is a Broncos fan and writes a blog, without proper grammar or punctuation or understanding, from his mom's laundry room and think he knows what he's talking about, and people actually pay attention.”

    I would like to invite you to words 30-30 of this quote… “Proper grammar or punctuation”…I will agree with you here. That is necessary…

    However I would like you to look at the 42nd word if you would please. You said “think”…as in I think you are a hypocrite…Not “thinks”…as in everybody thinks you're an idiot.

    Lastly, I would like to invite you to that particular blog so that you can be a man and tell that Arizona kid (who's name is Kyle by the way and you would know that if you did any of your so called research…It took me a whole 45 seconds to find it) directly how you feel…

    You can do that here…

    Here's to your pompous writing and your hubris attitude,

  • mikebirty

    Geez, looks like you really hit a nerve there Kyle. How dare you use logic and sense to debunk his arguments! He has a plaque on his wall from journalism school and that makes him better. Period.

    And if he's got a problem with the spuling and garmmear here – its probably a good job he doesn't read Horvil's blog.

    My only advice – Don't pick a fight with a fool because sometimes its difficult to tell who is who.

  • Josh Temple

    Leave Miles Alone! LEAVE HIM ALONE!!!

  • Andpark

    You were wrong about Simms, don't go yelling at poor Broncotalk when you are wrong. Poor BT..

  • whitebronco#1

    In Broncos' info, better Kyle than Paige, with closed eyes! Kyle, it seems you're important to Paige now. Keep the good work and maybe even Mr. Bowlen will take a look at your Mom's-laundry-room-made blog (at least it's a clean blog, lol). Cheers!

  • jonkrause

    lol nice

  • Roy88

    Wow, what a sad, spitefull little man Paige is. Why, if he is so high and mighty, is he even worried about what “some kid from Arizona” thinks? Paige is upset because his arrogant plea for Simms actually came to fruition, and blew up in his face. Instead of admitting he was wrong, he suggests that if Simms had started, things may have been different. Granted, taking over as QB in the middle of the game cannot be easy, but to suggest two more quarters would have made a difference is absurd.

    Kudos to you, Kyle, for making assertations based on what you have witnessed first-hand, instead of from “sound information.”

    It is my sincerest hope that a week of preperation can make a difference for Simms if he plays this week. Otherwise, it is going to be a long few games until Orton is healed.

  • Plato

    Ladies and Gentlemen, Woody Paige on Around The Horn:

    “Duhh Duhh I-I-I Kyle Simms Orton Duh yo–youu” *MUTE* -5 points.

    The End.

  • Olen

    I will quote myself , unless someone else can find a previous quoter .”Don't argue with a crazy man “.Enough said now let's get on with the facts pertaining to the game . That being can we stop the Chargers from out scoring us . Give Chris all the support if he plays . Put yourself in his place as if you were playing . Everybody on both teams are trying to win . It is hard and every bit of support is helpful .

  • hhh

    With U Kyle.
    I find your work very interesting and rate u even at the top with a couple of writers at MileHigh Report.
    Never liked WP based on the low quality of his work at DP.

    GO Kyle

  • Kyle

    I hope, assuming he starts (and it looks like he will), that Simms plays out of his mind this Sunday. Well put. Broncos winning trumps all.

  • bankmeister

    Well done, Kyle. You gotta love the fact that some “professional” takes time out of his busy day to attempt to trash a well-written blog by simply dismissing it because it is a blog.

    /imagines Woody thinking “Damn, it feels good to be a moron.”

  • themacmamba

    Besides the obvious “think” grammar mistake, I do believe that his rant about BT was a run on sentence. I am amazed that he thinks that Simms will give the broncos a “lift”. We will see this weekend. I want nothing more than the broncos to win, but this situation leaves me with a pit in the back of my throat, as my heart tells me this weekend could get ugly.

  • magster

    You definitely got the better of this exchange…

  • E. Halsey Miles

    This reminds me, again, that I really should get a Miles jersey. It's so appropriate.

  • McgarnagleDB

    Keep up the good work Kyle. There's a reason why I get my Broncos news fix from this site and a few other blogs instead of the Denver Post.

  • broncoinva9986

    Woody Paige is about as useful as a mother in law…that guy has the such an ego…I watch around the horn and I can't believe they keep him on that show…..You guys do an awesome job…I go to espn, than you guys before I would even touch the Denver Post….Thanks for a good website

  • magster

    Your blogging competitors at MHR had your back in comments to the morning links post. Blogs are the future of media and you and MHR are the must reads for Bronco fans in the morning.

  • vince_mairne

    Kyle, I'm with you brother. I have recommended BT to all of my other Broncos fans as well. Keep up the good work!!!

  • broncoinva9986
  • anthony33

    Woody has been a very entertaining writer over the years. His articles, at times, have pissed me off, made me laugh, been similar to my own opinion and even shed a few tears.

    He stirs emotions for sure. The problem is when the writed starts to believe his opinion is the last word as if he is the judge and jury.

    Surprised to see him react the way he did (defensive) considering he could have turned it into a great article. Bottom line: I still like Woody, but love the open forum of BT, where we all get to express our opinions.

  • DantePakistan
  • virginiabronco

    Woody who?

  • threeyardbomb

    Being a lifelong Broncos fan, spanning years back to the old Orange Crush, I find it funny that I actually go to Broncos Talk before the Denver Post to get my fix. I do like the Mile High Report but for honest coverage I come here. Kyle, you and your staff do one hell of a good job and in some twisted way Woody's insults are a compliment in my opinion. I love this site and even like Kerry's two cents worth. It is not all Kool-Aid here, however, I do drink large amounts. Keep up the fantastic work. Thanks.

  • air jordans shoes

    I am back too!! I have been out of town, so i just picked up my SJ's today, my white and red 12's too. I am a very happy camper!! And you are definately bakk

  • Yourlovelywatch

    Talk before the Denver Post to get my fix. I do like the Mile High Report but for honest coverage

  • Yourlovelywatch

    Talk before the Denver Post to get my fix. I do like the Mile High Report but for honest coverage