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  • Jeff Legwold says the Broncos haven’t given up on the zone blocking scheme.  Think situational hybrid.  [DPO]
  • Mike Shanahan has been inducted into the Colorado Sports Hall of Fame along with Joe Sakic.  []
  • Hochstein isn’t the only guard being promoted to first string for the game on Sunday.  [Washington Post]
  • Jim Zorn tells the Redskins Insider what he is seeing out of the Broncos defense.  [Washington Post]
  • Champ Bailey and Brian Dawkins let it be known why the hurry up offense won’t work every week against this defense.  [Boulder Daily Camera]
  • In case you had something better to do and missed it, Jay Cutler threw a career high 5 interceptions last night leading an offense that only scored 6 points against the 49ers.  [DPO]
  • Audio of Josh McDaniels‘ press conference yesterday in which he discusses the Ben Hamilton move.  [850 KOA]
  • Why the offensive line has been the last team component to see change with the new regime.  [DPO]
  • Mike Nolan is scheming to keep Jason Campbell in the pocket.  [DPO]
  • Bill Williamson has a good comparison of the Broncos and Chargers schedule down the stretch.  [ESPN Hashmarks]
  • Jeff Legwold keeps cranking them out.  A look at the retooling of the offensive line.  [DPO]
  • Bronco blogger Sayre Bedinger has a very early preview of the Broncos 2010 draft.  [Bleacher Report]
  • Why the Champ Bailey for Clinton Portis trade is still relevant.  [CS Gazette]

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  • Shocker!  Javon Walker wants out of Oakland now.  [ESPN Hashmarks]
  • Does anybody feel like the NFL is getting a little full of themselves these days?  [The Daily Bore]  []

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  • That’s right folks, the ever so superstitious Kyle Orton has shaved his neckbeard. [Colorado Springs Gazette]
  • Every Denver fan wants to see the deep ball in action, including Kyle Orton. [Denver Post]
  • Mr. Bailey goes to Washington… again. [Washington Times]
  • Mr. Portis goes to the injury list… again. [Washington Post]
  • Ben Hamilton to the bench? Ben Hamilton to the bench. [DPO]
  • Get ready Elvis Dumervil, Levi Jones is grabbing his first start of the year in Chris Samuels absence. [Washington Post]
  • Bill Williamson wants you to watch Knowshon Moreno this week. [ESPN]
  • broncosfaninal

    Is anyone surprised by the Jay Cutler meltdown in Chicago? It's so funny to hear Bears fans so surprised by 1) the interceptions, 2) the red zone inefficiency, 3) the lack of leadership by Cutler, and 4) the excuses and finger pointing at everyone by Jay Cutler. What were they expecting, seriously?

  • WhidbeyBronco

    FOOLISHNESS. how about we compare Payton Manning's INTs in his first four years to Cutlers… He had twice as many!

    BTW He's pretty good, huh?

  • broncosfaninal

    Manning didn't have twice as many if you look at the number of passing attempts. His INT rate was 3.64% in his first 4 years while Cutler is at 3.465% in his first 4 (so far). Manning also had a .500 record after 4 seasons (and 2 winning seasons) which Cutler would be lucky to see.

  • WhidbeyBronco

    they just noted that stat during the game the other night… count the # of Int's if you want to do the leg work… do 4 & 5 years…

  • WhidbeyBronco

    oh and really? 3.465 v 3.4 kind of makes my point. It takes time in this league to master the qb position… it turned out pretty well for peyton!