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Published on 11/11/2009 at Wed Nov 11 08:29.
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  • Woody Paige is already calling for Kyle Orton’s head. [Denver Post]
  • Despite their traumatic year, Denver says they aren’t taking the Redskins lightly. [Salt Lake Tribune]
  • Mike Klis has a very good mailbag this week covering the season ticket holder sellout, whether these Broncos will choke down the stretch, and an update on Brandon Stokley. [DPO]
  • Frank Schwab believes that the Broncos inability to throw deep is what is hurting them. [CS Gazette]
  • Even Drew Litton had to poke fun at that one.  []
  • Anthony Cotton believes its the lack of the run game that’s hurting Denver. [DPO]
  • A Breakdown of the team at the midway point with a positive outlook.  [Longmont Times]
  • Don’t sell your tickets to the enemy. [BroncoTalk]
  • Ty Law didn’t make a huge impact, but he looked good for playing the nickel corner position for the first time ever. [DPO]
  • Ryan Harris back for the San Diego game?  McDaniels on Mitch Berger and the running game.  Defense slips to 3rd in the NFL but already has better total stats than last year’s team.  All summed up here.  [DPO]
  • Audio interviews with Champ Bailey and Eddie Royal yesterday after falling to the Steelers.  [850 KOA]
  • Jeff Legwold fields the tough questions that have to be lingering for a lot of fans.  When does Chris Simms get a chance with Orton struggling?  Is Kyle the long term answer?  Is Tom Brandstater a true project or depth chart fodder?  Some very good points in this writeup.    [DPO]
  • Steve Mariucci calls Mike Nolan the Coordinator of the Year. [CSG]
  • The 98/99 Broncos and Terrell Davis apparently buck the trend.  Having the NFL rushing leader typically does not mean success.  [Dallas News]
  • Despite rumors that the Redskins were to pick Larry Johnson up, he has gone unclaimed through waivers. [ESPN]
  • Former Eagles right tackle John Runyan doesn’t want your Pro Bowl vote, he may want your Congressional vote, if you live in New Jersey. [PFT]
  • jonkrause

    I twitter, and fb, I know many fans who are calling for KO's head.

  • TheTroglodyte

    When the offense is struggling the backup qb is always the most popular guy in town. When Orton was the Bears qb everyone wanted Grossman. When Grossman was the qb everyone wanted Orton. When the Jets were struggling with Pennington at the helm, everyone wanted Kellen Clemmens.

    Orton obviously has some serious limitations. I too would like to see what Simms can do now. That being said, it's a tad foolish for everyone to think Simms would go in there and completely change the dynamic of this offense with the way our line is blocking.

    Would we score more points? Maybe. We certainly wouldn't score less. The playbook wouldn't suddenly open up to manifest destiny though because a qb needs a full 3 seconds to throw the ball for that to happen and right now, there not getting it done.

  • Estes2SD

    I say we call for Woody's head.

  • MrEast


    Woody has the most interesting way of writing about sports. I always enjoy watching him fumble over his words on Around the Horn.

  • Kyle

    Kyle Orton was on Woody's Pro Bowl ballot three weeks ago. Fickle fickle.

  • MrEast

    Words of truth from The Troglodyte.

    I remember the whole Patrick Ramsey v. Mark Brunell saga. Redskins fans were sick of the bust that was Patrick Ramsey so they wanted Brunell to start. The Redskins fans got their wish and it wasn't so pretty. Soon afterwards the start Ramsey chant began.

  • MrEast

    He also went from picking Denver to be 4-12 to having a playoff run.

  • Josh Temple

    I think Big Ben might have been a little upset he had to participate in the game Monday night rather than attending to other things: