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Published on 11/02/2009 at Mon Nov 02 16:42.
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ChambersThe San Diego Chargers have released long time NFL wideout Chris Chambers this afternoon.  Originally a member of the Miami Dolphins, the Chargers aquired the receiver in a trade for a second round pick back in 2007.  The roster move was made based off of the progress of Malcolm Floyd who has moved into the #2 receiving spot.  Floyd has been seen by many NFL speculators as making great strides of late and was deserving of the promotion.  So why the release?  San Diego needs the roster spot to sign a linebacker to replace the injured Tim Dobbins.  The empty #3 spot is expected to be filled by either Legedu Naanee or Buster Davis.

  • broncos19

    I think we should sign Chris Chambers. He isn't that bad of a player!

  • Vincent Jackson

    He was the shortest out of all of us.

  • Big_Pete

    Chambers was a STUD just 2 years ago, or was it 3, when he was last with the Dolphins? He has some of the best hands in football. I wonder if he just wasn't being targeted because they always went to Gates/Jackson, or if he just had a steep decline. Either way, I'd definitely take a look at him for our team. Stokely isn't getting any younger, so maybe he could step in next year if Stoke retires?

  • NavyBSU_fan

    i thought we drafted Kenny Mckinnly to take Stokes spot when he retires. I don't really remember Chambers being that much of a threat to us when we played San Diego. I think we should only sign free agents who give our team fits. Get em before our competitors do.

  • Pete

    The thing is that SD got Chambers back when Gates was better than the top 5 TE's in the league combined. They also had an LT who set NFL records. As well as an up and coming Vincent Jackson. There wasn't a whole hell of a lot of room for Chambers in that offense, and it showed. Yeah, we have Mckinnly, but you never know what you'll get. He is quick and young though. Although, Chambers has made some unreal catches over his career. Without looking up his bio, I can't think he's older than 29-30, so he should still have 4-5 real productive years left in him, plus he's a proven vet.

  • robtink242

    I hear you guys but that makes no sense this team is flooded with talent at wide out. Marshall, Royal and Gaffney are solid. Mckinnly is young and will open up the play book next year. Stokley is very reliable during third down. Tony Shef. plays like a wide out.

  • Kyle

    Only reason we'd sign Chambers is for the inside look at the playbook.

    Plus, as we tweeted earlier tonight, word is Miami will probably jump back on Chambers.

  • Go Bolts!!

    Hello Donkey Fans! Guess whos coming for you! Enjoy your 9-7 year, go ahead and make plans for early Jan on the slopes. Just make sure your near a t.v. to watch the defending AFC West Champs again in the playoffs. GO BOLTS!!

  • Kyle

    W. O. W.

    Beat one team with a winning record before you talk your smack there buddy.

  • Garrett Barnes

    haha you're funny.

    why not you try play some defense, or some offense, or for that matter special teams before you come telling us how we will miss the playoffs?

  • steeplebomb

    Blah Blah Blah. Blahbity blahbity blah. I'm a jealous Charger's fan and I can't get over the fact that my team isn't going to be given the opportunity to lose in the first round of the playoffs. Blahbity blahbity blah.

    Your team is full of aging has beens and whiny bitches. Short of a miracle you won't make the playoffs. But honestly, that should be the least of your worries. If I were you, I'd be praying to any god that will listen that your sorry ass franchise actually stays in town after this year.

  • T-Money

    I already have my skiing plans all mapped out.

    11/22 Broncos Vs. Chargers

    8:00..get up and tear up the powder
    12:45… Last run call…
    1:30…Pick up last minute game necessities
    2:15…Kick off

  • MrEast

    At least he used proper grammar.

  • Kyle

    Didn't you say you go up to Flagstaff to ski one time?

  • T-Money

    Well I'm originally from Aspen Colorado, but I'm going to school at ASU in Tempe so I ski in both places. I'll be up in flag a few times this winter.

  • Josh Temple

    Not exactly. “whos” should've been who's