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Published on 10/20/2009 at Tue Oct 20 21:54.
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Denver Broncos WR Eddie Royal made history Monday Night.  (REUTERS/Fred Greaves)

Denver Broncos WR Eddie Royal made history Monday Night. (REUTERS/Fred Greaves)

Dressed in the Denver Broncos‘ classic “seal brown” from head to toe, Eddie Royal returned both a kickoff and punt for a touchdown Monday night.

The last Bronco to do that was Al Frazier on December 3, 1961. Frazier was also wearing those seal brown colors — the second-to-last time Denver would wear them, before 2009.

  • denverfanindallas

    what an awesome player…
    this denver team is fun to watch. there seems to be a new hero every week! week 1: stoaks right place at right time, week 2: bucks wild horse legs, week 3: raiders, week 4: the beast, week 5: defense, week 6: The Royal Treatment!

    this team is dangerous, we can hit from so many sides….you wanna take away the Beast, Royal & Stoke underneath… you wanna take away underneath, Sheff down the sideline (sic TD catch btw, absolutely the best TE catch i have seen)… you wanna shut down the pass( which no one has yet) buck and know up the gut… we are one of the most talented offenses in the league and some how still FLYING UNDER THE RADAR! thanks to the D, the O has been able to turn into a monster!

    i have been a broncos fan for close to 20 years now (only been around 26…and no im not gonna complain about the unis) and this one of the funniest seasons since the elway days… we are straight standing up to teams, and knocking them down…

  • Kelly Lee Phipps

    Ravens Steelers Giants Colts and Eagles….those are the teams left on our schedule that we need to beat to go better than 11-5…the other teams of course cannot be overlooked, especially our next meeting with vengeful San Diego…but if we can win those gimme games and beat San Diego at home, and then knock off the vulnerable Ravens, the second-half collapse Steelers, the injury-laden not so invincible Giants, the very vulnerable Raiders beat em Eagles…the only team that looks tough now on our tough as nails schedule is the undefeated Colts, but I think our defense will cream Manning with his rookie receivers…so yeah I'm going to say it, looks like we're in for a 16-0 season and McD upends Belichek!

  • NavyBSU_fan

    Other teams can't take their eyes off those crazy socks. This might start a trend in the NFL. Something that causes vertigo in other teams would be great for the jerseys. some spinners on the sides of the helmets just for effect.

  • Gary in SD

    I didn't like the unis before the NE game, but after the way they've played in them I have to say this… They can take the field in pink tutus if they want, just as long as they keep playing like they have!

  • anthony33

    Looking for a little help here…I know it is a bit off the subject line.

    BUT, does anyone know of a good sports bar in the LA or Orange County (preferably OC) area where fellow Bronco fans gather to watch the game? I mean like an official meeting place.

    I have found one the caters to radier fans (they let them out of jail on Sunday's here). I even found one full of Bills fan, well half full anyway.

    I need to be around a sea of orange and blue or brown and yellow.


  • MrEast

    No one wants to be in an actual sea of brown and yellow… trust me.

  • Andpark

    I'm in LA and it is tough. Too many Raiders and Chargers fans. I have a great place that at least is an Eagles and Vikings bar so at least I can be left alone.

    If you find one let me know!

  • Kyle


  • anthony33

    Mr East,
    Very good point!!!

    I saw in a Klis' (DP) article that there is a Bronco hangout at a place called Busby's in Beverly Hills, which means $30 for a frickin' hamburger…not exactly my type of place.

    I'll keep you posted if I learn anything.