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Published on 10/20/2009 at Tue Oct 20 10:00.
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BroncoTalk Game Balls

Broncos 34 – Chargers 23. This is the sweetest victory Broncos fans have had in a long time — at least since the 2005 playoffs. Lately, the BT Staffers have been beating me to the punch, dishing out the game balls and calling dibs on players before I elicit their response. I love it. It’s good to be a Broncos fan. Alright Team BT, who ya got?!

Elvis DumervilElvis Dumervil. Much akin to Eddie Royal in this game, we do not come away with a W if Elvis Dumervil is not in the lineup. Everytime we were able to get pressure using a 4 or 5 man rush, it was Doom’s ability to win the edge consistently that disrupted Rivers on his blindside. Not only was he able to pile on the sacks, coming up with a huge turnover in the middle of the game which turned the tide in Denver’s favor, but his relentless pass rush through the 2nd half was the stake in the heart of San Diego’s offense. – Josh Temple

O-line. Seeing our defense swarm Rivers magnifies how great our guys are. Running game looked good, but the pass protection was amazing. Clady did allow sack #2 in his career, but only because Kyle held the ball too long. Complete domination by our front 5 makes it easy to believe in this offense. – J. Kenneth K.

Eddie RoyalEddie Royal hands down. Without fresh Eddie tearing it up the Broncos would have surely been in a huge pickle. Royal has made a special Monday night moment that will last forever. Eddie has always been a decent return man but he hasn’t cashed in on runs like these yet (with the exception of the Miami game last year). If Eddie can be consistent with these type of returns then who needs an offense? – Mr. East

Ryan CladyYeah, he gave up the second sack in his professional career in tonight’s game, but Orton got happy feet and walked into the sack. Not much Clady could’ve done there. And the rest of the night, he shut Shawne Merriman down. With all the time Orton had to make throws, it’s surprising we didn’t have 59 points rather than 34, because he had enough time to pop back an ice cold beer before lazily hefting the ball into the air. Sure, Cromartie played a lot better than I expected tonight, but even Champ Bailey eventually will lose his man in coverage and not everybody can be covered. – E. Halsey Miles

Tony SchefflerIt seems every week Josh McDaniels is able to use one of his weapons in a mismatch he sees against opposing defenses. Scheffler caught six passes for over a hundred yards with a score in one of his best efforts as a pro this Monday night against the Chargers. Scheffler is making the most of his opportunities and could be poised for his best season as a pro to date and is poised for a large pay day somewhere down the road. – Christopher D. Hart

D.J. WilliamsD.J. Williams. Brian Dawkins has become the outspoken cheerleader and inspiration for the defense, so I don’t know how many people have really noticed that D.J. Williams has quietly been playing great football all season. It’s Williams that has Mike Nolan’s voice in his ear as the plays are called and it’s Williams that leads the D huddles. He is often directing traffic before the play and last night his name got mentioned a few times late in the game when he scored his second sack and forced fumble of the year. He currently leads the team in tackles and it’s time we game the ‘man behind the man’ a game ball. – Jonathan Douglas

Andre GoodmanAndre Goodman. An interesting development has been taking place of late — Champ Bailey is being targeted. It’s true Bailey’s not getting any younger, but he’s only 31. His clutch plays continue to show he hasn’t lost a step, so why the increased focus his way? Could Andre Goodman be part of the reason? Every time the quarterback targets Champ Bailey is a compliment to Goodman, and last night he was on fire. In fact, Goodman has been playing very well for us all season. I don’t know how they tally “passes defensed” — does the defender need to get a hand on the ball? – but Goodman denied Vincent Jackson a deep bomb with textbook coverage. His final mark says 0 passes defensed, but let me tell you about another stat — a second quarter sack, the first of Goodman’s career. That sack forced a Chargers punt — one which Eddie Royal returned 71 yards for a touchdown. Kudos to Goodman on the career milestone, the big play, and continued success across one of the greatest to every play the position. – Kyle

  • magster

    It was nice seeing Rivers get creamed play after play after play in the second half. A very satisfying win!

  • herc_rock

    My game ball goes to Norv. Way to call plays that take forever to develop over and over and over again when your O-line is getting torched.

    Ever hear of a three step drop? Maybe a quick slant?

  • Estes2SD

    Game ball to Stokley – 3 reasons
    1. Made up his own route for a game ending touchdown
    2. Most of the time Stokley is right in Bmarsh face to calm him down after a play
    3. One of the most impressive away from the ball blocks was laid upon a helpless Charger somewhere in the 3rd quarter by Brandon.

  • TJ

    “If you will it, Dude, it is no dream” -Walter Sobchak- GO BRONCOS!!

  • Jack

    I think it would probably be more correct to give the game ball to our secondary.

  • SantaBarbaraDave

    When I am wrong, I admit it. Congrats on the win.

    The ironic thing to me, is that we lost in the one area that we were supposed to be dominant: special teams.

    Again, congrats donco fans. See you Nov. 19th.

  • Gary in SD

    To all of the above of course, but please add Orton to that list. Game after game without a “real” interception this season. The guy has an Einstein level football IQ!

  • Jonathan Douglas

    Estes2SD, I also have noticed Stokley constantly running over to Marshall to either calm him down or keep him from over-celebrating. Stokley has probably save us hundreds of yards of penalties over the last two seasons as he's been Brandon's on-field common sense.

    Good points! He'll never replace Eddie McCaffrey as my favorite bronco slot receiver, but it sure makes me feel good to have someone like him on our team! Quality guy all the way around! :)

  • herc_rock

    Eddie was the #2. Willie Green was the slot guy.

  • Kyle

    Classy Chargers fan, thanks for stopping by. Looking forward to 11/19.

  • Kyle

    Orton, all the WR's for their huge downfield blocks, Darcel McBath for his clutch special teams play (David Bruton too), Ron Fields for keeping LT contained, Brian Dawkins…

    Just a ton of deserving Broncos out there.

  • Kyle

    Orton, all the WR's for their huge downfield blocks, Darcel McBath for his clutch special teams play (David Bruton too), Ron Fields for keeping LT contained, Brian Dawkins…

    Just a ton of deserving Broncos out there.

  • Jonathan Douglas

    I forgot about ole Willie. I guess Eddie went over the middle so often I just always considered him a slot guy, even when he was running as our #2 behind Rod…

    Damn, I miss the old 'Hit Magnet' :(

  • MrEast

    Thanks for stopping by and being classy! Always good to see that.

  • Gary in SD

    Definitely a total team effort, that there was no doubt of. Greatest win for the franchise in quite a few years I would have to say… Jim Rome said it best this morning, this team is “Swaggerliscious”!

  • Gary in SD

    Stokley definitely has a future in coaching. But let's all hope that is a distant, very distant, future!

  • herc_rock

    I think both Howard Griffith and TD had more catches than Willie Green during those SB years.

  • Jonathan Douglas

    Yeah, he was only with us those two years, right?