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Published on 10/13/2009 at Tue Oct 13 07:29.
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  • The Chargers know the stakes heading into Monday’s pivotal AFC West game.  Never has a team gone 6-0 and not won the division.  [San Diego Union Tribune]
  • Fans are making the coach and GM feel the heat, and this article tries to fan the flames.  [SDUT]
  • Josh McDaniels is the early Coach of the Year favorite. [Denver Post]
  • McD makes no apologies to his post-game celebration.  [Colorado Springs Gazette]

  • The Broncos hope to take advantage of Chargers NT Jamal Williams‘ absence. [DPO]
  • Frank Schwab wonders (and asks) if Mike Nolan will be a hot head coach candidate after 2009.  [CSG]
  • Rate the Broncos unis through the years.  [Huffington Post]
  • Nice conversation on the Broncos win, and all Sunday’s games.  [Football Outsiders]
  • Kyle Orton is outplaying Jay Cutler.  [Bronco Madness]
  • Oldie but a goodie, refreshing in hindsight: Rod Smith debates the 2009 Broncos with Jamie Dukes.  5-0?  Laughs, laughs, laughs.  Thanks Big_Pete.  []
  • A sad, empty ending to a memorable Rockies season.  Can’t wait for next year, Colorado.  [DPO]
  • Joe417

    Everyone should go vote for Knowshon to be Rookie of the weed again. He is up to vote for. Lets make him the rookie of the week for two weeks straight!!

  • kerry

    check out the new cartoon. Kyle you should make this a daily links tomorrow. lol

  • Gary in SD

    Being a Bronco fan living in SD (since '96) has been a humbling experience the past half decade or so. It used to be a great thing until Elway retired. Everyone I know gives me crap for it year round. The other day I got “the bird” on the freeway just for having a Bronco trailer hitch cover!… Let me walk proud out here next week guys. I want to go to work with my colors on and look down my nose at them while jealousy steams out of their ears!