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Published on 10/12/2009 at Mon Oct 12 16:51.
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BroncoTalk Game Balls

Broncos win! Broncos win! Broncos win! Time for another edition of the BT Game Balls. Alright staff, who ya got?!

Josh McDanielsJosh McDaniels. You get W’s. Those W’s feel good, but what feels even better is what comes after those W’s. The hugs last week, the fist pumping this week, this team believing in each other! Fully believing in each other. Marshall is here, Royal found his way, Scheffler is back, Moreno is in ROY form, the defense is the DEFENSE, and we are the Wild Horses! All because of Coach McDaniels. 5 & Ohh! – J. Kenneth K.

Kyle OrtonKyle Orton took the glove off his right hand and, seemingly, the training wheels off the offense. The Broncos quarterback went 35 for 48 (72.9%) for 330 yards, two touchdowns, a meaningless Hail Mary interception and a 96.7 passer rating. More impressive were the game-winning drives. Down seven points, McDaniels put the ball in Orton’s hands at the two-yard line and said, “Go win the game, son.” Orton delivered, then did it again in overtime for good measure. – Kyle

Brandon MarshallBrandon Marshall. Forget all the controversy surrounding the Pro-Bowl wide receiver. Marshall yielded another solid day of production with two touchdowns in the Broncos 20-14 victory over the New England Patriots. I think it is safe to say that if Marshall keeps out of trouble, the Broncos will have a hard time not offering him a lucrative contract to stay in Denver long-term. Marshall’s presence on the field makes the players around him better as well. He is that good. – Christopher D. Hart

Daniel GrahamDaniel Graham. Not only did he continue to help defend Orton along the O-line, but he also got some receptions. It comes as no surprise to any in Denver that he has good hands, but it’s always nice to see a guy like that get his number called every once in a while. Also, I’m pretty sure it was Graham that called the coin toss that gave us the ball in OT. :) – Jonathan Douglas

Vonnie HollidayVonnie Holliday. With two minutes left in a tie ball game, Tom Brady has the ball in his hands at the Patriots‘ 45-yard line. Tom Terrific marches down for the winning score 99 times out of 100 in that situation, but Sunday, Holliday made sure his Week 5 experience was of the 1/100 variety. Holliday made the play of the game that no one is talking about, a sack and forced fumble that halted the Patriots’ drive. Except for a Hail Mary with seven seconds left in the fourth quarter, Tom Brady never touched the ball again. What a great last-minute pickup by Josh McD, and what a great play against an o-line that had shut out the Broncos’ pass rush up to that point — when it counted. – Kyle

  • stuckinraiderland

    Gotta agree with Kyle. Mr. Orton didn't get the ball downfield, exactly, but that's not what we need him to do. What we need him to do is to drill tight, accurate passes on short-yardage third downs to receivers who are (understandably) going to have very little separation from the corner. He did that.
    As I said earlier, he really managed the hell out of the Patriots.
    Mr. Hart– my only quibble with Graham is that one running play where he totally whiffed on a block, resulting in negative yards for Moreno. It looked like “but for” that missed block there was going to be a big run. But overall Graham looked good, just not game-ball good.

  • Andpark

    Orton looked really great and I hope people start giving him the credit he deserves for this win. He took that glove off and made me a believer. The second Marshall TD was something special. He had a much tighter spiral and more zip and I have complete faith in him for the rest of the season.

    How about a game ball for Prater? I know he missed one earlier but man that cannot be easy. Talk about pressure right?

  • troyn

    KO proved he is the real deal. The play where he felt the backside pressure and zipped the ball out for the gain showed me a lot. He can do everything it takes to win in this league, especially with coach McD having his back. After this last game, I doubt even kerry could doubt that. Still saying all that, nothing has been proved with this team other than they will be prepared and ready every week. The biggest game of the year is now the bolts, time to prove another vegas line wrong.

  • Big_Pete

    Remember this?
    It's the Rod Smith NFL Network interview when him and Jamie Dukes talked about the Broncos 2009 Outlook and Rod got berated for saying “I see 5-0” when they showed the Broncos first 5 games. Jamie Dukes said that he saw 2-3.
    NFL Network owes it to the Broncos, the city of Denver, and all the Broncos fans to replay that video and have Jamie Dukes apologize for being such a dumbass, all the while, have Rod back on the show to class the place up!

  • nfljerseys

    Season is still early, just wait and see..

  • broncoinva9986

    This was a wonderful game to watch. Denver plays beautiful on offense. Ten yards at a time….that is how you win football games ten yards at a time. I give the Game ball to Kyle Orton. The boy was ballin yesterday. 98 yard and a 95 yard drive. I give the Defense a game ball for shutting the patriots down in the second half….Don't know what to think about the uniforms but……A win in a big game like that is all that matters

  • robtink242

    i'll be the first to say i'm sorry for doubting Kyle Orton. He still by no way is great but, I can see he has 52 guys in pads behind him giving there all. And our ground game is making him more comfortable back there.

  • dbroncos

    I would give it to Marshall and Royal. Together they just made the NE DBs look like high schoolers trying to play in the NFL. Marshall just demolished Shawn Springs all day. Also Vonnie Holiday played exceptionally with that forced fumble.

  • JoeDoGG

    Holy Crap the Broncos are awesome and way to go Josh McDaniels for that 5th win against your sort of mentor

  • Josh Terry

    It didn't happen much, maybe 2 or 3 times, but I really think they need to get Moreno to the outside on a sweep, toss, etc. I saw it in overtime on a screen. One cut and see ya…

  • Tom9798

    I’ve said for month’s we’d be 11-5 . . . .

    There are many of you that said we’d go 3-13 or 4-14 . . . you know who you are . . . we need three games to go 8-8 . . . . any taker’s? . . . . .

    Still have to play the Chargers twice, the Ravens, the Steelers, the Redskins, the Giants, the Colts and the Eagles . . . . these are pretty much play-off teams (except the redskins) . . . .

    I’m no longer counting the Raiders at home or both games against K.C. . . . that’s my 8-8 . . . and if we lose any of those three I would be totally shocked . . . . .

    So . . . we have to beat three of these playoff teams to go 11-5 . . . .

    Now we face our toughest game . . . if we can beat San Diego at their home and go into the bye-week 6-0 with the Chargers 2-3 . . . I’ll be pretty happy . . . .

    Anybody for an upset of one of the other’s? . . . we were picked to lose against everybody and so far all ESPN has done is point out the weakness of the Cowboy’s and the Patriot’s . . . two week’s ago neither team had a weakness . . .

    Until they played the Denver Bronco’s! . . . the best Defense in the NFL and a damn good offense too!

  • steeplebomb

    The last two game have been amazing. What a rush! I expected Orton to improve but this was a pleasant surprise. Couldn't have come at a better time either. Marshall may end up being the difference maker for us in a lot of these upcoming games. Great option to go to in the Redzone. That dude is beast. Doom dropped off a little but I expect him to bounce back. Looking for him to put phillis on her back like the ho she is. Sorry, that was a little ridiculous. Jack MF Williams also had a really good game. He seemed to be making a lot of key plays.

    I wouldn't shed a tear if I never see us try to run up the middle on third and short again.

  • TJ

    Yo Jonathan,

    I'm pretty sure it was Patriots NT Vince Wilfork that called the OT coin toss as “Tails” & it landed “Heads”. I remember because I spilled my beer in excitement then high fived my girlfriend so hard that she almost fell over:)

  • Jonathan Douglas

    You're right — the visiting team always calls the coin. Wasn't Graham up there representing us, though?

  • Jonathan Douglas

    I think Orton has deserved a couple game balls so far… but I'm still not sold on him as our long-term solution at QB. He throws accurately and manages the game well. But remember, he has GREAT receivers and a good running game to help him. That will usually take you to the playoffs if you also have a good defense.

    It is a rare thing, however, to find a team with a 'decent' QB win a Super Bowl. And I still think Orton is a decent QB… not a Super QB.

    If we keep playing like are right now, I think we make the playoffs. But I can't help imagining this season ending like our 2005 season when things just seemed to fall apart and Jake couldn't pull it together all by himself.

    Kyle Orton is a good QB, but he lacks the skills to throw this team over his shoulder and win the game by himself. John Elway could do that back in the day. Manning can do that now. Our QB can't simply can't do that.

    I'm very happy with Orton's performance so far. He deserves our praise for his excellent play so far this year. But I wouldn't be surprised if we see McDaniels looking for a long term solution to this position after this season is done.

  • TJ

    Yeah man. He was there representing us:)

  • stuckinraiderland

    I used to think that too, Jonathon, but Orton's beginning to change my mind. I know Orton isn't a down-the-field kind of guy, but at least against the Pats, he: 1) made a couple of plays where he moved around and bought time for himself before finding his guy; 2) threw some very accurate passes into some really tight spaces; and 3) seems to have that weird intuition about who'll be open, when they'll be open, and where. That's why I think I see him moving out of “decent” into “Super” territory, not quite yet, but maybe soon.

  • stuckinraiderland

    Sorry, misspelled Jonathan. My bad.

  • NMBronc

    I have been one of the biggest non-believers (in regards to this year) on this site. Did not believe we would win more than 5-6 games. Did not believe the Def would be this good until next year. Did not, no how, no way, believe that Orton was a starting QB in the NFL…..until yesterday…WTF.

    I realized it was just one game, but it was one game against a good Def and Orton was awesome. Forget the win for a moment. Yesterday was lightbulb on moment for him and me. He made good decisions, made good throws, but for me he did two things that matter most. He made accurate, deep (10+ yards) throws and he won from behind.

    In another system he is likely not this successful, but with McD mentoring and with this defense absolutely demoralizing other teams, I do believe Orton will take us to the playoffs.

    Love me some Crow….GO BRONCS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jonathan Douglas

    Well, I most certainly can see why Orton is getting recognized this week (I've voted for his Fedex award). You're right, he played very well on Sunday and I think the most impressive thing we saw was his ability to take advantage of the Wild Horses offense.

    Again… I'm very pleased with his work so far. I just wonder if it will take more talent than he has to offer for Denver to win another ring.

    One things for sure — this season is much more fun to watch than I had ever imagined! :)

  • Nisse

    i dont agree with you, did anyone claim tom brady to be an elite qb before he won his second ring? no. did anyone claim eli manning to be an elite qb before he won a superbowl? no.
    both of them had a great supporting cast, and played just the way orton does.
    so i think the elite qb or no rings statement is pretty much a myth.

    and either way, orton is playing better and better every week, while at the same time playing better and better opponents.

  • Estes2SD

    Good point Nisse.
    I am glad to see the support for Orton. Come the SD game next Monday (Wind or Lose) I doubt you will see him acting like a child like on the field like some other QB we used to have.

  • Estes2SD

    Good point Nisse.

    I am glad to see the support for Orton. Come the SD game next Monday (Wind or Lose) I doubt you will see him acting like a child like on the field like some other QB we used to have.