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Published on 10/11/2009 at Sun Oct 11 08:45.
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BroncoTalk staffers J. Kenneth K., Mr. East and Kyle predict each week’s winners.


Minnesota (-10) at St. Louis

Last week’s Favre Bowl was Minnesota’s best win of the season, and they showed they’re a team that can be exceptional with a second half lead: good pass rush, running the football, and smart quarterback play. I seem them carrying that momentum into St. Louis with a decisive win.

Pick: Minnesota, 33-13

Dallas (-7.5) at Kansas City

Here, we Broncos fans gain yet another qualifier. If KC beats Dallas because Romo has his brain in another universe, we scratch our domes & wonder the value of our win. If Dallas easily handles the empty space known as Kansas City, we raise our heads high with an AFC rival loss & a “I told you Dallas was good”. As much as Romo seems bewildered, the Cheifs have still yet to find an identity, Dallas should control the clock and run all day long.

Pick: Dallas, 24-10

Washington at Carolina (-4)

Carolina needs this win. Correction, Carolina needs a win. The Redskins are 2-2 because they played three of the worst teams in the NFL (Detroit, Tampa, St. Louis). Carolina’s defense won’t have to worry too much. Clinton Portis‘ best days are behind him and he might not even play. When it comes to Carolina’s offense, they need DeAngelo Williams to run the ball well if they want to win. The Redskins have the big play ability and have won games off of big Santana Moss and Chris Cooley touchdowns. However, I don’t think it will be enough.

Pick: Carolina, 24-20

Tampa Bay at Philadelphia (-15.5)

The Eagles are activating all of their quarterbacks, and Donovan McNabb is expected to start. If he struggles, his popularity with the Philly phaithful, already precariously low, will plummet, as fans will be thinking “Put on of those two guys in there.” The two quarterbacks on the sideline just might be thinking the same thing. After a bye week and at home against a bad Tampa Bay team, those thoughts will kept to an inner monologue.

Pick: Philadelphia, 45 – 24

Oakland at New York Giants (-15.5)

Giants advance to 5-0. Maybe Janikowski kicks a field goal or two. Giants defense capitalizes on the worst quarterback play in the league. This may spell the end for Jamarcus as a starter in the NFL.

Pick: New York, 30-6

Cleveland at Buffalo (-6)

Derek Anderson really helped out the Browns in his return and Mohammed Massaquoi really came into his own. Eric Mangini and Dick Jauron might be fired at the end of the season if they keep their crappy pace up so both coaches better bring at least their C games, which would be a huge improvement. I can’t believe I’m saying this but I think Derek Anderson will help lift the Browns to their first win.

Pick: Cleveland, 24-17

Cincinnati at Baltimore (-8.5)

What happened to Carson Palmer being the best QB in this division? Both Big Ben and Joe Flacco have surpassed him. The Cincinnati defense will keep them in most games, but tasking them with winning this division game on the road is too tall a task.

Pick: Baltimore, 31-24

Pittsburgh (-10.5) at Detroit

Yeesh, the only good game this week is DEN & NE. Detroit is building it’s team around the trifecta of Stafford/Smith/Johnson, it’s a good start, but only a start. Steelers win 27-10.

Pick: Pittsburgh, 27-10

Atlanta at San Francisco (-2.5)

I’m really excited for this game. San Fran is one of the most underrated teams in the NFL. They’ve played some real tough and balanced football this year. Atlanta is a great team with Tony Gonzalez playing like he always does. I think Atlanta won’t be able to stop Vernon Davis and Issac Bruce whereas San Fran will be able to stop Roddy White and Michael Turner. Also, Mike Singletary scares me.

Pick: San Francisco, 21-17

New England (-3) at Denver

Kyle broke down this game thoroughly — if there’s going to be a Bronco-killer, it’s going to be Wes Welker. Unfortunately they’re not going to task Welker with blocking if the offensive line can’t handle the Broncos pass rush, like the Cowboys did with their Weapon X Jason Witten. Broncos edge out New England in a nail-biter.

Pick: Denver, 20-17 (OT)

Houston at Arizona (-5.5)

Arizona is coming off of a bye and I have to believe that they’ve gotten their shit together. Play every fantasy member from each team except Slaton, who I’ve lost faith in. This one is high scoring with Arizona finally cashing in on big plays from it’s big two. Zona 35 Kubiaks Kids 28.

Pick: Arizona, 35-28

Jacksonville at Seattle (-1.5)

Seattle is really struggling without… well a lot of things. Jacksonville is finally starting to get both sides of their offensive rolling. Maurice Jones-Drew and Mike Sims-Walker are great weapons for David Garrard to use.

Pick: Jacksonville, 27-10

Indianapolis (-4) at Tennessee

I think the Titans will come out of their bye and finally look like a playoff football team. I think Kerry Collins has a good game. I think that running game really finds its legs. I also think that Indianapolis might be the scariest team in the league, and that Peyton Manning looks simply unbeatable. Colts in a close one.

Pick: Indianapolis, 25-24

New York Jets (-2) at Miami

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that New Yorks loss to New Orleans last week was the begining of the end for the Jets cinderella season. That’s not to say they will finish below .500, their defense is too good, but I think that loss will bring them down closer to earth. Just like I think this loss will do the same. Miami has officially seen the end of the Pennington era, look for them to see what Henne is all about, while continuing to sprinkle in Ronnie Brown and that pesky wildcat. It’s close but the Dolphins win this division game 17-14.

Pick: Miami, 17-14

  • areferee

    As much as I would like to share Kyle's prediction of a narrow Broncos victory in the snow and cold, I fear there will be no warmth from today's results. The “Mustard and Brown” defense will play a decent game, but there will be no end zone appearances for our heroes today. The teacher overcomes the Freshman student 17-6. Sorry gang, but 4-1 is better than most of us figured after week five. Admit it!

  • herc_rock

    Predicting an overtime game take some balls.

    Weather shouldn't be a factor today. Partly cloudy, high in the upper 40's.

  • AtomicLeo

    My Picks against the spread
    KC (but Dallas pulls out a win)
    Washington beats Carolina
    Tampa Bay but Philly wins
    NY Giants cover
    Cleveland beats Buffalo
    Baltimore covers
    Pittsburgh covers
    San Fran covers (They'll be the surprise playoff team for the NFC)
    Houston over Arizona (Warner doesn't look right)
    Miami (Sanchez isn't Payton)

    I'll take NE over Denver today. The offense just hasn't been impressive and needs turn overs to set up short fields. This is the first team they've played all season that isn't sloppy and is well coached. Look for the D to hold NE to 2-3 scores, but not generate the turn overs we've seen in other games. The offense will struggle to find a rhythm.

    NE 20 Denver 13

  • areferee

    WOW! Kyle! You are the GURU! The SEER! The SAGE! The SOOTHSAYER! You are THE MAN! What a prediction! Had they not each missed a field goal in regulation…you would have been spot on! Great job. Would you please pick my numbers in the upcoming PowerBall drawing?

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