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Published on 10/08/2009 at Thu Oct 08 06:00.
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  • Truly epic video/audio of Josh McDaniels during the Dallas game.  [] [via]
  • Gene Mingo, who played in the AFL’s first game (a 14-10 Broncos win at the Boston Patriots), will be the Broncos’ honorary team captain this weekend. []
  • Mingo shows off the yellow and brown jerseys — and yes, the vertical-striped socks — the Broncos will don this weekend.  [Colorado Springs Gazette]

  • I knew it, I knew it! John Elway really can save the world! [Deadspin]
  • Kyle Orton gives Brandon Marshall some love.  [DPO]
  • Champ Bailey gives Tom Brady and Randy Moss some as well.  [Boston Herald]
  • No Junior Seau for the Pats this week.  [ESPNBoston]
  • What is it about the Bay Area that always leaves them the last to sign their darned draft picks?  [ESPN]
  • The Jets are unaware that the Braylon Edwards Eric Mangini sent is a Trojan Horse carrying an aggressive strain of the H1N1 flu.  [BH]
  • “Just take one on the road and win at home.”  Hear that, Rockies?  [Colorado Sports Desk]
  • Jeremy Bridgman

    I absolutely LOVE McD’s passion and fire in the Sound FX video. THIS is why our team is 4-0!!! (I also love the dig on the Cowboys when he was giving the refs an earful: “I know this is America’s Team, but this is ridiculous!”)

  • mikebirty

    And how can you miss linking to Jeff L answering a most insightful and well written question that's probably come from someone who is not only handsome and well read but also a snappy dresser.

    Ok so you need a registration (unless you're reading it on my phone for some reason…..)

  • mikebirty

    and i love the fact that it took MC Hammer to sort out the Crabtree thing. How many pairs of Hammer Pants did it cost him?

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