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Published on 10/03/2009 at Sat Oct 03 15:40.
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BroncoTalk staffers J. Kenneth K., Mr. East and Kyle predict each week’s winners.

Oakland Houston

Oakland at Houston (-7.5)

Oakland is in a huge mess. Houston has a weak secondary but JaMarcus won’t be testing them.

Pick: Texans, 27-10

Tennessee Jacksonville

Tennessee (-3) at Jacksonville

10/4 1:00 ET Tennessee -3 At Jacksonville
This is a hard pick because neither team looks too hot. This might be the last week I give Tennessee the “This will be the week they get going” pick. To go along with that MJD, may not have much room to run as Tennessee’s run D has looked good. The stadium will be half empty and the Titans will start their winless comeback.

Pick: Titans, 21-3

Baltimore New England

Baltimore at New England (-2)

Joe Flacco is the man of the hour in the AFC North. Perhaps because they’re getting older or perhaps because they don’t have to, but his defense isn’t quite the same as it once was. The Patriots are getting healthy and they play at home, so I think it will be close, but Baltimore might be the hottest team in the NFL. They lose this one before heading West to face Denver next week.

Pick: Ravens, 28-24

Cincinnati Cleveland

Cincinnati (-6) at Cleveland

It doesn’t even matter that it’s home for Cleveland. Cinci will roll over the steaming pile of Brown(s) mess.

Pick: Bengals, 31-6

New York Giants Kansas City

New York Giants (-8.5) at Kansas City

If you haven’t heard Jay Z’s new song “Empire State of Mind” featuring Alicia Keys singing, “These streets will make you feel brand new/Big lights will inspire you/Let’s hear it for New York”, get it in your ears quick. This has nothing to do with trying to jinx the AFC West, New York is just too good, and so far the Matt Cassel experiment is not working. I don’t expect KC to put up any points.

Pick: Giants, 24-0

Detroit Chicago

Detroit at Chicago (-10)

Last week, Matt Millen proved to Detroit that he had a plan all along, it just took awhile to come into effect. And he had to be fired a year ago. All part of the plan… The Bears are a hard to team to figure out, but Jay Cutler has played well since Green Bay. I don’t expect Matt Stafford to out-gunsling the former Broncos’ gunslinger, and I don’ expect the Lions defense to keep up with the Bears’, as up-and-down as it’s been.

Pick: Bears, 23-14

Tampa Bay Washington

Tampa Bay at Washington (-7.5)

This might possibly be the most boring game of the year. Tampa Bay is just sucking it up this year, the offense is a mess and the defense is mediocre at best. Washington has a good enough defense to win this game.

Pick: Redskins, 10-7

Seattle Indianapolis

Seattle at Indianapolis(-10)

As Broncos fans, we were all rooting for the Seahawks to improve our 1st round draft status by beating the Bears last week, the fell just short. Cutler has settled in and looked good against the Hawks pass protection. Peyton once again, and almost every week is the main reason Indy will be favored in almost every match up, he is as settled in as a QB as it gets.

Pick: Colts, 27-14

New York Jets New Orleans

New York Jets at New Orleans (-7)

This is one of the more exciting games of the week. The New Orleans Saints looked human last week, if only ever-so-slightly, while the Jets keep proving they’re “for real” week after week. Both teams were left out of the playoff picture last year, but both look like locks for this year’s tournament (if there is such a thing in October). In the end, the Saints defense will do just enough to disrupt Dirty with a fourth quarter stand.

Pick: Saints, 23-18

Buffalo Miami

Buffalo (PK) at Miami

Miami really needs a win, but with Chad Pennington out and Chad Henne in, it will be hard to see that. Buffalo will meander a win.

Pick: Bills, 13-7

St. Louis San Francisco

St. Louis at San Francisco (-9.5)

I hope the just praise for Josh McDaniels continues, and if so he could be in the running for COY awards. Running right along beside him is Mike Singletary, who has the 49ers finally heading in the right direction. Gore will be out,yes but Coffee will be brewing. This Niners D is too good for the Rams, who may be using the Bulge/Boller combo. Should we start the convo about everyone who wanted Spags in Denver? He doesn’t have much to work with, but I guarantee everyone in St. Louis expected more than what they’ve gotten so far.

Pick:: 49ers, 14-10.

Dallas Denver

Dallas (-3) at Denver

The biggest test will be the Dallas O-Line against the Denver D-Line. If the Cowboys can get the type of push in the run game they’ve enjoyed all season, it could be a long day for Denver. Even if they win that battle outright (and they might, but I don’t think they will), the Broncos have the edge in just about every other category when you look at it objectively. Denver’s OL is dominant, they can spread the ball around, and their secondary will keep Romo under control. I see a 4-0 start in Denver’s future.

Pick: Broncos, 24-14

San Diego Pittsburgh

San Diego at Pittsburgh (-6.5)

The Pittsburgh secondary is a mess without Troy Polamalu. Philip Rivers will have a field day out there.

Pick: Chargers, 27-17

Green Bay Minnesota

Green Bay at Minnesota (-3.5)

The game of the week, behind the Denver Broncos game. Gameday coverage on ESPN started last year. If you have a Packer or Viking buddy, do me a favor and hang out with them Monday night, this will be fun. The Vikings seem to be a 2nd half team, only problem is Green Bay won’t give them this second half. Both teams have something to prove, and just think they play one more time this season! This game will be fun, no doubt about it. I think Aaron Rodgers, comes close, but leaves the second game for redemption. Farve and All Day take this game.

Pick: Vikings, 24-20.