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Published on 10/02/2009 at Fri Oct 02 08:12.
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  • Traffic will be a little tricky going to the game due to road closures.  []
  • Robert Ayers hasn’t cracked the stat sheet but once, but don’t call the rookie a bust.  [Colorado Springs Gazette]
  • Dallas columnist says Tony Romo could use a little of Kyle Orton‘s patient, game-managing style.  [Dallas Morning News]

  • Broncos look to use a deeper DL rotation against the Cowboys‘ big front.  [Denver Post]
  • That front outweighs Elvis Dumervil by an average of 79 lbs.  [CSG]
  • Wade Phillips reminisces on his days in Denver.  [DMN]
  • Link number 7,348 with this tag line: Are the Broncos for real?  [ESPN]
  • That sweet, sweet sound you hear is the wailing agony of Raiders fans as Tom Cable sticks with JaMarcus Russell.  [Contra Costa Times]
  • That other sweet, sweet sound you hear is ROCKTOBER, BABY!  [ESPN]
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