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Published on 09/30/2009 at Wed Sep 30 10:27.
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  • John Elway gives the Broncos‘ offensive line some much-deserved praise.  [CBS4 Denver]
  • Ryan Clady leads the unit’s praiseworthy efforts.  [Skinny Post]
  • Week to week, McDaniels‘ game plan changes so dramatically that neither the players nor opponents know what they’re going to get.  [Colorado Springs Gazette]

  • Broncos are busting out the orange for this week’s home tilt.  []
  • The Post doesn’t expect CB Alphonso Smith to play Sunday after his “severe” ankle injury, but it’s all guesswork at this point.  [Denver Post]
  • It’s kind of sad but very true.  Broncos Country at its finest.  “(H)ere in Colorado, the Broncos are just as interesting, if not as significant, as an alleged terrorist living in our suburbs.” [DPO]
  • A look at how Dallas and Denver match up (along with all Week 4 games).  [Pro Football Weekly]
  • A brief first look at the Cowboys.  [DPO]
  • And a much more in-depth look (excerpt from the press release).  []
  • Why being a Broncos fan is being better than being a Cowboys fan.  Don’t worry, somehow Kim was able to limit it down to 10.  [Predominantly Orange]
  • Broncos Zone continues its fun-fact series with another quick tidbit, this time on John Elway.  [Broncos Zone]
  • herc_rock

    That CS Gazette article is garbage.

  • kerry

    why is the article garbage?? MCDaniels has stated publicly that they change the gameplan weekly.

  • herc_rock

    Really? NFL teams devise specific game-plans based around that week's opponent?


  • Kyle

    I don't think we saw nearly this much flexibility last year, and looking at tape the Raiders and Chargers aren't doing a lot of it this year either (defensively).

  • Kyle

    Glad to have you back around these parts btw herc. When the hell you going to update your blog?

  • herc_rock

    I'm killing it off. It's gotten to be this chore that I don't really enjoy anymore. Maybe I'll fire off an occasional BT post. ;-)

  • flbronc

    looking at the pfw article/stat preview… i didnt realize how BAD the dallas defense is. there's really no excuse for us not being able to move the ball on them. their defense is statistically the worst we've faced yet.

  • Kyle

    Bummer. Re: BT, sounds good, shoot me an email whenever you need to scratch the itch :)

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