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Published on 09/29/2009 at Tue Sep 29 09:30.
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  • Dallas, Denver and Buffalo all started the season 3-0 last year, and none of those teams made the playoffs.  [NFL FanHouse]
  • Front page of Yahoo! Sports: are Broncos for real?  [Yahoo! Sports] [via]
  • Mike Florio wonders aloud the same thing.  [ProFootballTalk]
  • Tom Cable‘s case gets going… y’know, that “textbook case of felony assault.”  No, not what the Broncos did to him this weekend silly…  [Y! Sports]

  • Josh McDaniels insists Kyle Orton is not a “game manager.”  Prove us wrong, Coach… [Denver Post]
  • McD shows his football knowledge is quite in-depth, talking at length about angles and tackling like a position coach.  [Colorado Springs Gazette]
  • Tackling and toughness have been the focus from Day 1 of training camp.  [DPO]
  • Bill Williamson sees Denver’s stock rising while JaMarcus Russell‘s keeps falling.  Which begs the question: if you’ve already hit rock bottom, can you “fall” any more?  [ESPN]
  • No, the Redskins private plane was not in Denver for Mike Shanahan.  [CSG]
  • FM 104.3 in Denver is moving around its lineup.  [Latest Word]
  • MrEast

    Please no Shanahan in D.C.

    I'd love the irony of him taking Wade Phillip's job once again. Besides Shanny loves Romo.

  • sandiegobroncofan55

    Dude with our attitude on defense, our overall confidence..and the way our coaches gameplan each week I honestly think we can put up a fight with ANYONE game in and game out…we play smart and tough and thats what the steelers have been doing the past four years, which was good enough to get 2 super bowls…plus the x factor…or D factor of Dawkins! at safety, gives us that physical presence that we have really missed since 05 when Lynch was still BA…im way too giddy right now. sorry.

  • SivNiz

    Coach is on Jim Rome today around 11am MST

  • kerry

    Orton is not a game manager?? HA HA HA AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. yeah ok coach. that statement is about as brilliant as your 4 straight run plays within 5 yards of the end zone on our first possession against the Raiders. hey coach guess what?…….we have big TE's. use them in the Red Zone. hint hint.

  • dogheadbrew

    Here comes a sports analyst gripe. Skip this post if you're not feeling it.

    The Broncos ARE 3 and 0. They have played a couple aweful teams, but you can only play the teams on your schedule. The Cincy win is looking better and better (yes I know it's only week three). Cincy has beaten two good teams in tight high scoring games. Give the Broncos their damn due already! Sure it was a lucky bounce and one hell of a heads up play that won it for us, but WE WERE IN THE POSITION TO WIN ANYWAY! If Orton hadn't made one of his few mistakes and taken a sack rather than throwing it away a couple series earlier, we could have been up 9 to 7. If the Bengals had scored on other drives the immaculate deflection would have never helped us. It's not like Cincy fumbled the ball in their end zone and we happened to fall on it. Sure it could have just as easily been a loss, but the good play and lack of serious mistakes through out the game gave us a chance. It was not pure fluky luck. The condescending nature of the way they say “…and if it weren't for that one play Broncos/Bengals would be…” I guess my rambling point is this: Both teams played the 59:45 (or whatever) leading up to that play. That's 100 or so plays. Discounting every one of those and calling the whole game that one play is too simplistic and disrespectful to both teams. Grrr.

  • MrEast

    Negative nancy.

  • vince_mairne

    Hey Kyle, do you know the status of the injuries we sustained during the game on Sunday? I saw Polumbus and Hochstein both playing for the better part of the second half.