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Published on 09/28/2009 at Mon Sep 28 16:49.
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Good afternoon BT family. I hope today finds everyone well. I hope today finds all of us in a “our team is 3-0 and first in our division and even though, still, no one believes in us, we are 3-0 and poised to have a good game next week at home, where we can possibly become 4-0, and yet still, no one will believe in us, but guess what? Screw em, who cares, LET’S DANCE!” mood. I hope everyone slept well last night. I know I did.

Speaking of sleeping well, reasons being:
40% My extremely comfortable bed
30% The Broncos answering many questions with a solid win
20% The $10 pitchers of beer I drank @ the bar playing the game
10% The Ambien I took
MISSING: The $10 pitchers of beer also proved to be a big reason in me losing my special Broncos drinking glass(plastic). In a moment of ecstasy, I gave 4 high fives, and bolted happily from the bar, leaving behind my weekend tradition/superstition. If anyone in the greater New York area happened to find it, please take it back to the exact location you found it, right there under the chair, and replace it, I’ll be back next week. Thanks. I’ve included a picture.

Recreation of lost Broncos cup(recreation made possible by the fact I have 5 more of the same cup, so no big deal if lost completely.)

Re-creation of lost Broncos cup (re-creation made possible by the fact I have 5 more of the same cup, so no big deal if lost completely).

Speaking of dancing:

I was fortunate enough to see these guys &

these guys this weekend in Central Park. Both bands put on really fun, highly energetic shows. Try to catch them both, but especially Phoenix as they spend most of their time over seas.

OK, enough extracurricular.

As I said last week, my friends are down on the Browns. Well nothing’s changed. I sent my buddies Jeff & Tom a my condolences text after this week’s putrid outing against the Ravens. They replied-
Jeff: You don’t need to quote me, I have nothing to say, the Browns are the worst team of all time.
Tom: Mangini is the new #1 on the STINK LIST!
It’s hard to disagree there, Cleveland did nothing to vilify our win in week 2. However my Bengals friends are using us as an excuse as to why they aren’t 3-0, after beating the defending champion Pittsburgh Steelers yesterday (our week 9 opponent). They’re beatable.
JaMarcus Russell should be exempt from the stink list. It’s way too obvious. It’s also an extreme understatement. I sent my friend Jay, who I am sure has never read my posts, a my condolences/give me my $ we bet on the game text yesterday after I lost my cup. He responded-
Jay: Russell STINKS.
A completely organic Stink Listing.

So, we’ve beaten two bad teams and one good team. What’s wrong with that? You’re supposed to beat the bad teams. I understand if the MSM wants the Broncos to prove something, they will, they will step up to the challenge, but come on, throw us a bone here. John Clayton actually did throw us a bone, an individual bone for Doom, calling him a young James Harrison. Elvis has been playing like a man possessed, but it won’t be long before the team is receiving more frequent accolades.
This chameleon team, this shape shifting team that prepares differently and specifically each week, for each different opponent. So far, so good.

Last week Matt Prater/Prayer & Peyton Hillis found their way onto the list.
Prater followed his 2/4 performance with a perfect 3/3 showing. He also managed 3 touchbacks from 6 kick-offs. While I have nothing to complain about pertaining to the kicking game this week, I still find myself literally holding my breath on every attempt. It’s getting old fast.
Peyton was a big factor in the 215 yards of total rushing offense for the Broncos Sunday with his blocking. But his 2 rushes for 1 yard, both of which were stuffed by the Raiders on the goal line cannot be a good sign. These are the situations he is built for. The Raiders have a good d-line, a good d-line that we eventually ran all over, but take notice that Hillis received no more hand offs all game long. For our run game to be truly dynamic we need Hillis and Lamont Jordan to step into their roles as powerbacks.

I’ll leave the rest up to you guys. Was there any part of the Broncos game that stood out to you as something that needs work? Red Zone ground attack? Lack of offensive plays down field? Eddie Royal and his 6 total receptions? I know it’s hard to do with a 3-0 record but let’s hear it. Who stunk it up? For Denver, for Oakland for the NFL, for everyday life…My Fantasy Team is awful in the BT Beta League. Team Kamp stinks at 1-2. I won’t lose sleep over it though, not when my real team is winning. Rest well friends.

  • Kyle

    Redskins STINK because everyone thought they were cool for picking Detroit when really it got all bandwagon and I hate bandwagon so I picked against them and they lost ANYWAY.

    (Looking at it from a legitimate football perspective, Washington has a better OL and DL and talent across the board. It's really why I made the pick. Zorn screwed the pooch).

    And the Raiders, definitely the Raiders, stink. Richard Seymour more than anybody. What a little *****.

  • steeplebomb

    Richard Seymour stunk it up. Stink list member number 1.