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Published on 09/26/2009 at Sat Sep 26 16:37.
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Oakland Raiders head coach Tom Cable (

Oakland Raiders head coach Tom Cable (

Just reading Oakland Raiders Head Coach Tom Cable‘s quotes leading up to Sunday’s game shows that he is focused on making a change in Oakland. From the Contra Costa Times:

“Don’t worry so much about the opponent, who they are and how they do things,” Cable said. “Let the emotion of the rivarly with the Denver Broncos handle that for you, but the focus as a football player, as a football team, is on us. Better execution. Sharper focus. More attention to detail. Us, us, us, us. That’s it.”

Eliminating an outlet for excuses is a good first step for a coach trying to change a culture teeming with them since the Tuck Rule in 2001.

Similarly, if the Broncos head into this game expecting to face a Raiders team that matches their quarterback’s recent stumblings, they’ll be disappointed.  It sounds like Cable has his players ready for a fight; hopefully McDaniels has his as well.

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