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Published on 09/23/2009 at Wed Sep 23 06:00.
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JaMarcus Russell (AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)

JaMarcus Russell (AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)

Today we bring you a second-hand scouting report on the Oakland Raiders, and the key to defeating Tom Cable‘s group of go-getters. Mighty wisdom from Yahoo’s MJD.

A word of advice to teams playing the Raiders: Pressure JaMarcus Russell, but try to avoid hitting JaMarcus Russell. If you must do so, do so gingerly, as if you had to tackle your grandmother.

Do not go low on him. Do not go at the head, and do not go at the knees. Do everything you can to keep JaMarcus Russell upright and in the game. He is your key to victory. He was hobbled late in the game against the Chargers, and I feared that Bruce Gradkowski would come in and improve the offense by about 75%. He was hobbled late in the Chiefs game, and I had similar thoughts.

His irrational clinging to JaMarcus Russell as a starter is the one thing that Tom Cable (or, perhaps, some crazy old man who’s telling Tom Cable what to do) is doing wrong in Oakland. Exploit it, and keep JaMarcus healthy.

So in other words, keep all the bacon cheeseburgers away from the heavy machinery. Got it.

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  • Broncos Zone

    I love MJD, very funny, but I say let Elvis rack up the stats.

  • jibbons

    Now that is funny!

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