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Published on 09/18/2009 at Fri Sep 18 10:01.
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Andra Davis

  • Andra Davis‘ matchup with his former team this week will be bittersweet.  [CBS4 Denver]
  • But his daughters are still Cleveland Browns fans?  Unacceptable.  Time to choose, ‘Dra: them or us.  [Cleveland Plain Dealer] [just kidding]
  • Josh McDaniels says the gameplan is 80-90% installed heading into Friday’s practice.  [Denver Post]
  • If McD is true to his word (and in a midseason press conference, why wouldn’t he be?), the Broncos will continue to share the load on offense.  [Colorado Springs Gazette]

  • Knowshon Moreno says he’s 100% now and ready to explode.  OK, I’m skeptical, but I can’t help but be excited, too.  It’s time for #27 to start his Rookie of the Year campaign.  [DPO]
  • Frank Schwab addresses readers/tweeters’ query regarding Peyton Hillis.  [CSG]
  • It’s commendable that Russ Hochstein started for the Broncos a few days after he was acquired.  That being said, he was the weak link in the OL’s chain Sunday.  Chris Kuper, get well soon.  [DPO]
  • Eric Mangini quotes.  [CPD]
  • RIP, former Browns OL Monte Clark.  [CPD]


  • Jay Cutler talks about his poor performance and the criticism received, but is moving on.  [DPO]
  • The Ravens are an imposing foe for the Chargers Sunday.  [BoltTalk]
  • Chiefs QB Matt Cassel says he’s “leaps and bounds” improved from last Sunday.  Pun intended?  [Arrowhead Pride]
  • The Raiders might be making another aggressive move, scouting ex-Ravens CB Chris McAlister.  [Yahoo! Sports]
  • bw53

    Hopefully, Andra has a big ole can of whoopass and a can opener on Sunday!

  • kerry

    80-90 percent installed?? really? so basically we have three plays.

    one: run the ball

    two: throw a screen:

    three: throw a 3 yard slant.

    because that all the plays i could see last week. if thats the game plan this week then we are doomed to another shitty offensive performance.

    Moreno is 100 percent ready?? really? even if he is he wont be carrying the ball much. McDaniels loves to rotate guys way too much. now if the gameplan centers around Moreno, which i really doubt, then Moreno isnt gonna “breakout” against Cleveland.

  • Mr.East

    Negative comment.

    What a surprise.

  • (dee)


    You really know how to ruin a friday… we’ll see what happens on sunday. When you’re proven wrong you wont post again until the next Wednesday so everyone forgets how little you know about football.

  • T-Money

    Kerry do you want the Broncos to fail? It sure seems like it.

  • robtink242

    you are dead on about having another shitty performance but thats due to our QB. But i wouldn’t agree with your concept of the playbook. I saw and execlent choice of plays when Bradstater and Simms was in. McD still is an ass in my perspective.

  • TD30ismvp

    So everyone here was impressed with the offense we displayed? I assume that McD was talking about the % of game plan for this week’s game and not the total “playbook” since it does have to change weekly. I think Moreno is getting every opportunity to be the featured back with the others as situational players, however, he is not in game shape and will rotate heavily for a few weeks. I am more worried about Cribbs as a returner than I am any other facet of the game.

  • robtink242

    I’ll take this bullet for Kerry our offense was plain SHITTY. 8 in da box and no deep boys wow. Run game was non existing mainly by play selection. no one fears Orton plain and simple

  • bw53

    Let’s say everyone on the blog is on a rugby team.
    Let’s say we all crash land in the Andes mountains.
    Let’s say to survive me must eat one of our players.

    I volunteer, so that I don’t have to hear Kerry’s constant bitching, which would result in my insanity anyway!

  • Matty

    Bronco’s suck!!!!!!!!!! Cry babies!!

  • roshon2411


  • broncoNM

    TD30 is right… i would assume that McD was talking about the % of the game plan for this week (not the over all playbook). I believe McD when he says he will not be forcing the ball to anyone because that will cause turnovers. The ball will be spread around and we could see a different receiver lead in receptions every week. Moreno looked good although i thought at times he bounced it outside too soon instead of just hitting the initial hole. Im not concerned if he is the feature back but i do want him to get bigger chunks of yardage when he does carry the ball. Im sure in college he got away with bouncing outside but he need to run more North and South. I expect moreno and the run game as a whole will improve as the season goes on… I would still like to see hillis get 5-7 carries a game just as a change of pace.

  • robtink242

    i dont understand some of you guys. No ones dogging or pulling against the Bronco execpt Matty’s bitch ass. Just stating the real, our offense under perfom to the max. Whats this crap about not having a Number 1. Its clear Marshall and Royal are the best recievers, Knowshon, Hillis and Correl are the best backs, Tony is the best recieving TE. and it’s clear ORTON not the best QB. Why not use are weapons. I said it before i’ll say it again McD is an ASS and rite now our offense STINKS. Until proven otherwise i’m stating facts.

  • Steeplebomb

    I don’t think its clear that Orton isn’t the best QB. Brandstater is raw and unproven. No, the Cardinals game doesn’t count; he was mostly playing against 2nd and 3rd stringers and was only able to complete about 50% of his passes – not efficient enough for a spread offense. Ditto with Simms. Powerful, but not efficient enough. We have a slow moving offense. Turnovers will kill this team faster than Jamie Dukes on a killing spree. Orton’s play will improve. The question is where his ceiling is. At least wait until the guy has a chance to perform without a bone sticking out of his knuckle.

  • robtink242

    Okay that your view at our QB situation. But, honestly at 100% he is average.

  • Ed

    It would be nice, just once, to see the D make a stop when it really counted.

  • kerry


    its just the typical people whining about what i say. they all know you and i are correct about Orton being lousy but their kool-aid blindness wont allow them to say it.

  • WhidbeyBronco

    It’s not really so complex. While I’d like to see Simms get his chance, it may very well be that Orton is our best QB. (very sad, huh?) Regardless, what kind of message does McD send (after a pretty shaky beginning) if he pulls Orton after one game? One game (a win) where our WRs dropped how many balls? The play here is to leave KO in until either he starts losing games for us or Simms begins to outshine him during the week. Brandstater is NOT an option this year. Not until we give up on this year anyway… Outside of bringing in a free agent QB (I wish we would), our path is locked in for a bit here. Anything else on the QB subject here is not but rhetorical bitching.

    on that note…

    I rarely drop in here since Kerry took over in here. I notice the number of posts seem to have dropped as well…

  • Robert

    Good post WhidbeyBronco.