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Published on 09/17/2009 at Thu Sep 17 11:52.
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Champ Bailey

  • A late edition of the links means you get late news.  Champ Bailey and Brian Dawkins are expected back at practice today.  [@fs3142]
  • Kyle Orton attributes his winning record to his lack of turnovers.  [Colorado Springs Gazette]
  • In fact, Orton has the league’s best home record since his rookie 2005 season.  [@broncotalk]
  • Knowshon Moreno said he made a lot of mistakes Sunday.  [CSG]
  • The 3-4 defense had success getting pressure out of their linebackers. [Denver Post]
  • Some NFL picks: Broncos 20, Browns 13.  [Yahoo! Sports]
  • Chargers address their OL injuries by signing a versatile vet.  [San Diego Union Tribune]
  • Clutch, much-needed wins for Rockies last night.  De La Rosa all but locked up a playoff spot.  [Purple Row]

I have deadlines at work, so apologies today’s links are a bit shorter.  Go Broncos!

  • kerry

    Moreno made mistakes?? no i wouldnt say that. the only REAL mistake he made was holding out and not getting into football shape. now everytime he gets tackled he runs off to the sidelines. and id like to not for the record that there isnt gonna be a single RB for us this year that is gonna be a 25 carry a game back. Moreno clearly cant take a hit, and McDaniels loves to rotate RB’s too much for anyone to be a 25-30 carry a game RB.

  • TD30ismvp

    Kerry, I know it took a long time to sign him but it took longer than usual to sign most of the first rounders this year. Do you feel it was a real hold out or it took a long time for the picks near him to get signed as well as Crabtree’s stupidity and the Raiders skewing the pay scale with their ridiculous contract?

  • Ron

    Easy boys…easy. Knowshon will be just fine. If you ask me, Kerry, you can’t take a hit. Only say this only because your team is 1-0, Knowshon has had 8 touches, and you’re ready to say he can’t perform or can’t handle it. Wow. I’ve watched Knowshon here in his hometown in NJ since he was young. The guy can take a hit…believe me. He is tough. (and smart) Give him a chance to adjust to the playbook, speed and conditioning needed…and he’ll make you proud. You’ll be smiling by game 5!!! Remember…you heard it here! Go Get’em Knowshon!

  • Jon Krause
  • Seahorse

    I imagine kerry’s fantasy football team has both Knowshon and Hillis, and now after the first game he’s all butthurt. Errr, he’s always butthurt, but you know what I mean.

  • kerry


    here is my thoughts about the questions you asked. yes i believe it was a real hold out based on the simple fact that he could have just sucked it up and signed for what was first offered to him regardless of what the other players around him got. he was drafted 12th so he would get a bit more then Clady did last year and he should have just signed and got into the camp and started working. if he missed even a single day of camp it was because of money, and therefore it was a holdout. thats why i hate that there is no Rookie wage scale. Rookies, no matter what slot they were drafted in, should get one set amount per slot. no more, no less. it is all Morenos fault for not getting into camp on time. nobody elses. and so far he hasnt done anything except run off to the sidelines.

    and id also like to add that he wasnt worth the 12th pick at all for 2 reasons. one is not because he hasnt done anything yet, but because we could have had the same type of RB in the second round in Lesean McCoy WITHOUT the huge risk of drafting a high RB. RB’s are VERY injury prone and are high risk/high reward players. RB’s have a 2.5-3.5 year career in the NFL. thats a very short time to use the 12th pick on. sure there are high round RB’s that come right out and play well like Adrian Peterson. those are the exception to the rule. but most of the time RB’s get drafted high only to flame out soon after and the team is out a top pick and all that money.

    the second reason is because McDaniels rotates RB’s WAY TOO much. a guy cant get a rhythm running the ball and therefore can become a bust rather quickly. really why would we draft Moreno so hign when we could have had a good second round RB in MCCoy or a third round RB in Shonn Greene or a later round pick in Rashad Jennings. it just doesnt make sense to draft a RB so high if you are gonna platoon him with 2 or 3 other guys. Moreno isnt gonna break off 10 yards carry. he isnt gonna take it to the end zone everytime. if Moreno goes 50/50 in carries with Buckhalter or Hillis then great. but runing Moreno, Hillis, Buckhalter and Jordan is absurd and really a wasted first round pick.

  • kerry


    i dont play fantasy football and i never will. id rather drop an anvil on my head while being hung while being shot then play fantasy football. fantasy football players are barely above Chess Club Dorks but no higher then a Star Trek nerd. thats what i think about fantasy football. i mean really there is nothing more sad and pathetic then a bunch of guys sitting around picking fantasy teams, then having a trophy made for themselves if they win their league. i mean really come on. go out, get laid, drink beer, maybe try and talk to a woman. i guarentee all of those things are better then fantasy football.

  • Seahorse

    Haha. You proved my point…

  • Nisse

    kerry is a vital part of , and we all secretly love the reality checks he gives us once in a while.

  • rcsodak

    The only “reality”, concerning kerry, is he/she is becoming the topic d’jour, by continually denouncing anything Broncos.

    Go Broncos

  • TD30isMVP

    Not true, Kerry denounces anything McDaniels. Usually there is some insight surrounded by the anger and malice so Kerry is generally worth reading if only to see how a benign topic can really piss him off.

  • kerry


    really?? i was denouncing the Broncos? where did i do that? more so where did i say that i denounce the Broncos?? see talking about Moreno above was an opinion and because its something you dont agree with doesnt mean i denounce the Broncos.

    but what i think really bothers you is not specifically what i say, but that im usually right about what i say. and it further bothers you that people tend to agree with me and you dont like that either. but of course you make your scheduled appearance to piss and moan and whine about what i say. im not sure why you do that instead of maybe coming with an argument to counter mine or prove me wrong. or is it that you just cant? so whining and screaming for me to be banned is what you resort to.

  • TD30ismvp

    rcsodak, is a common topic for his over the top “angry guy” posts which generally have us snickering. For the record last week Kerry did say he liked the Secondary (aside from Alphonso which he considered a horrible waste of a pick since we didn’t have to trade up for him) and the O-line, he has not bashed the receiving corp (he has of course made his views on Brandon M. excruciatingly clear) and has had nothing but good things to say about Thunder.

  • TD30ismvp

    Oops, *Kerry is a common topic, bla bla bla…