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Published on 09/14/2009 at Mon Sep 14 16:45.
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BroncoTalk Game Balls

When the Broncos win, we give out game balls! When they lose, we slouch into corners and weep our pitiful lives away…

Broncos 12 – Bengals 7. We will always take a Week One win, no matter how we get it. Alright fellas, time to give out game balls!

Brandon Stokley

Brandon Stokley – Is there anyone else to pick? Stokley, if you heard him dissect the play he was using his head the whole way. – Josh Temple

Was it luck? Yes, yes it was. But what’s that old saying about luck? “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” Stokley talked about being in place just in case the ball came to him, or in preparation for a block downfield if Marshall comes down with it. His heads up goal line trot that ate up more time was the icing on the cake. – Kyle

Alphonso Smith

Alphonso Smith – Looked good in coverage for a rookie and came up with some nice tackles. Expect this trend to continue as he grows over his NFL Career. This kid will be a star. – Christopher D. Hart

I really like the rookie. Wonder why no one gave up a first round next season to jump forward to get this guy. – Ian Henson

Mario Haggan – This W is a “W!” but it’s not “W.”. Our defense was the main reason we were able to stay in this game. Haggen set the tone early with his high energy-physical play. It’s easy to see why he was named captain. – J. Kenneth K.

Brian Dawkins – Are you kidding me? This guy was EVERYWHERE. He led the team in tackles, repeatedly making the stop on an island. He was physical, versatile, and terrorized the Bengals offense. And did you SEE this picture?! Holy sheet! BDawk upside-down in the house! -Kyle

Mike Nolan

Mike Nolan – My game ball goes to Nolan. I know he’s not a player, but he took an incredibly bad defense last year and reworked it into a defense that consistently surprised me. They were shaky in the first quarter but made up for their lapses. But the important thing was they played strong throughout the entire game. The only touchdown drive came late, after Nolan stopped blitzing, and most of the defense was gassed because the offense couldn’t stay on the field. I have to give a lot of props to Coach Nolan for accomplishing a defensive win when the offense was playing Football Follies. – E. Halsey Miles

Daniel Graham – I forced myself to pick a defensive & offensive player, otherwise I would give this one to Alphonso Smith, too. Graham gave a sense of security in a more than lackluster passing attack. He made catches, and yes, JG/Eddie/BMarsh/Scheff did as well, but Graham’s felt comfortable. Felt sure. Who stunk? Stink List coming soon! – J.K.J.

Other Game Ball quick hits:

Andra Davis – He showed why he is one of the leaders of the squad. – Josh

Matt Prater – He hit two tough field goals on a day we couldn’t produce any offense. – Josh

Tony Scheffler – For that interception there at the end. – Ian

Marcus Thomas – He made an argument to be a starter Sunday, constantly demanding double teams while the starting ends had a so-so outing. – Kyle

Who’d me miss, Broncos fans? Give out your game balls or add props to ours in the comments.

  • roshon2411

    My game balls:

    Offense: Stockley. Yeah luck, but he didn’t give up on the play + plus the “Madden” move at the goal line. Not the quickest player or even a very good player, but a damn smart player.

    Defense: Alphonso Smith. I have been very hard on him due to the circumstances of how he was acquired but he seemed to be all over the field. Big tackles, which is unusual at the corner spot other than Champ.

  • BroncoinVA9986

    Mine goes to Stokley of Course and The Denver Defense…(A) getting pressure on the quaterback. (b) the secondary being there to make the plays they need to…Does anybody feel like this is a better core unit than last years???

  • robtink242

    Alphonso is one of a kind and Goodman was targeted because Smith had his man along with Champ. He also jacked up Benson. I’m not surprise by Dawkins he always plays at this level. But in this game our Defense looks Questionable.

  • McgarnagleDB

    Game ball to Pat Bowlen. For having the courage to make tough but necessary changes to this football organization to get us where we are today. The jury’s out on if it’s all good yet but we’re all fired up and on board with the team like it was years ago.

  • DC

    The defense is good but our O sucks balls. Starting Brandstater would be wiser than starting than starting Orton. He is terrible. The only reason we won that game is because he sux and underthrew a ball which got tipped to stok. Just start the kid.

  • Rob Bronco

    Kyle, I disagree with the idea that it was “luck”. It definitely was not planned, but there’s a difference between adaptation and luck. When the ball was thrown, Stokley had the presence of mind to run towards Marshall to back him up. Stokley was expecting to block for Marshall, or to possibly recover the ball if it was tipped. When he realized that the ball was tipped, he caught the ball and headed for the hills. He saw that the defender pulled off the pursuit, so he burned a few more seconds off the clock before scoring the touchdown.

    It wasn’t luck that Stokley was there to catch the ball. it was his ability to adapt to the situation. If we want to attribute anything to luck, let’s attribute the fact that three Cincy defenders fell down trying to defend Marshall, which gave B Stoke the opportunity to score.

  • WhidbeyBronco

    I really REALLY enjoyed that game Sunday as well. Nice to see our defense play so well!!! Very nice.

    At this point I’ll refrain from any negativity.

    This is the way we NEEDED to start this season if this new era is going to be successful. Now let’s build on this and see what happens!
    Go Broncos!!

  • WhidbeyBronco

    BTW NE let how many defenders go this off season? So far their defense LOOKS like they lost some players!!

  • long and deep

    I loved that we won but why is no talking about how bad Orton is. He was the worst QB I have seen in my lifetime as a bronco fan God was he BAD. please bring in Chris I think I really think he can be more productive

  • robtink242

    OMG the Chargers sux. Now is a good time to cut their asses.

  • Kelly in Carolina

    Raiders look dominate, uh oh. They are tossing San Diego around, score tied 10-10…wow, Oakland might pull off a surprise for us, thanks Oakland. I’m worried about Seymour now cause he is making a big difference. Game 3 is going to be intense!

  • areferee

    My game ball goes to Christina Connolly. Why, you might ask. Hells bells! Check out this year’s official Bronco Cheerleader’s Poster. She gets my vote.

  • Bleading O&B

    At work the day flew by all I could think about is our victory against Cinci. “DC” you are being a little tough on Orton. Cutler was the worst QB week one along with J Russell. Orton played with a messed up finger and I commend him on his effort and toughness. I only think he will get better under McDs system. Look at Matt Cassel last season it took him awhile to get going but by the end of the season people were dropping their fantasy Qs for him. The pats beat Denver 41-7 last season I am hopeful that behind our great O line Orten will be able to utilize some of the best weapons at wide out. Go Broncos I can not wait until Cleveland.

  • Steeplebomb

    It wasn’t luck that Stokely was able to use his head from start to finish on the play. From being in the right place to block to clock management, he did a hell of a job and deserves credit. However, it was complete and total luck that the corner made a stupid play and tipped the ball up rather than batting it down, intercepting it, or even letting it go through.

    Offense: Stokely of course. He performed in the clutch and gave this team the momentum it desperately needed. Unfortunately, he also gets it because there wasn’t much else on offensive to celebrate. Prater had a good game…

    Defense: Mike mutha’ fuckin’ Nolan. I don’t know what he’s slipping the D’s gatorade but its working. The tables have turned. Now its our defense keeping this team in the game.

  • DC

    Orton is a joke. I will witness his play myself at invesco this sunday, section 332 row 1 seat 5. He needs to play better. period.

  • steve

    Hey, I have a broncos/fantasy question. Will Peyton Hillis be a factor this year??? They hardly used him against cincy. Also, when will Knowshon be back???


  • Joe DoGG


  • Joe DoGG


  • Joe DoGG

    Oh and I almost forgot way to go Stokley nice veteran move

  • DC

    I have no respect for a qb that can’t get in the redzone once in an entire football game. If Orton doesn’t get better soon McD will be forced to change qb’s. That shit can fly against the bungles but not against the 8 weeks of schedule hell coming up real soon. I see simms or branstater coming in by week 6.

  • DC

    Orto sucks like a 80 year porn star. sorry, had to. I’ll stop now.

  • DC


  • SS

    I like Mike Nolan and he has done a good job….but….anytime you go to “prevent defense” you will not get a game ball from me.

  • anthony33

    Agree with your selectitons and how about at least and honorable mention for McDaniel’s? After all the bullshit he’s been through since the day he took the job, it pretty amazing he had this team even half ready to play a game.

    I was very critical of Orton on Sunday and still am, but we do need to give him and the entire offense time to jell. I know everyone is calling for Brandstater and Simms and maybe that will happen, but if you watched the Pats game last night you can clearly see that the plays Simms and Brandtater were running during the preseason did not resemble anything close to what Brady was throwing. Orton is clearly trying to bbq the whole elephant at once and it’s going to take some time. Doesn’t mean he’ll get it down, but we need to give it a little time.

  • Bronco D

    Not bad for the first game. I don’t know if Orton is the answer but he needs some time to get this offense down. It seemed like he continually locked on a receiver and seldom checked down. I hope this is not his M.O.. Moreno will be a difference make. He is getting acclimated to the pro-game but at times the burst he shows makes him a special back.
    Marshall, Royal, Gaffney, Stockley, Hillis, Moreno, Sheftner, etc. will give whoever is QB plenty to work with a few games down the line. Timing right now is terrible. Recognition is terrible. These things will improve-give them time.
    Defense looked vastly improved against a Bengal team that will light it up this year. Smith was a monster, Dawkins was a beast, and the line held their own. Go Broncos!!!

  • OC Bronco

    Our Linebacking Core. Played way better than expected. Sacks, INT, great job on holding Benson in check.

    Stay away from Hillis fantasy wise and hold on to Knowshon.

  • roshon2411

    Rob Bronco,

    Did you miss the part were Kyle described luck as “…what happens when preparation meets opportunity”?

    Right on Kyle.

    Was it lucky that Orton under threw the ball and it was tipped straight up. Yes, but Stockley unlike many players didn’t give up on the play.

    Also, as for the comment Orton and this offense “needs time to gel”. I’ve been hearing that all preseason. Time to gel is over. Mark Sanchez had no problem leading their offense and he’s a rook.

    Where’s this dynamic offense we were supposed to have? It’s either McDaniels fault or Orton’s fault this offense is struggling.

    I have a little more faith in McDaniels than I do Orton.

  • jason hayton

    i think if the broncos rookie qb isnt ready to start on sundays then they need to start shopping for someone else that is ready.i know that kyle orten is trying as hard as he can but his 110% isnt good enough for bronco country. i know that there are some good qb’s in the canadian league like drew tate from iowa ,i know he had a injury prone sr year but hes been healthy ever since and hes a real gunslinger and knows how to roll out of the pockett when he has sure he would be a great bargain and good addition to the team.